Padang Galak Beach, Enjoying the Enchanting Beauty of the Ocean in Denpasar Bali

Ticket price: IDR 5,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Jl. Padanggalak Sanur No. 88, Kesiman Petilan, Kec. Denpasar Tim., City of Denpasar, Bali; Folder: Location Check

Sanur Village is famous for its beautiful and exotic area, there are seven popular beaches on the island Bali, one of which is Padang Galak Beach. The unique and interesting thing about this marine tourism destination is the stretch of black sand that stretches across the beach. Several years ago, this coast often experienced abrasion, but the local government made concreting on the beach.

Not only that, the authorities also carried out creative and innovative ideas, namely by building a jogging track for tourists. So that this area is the main attraction for visitors. Even the track for the sport, made along the tourist area to cross the beach.

The Attraction of Padang Galak Beach

Padang Galak Beach Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Arie Lendra Putra (陈维文)

Even though the tourist destination of Padang Galak Beach is still relatively quiet from foreign tourists, domestic tourists always enliven the area to enjoy the beautiful and enchanting natural panorama. Apart from black sand and a jogging track area, this beach tour also has a variety of other attractions, including the following:

✦ Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

The first attraction for tourists at Padang Galak Beach is enjoying the beautiful natural charm. The vast blue ocean, white clouds moving in the blue sky, the wind blowing and the fresh air, gives its own pleasure and satisfaction. Moreover, with the addition of green trees around the beach, it makes a beautiful, dazzling color collaboration.

In addition, the stretch of black sand on the shoreline and the arrangement of arranged rocks looks so exotic. The function of the beachside platform is not only to prevent abrasion, but to be modified into a jogging track area that is safe and comfortable for tourists. This path is often used by tourists to exercise, while seeing the sights and breathing clean, pollution-free air.

✦ Jogging Track Area on the Beach

Another thing that is the main attraction of Padang Galak Beach is the jogging track area on the beach. The jogging track extends to the sunrise beach with a width of about 2 meters and is made of paving. So that anyone who uses this route, need not be afraid of falling into the black sand on the beach due to sea water.

This area is always used by visitors to walk casually, run or ride bicycles, both in the morning and evening. Exercising with friends or family in a place full of beautiful beach views, makes long distances feel close and can build togetherness, closeness and harmony in relationships.

✦ Kite Festival

The main attraction when visiting Padang Galak Beach is watching the kite festival. Various unique and interesting types such as bebean, pecukan, and janggan, and others are available at the location. Not only that, various sizes are also there, from small to large and fantastic scale, which is 4 meters wide and up to 10 meters long.

This unique competition is held every January 14, or when commemorating International Kite Day. This festival was attended by hundreds of people from various regions to foreign countries. In addition, when important moments, kite competitions are also often held. Therefore, if you want to witness the festival, always update the information before visiting.

Address and Route to Location

Padang Galak Beach Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Cokorda Sarotama

Padang Galak Beach is located on Jalan Padanggalak Sanur No. 88, Kesiman Petilan Village, Denpasar Tim District., City Denpasar, Bali province. For local residents of Denpasar City, this tourist area is only 10 kilometers away and takes 26 minutes. Meanwhile, tourists outside Bali, from Ngurah Rai Airport takes 37 minutes and the distance is 19.5 km.

For travelers who start their expedition from Ngurah Rai Airport, take the route to By Pass Ngurah, then point the vehicle to the East. Meanwhile, for visitors starting their journey from Bali Airport, immediately take the right lane. So that you don’t get confused on the way, this picnic area is 1.5 kilometers from the Big Garden Corner tourist spot.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Operating Hours

A trip to Padang Galak Beach does not require a lot of money, the entrance ticket is only Rp. 5,000 only for one visitor. There is no price difference, both for children and adults. In addition, you have to pay a parking fee if you bring a private vehicle.

The fee for parking fees for motorcycles is Rp. 3,000 only. For those who bring a car, the valid parking ticket is only Rp. 5,000. Even though this tourist area is cheap, the place is really beautiful and enchanting and will make visitors fascinated. Apart from that, there are lots of fun activities to do.

Interesting Activities to Do

Interesting Activities Padang Gresik Beach
Image Credit: Google Maps Fifin Setiawan

Padang Galak Beach is a unique, attractive tourist destination and has a variety of luxurious attractions. Even though the ticket prices are cheap, this cool and exotic picnic spot is not cheap. In addition, there are many activities that can be done in the area. Some interesting activities that can be done while in the tourist area, namely:

1. Exercise on the Jogging Track

When the holidays come, every family must have done sports together. However, not everyone has ever exercised at Padang Galak Beach. Region beautiful tour This is very exciting for casual walking and cycling activities, because in the area sports facilities have been provided. Jogging track area, that’s the facilities available in the picnic area.

Exercising on a jogging track in the morning and evening with your family is an interesting activity to do. Seeing beautiful, interesting and exotic scenery, breathing fresh air, gentle breeze, while taking a leisurely walk with your children and wife can build harmony. Therefore, having a vacation to this tourist destination is very necessary in your family.

2. Hunt for Balinese Culinary at Padang Galak Beach

If you have done sports on the jogging track and your stomach feels hungry, another interesting activity at Padang Galak Beach is hunting for Balinese culinary delights. Various special snacks such as spring rolls, jinggo rice, Balinese jaje and various other delicious and delicious snacks are located near the parking lot. Eating with family in an open space with a beautiful view is a new and exciting experience.

3. Hunt for Instagramable Photos

The next interesting activity while at Padang Galak Beach is hunting for instagramable photos. Sports activities on jogging tracks, culinary hunts and eating together, feel incomplete and imperfect without being documented. Every corner of the location is suitable as a photo object, one of which is the vast expanse of the blue ocean.

You will get lots of memories while on vacation at that place, so don’t forget to capture them, both in the form of photos and videos. Therefore, prepare a camera or cellphone with high resolution, so that the results of the documentation you get can be maximized and don’t disappoint.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Padang Galak Beach Facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Arie Lendra Putra (陈维文)

The last thing that is of serious concern to tourists while on vacation is the availability of facilities and infrastructure. For visitors who want to enjoy Padang Galak Beach, this tour is ready to welcome travelers safely and comfortably.

Some of these complete and luxurious facilities are a large parking area, bathrooms, art shops, lodging, restaurants and so on.

The island of Bali has always been everyone’s dream to be able to visit it, both domestic and foreign tourists. Therefore, if you visit the Island of the Gods, don’t forget to visit Padang Galak Beach. Feel the sensation of the beauty of beautiful, exotic natural charm, a variety of attractions and interesting activities, which will be an exciting and fun experience.