Oziel Amazing Garden, Enjoying the Enchantment of a Garden with a World Landscape in Pagar Alam

Ticket price: IDR 10,000 Operational hour: 09.00-20.00 WIT, Address: Jl. Pratu A. Rohi, Reba Tinggi, Kec. Dempo Utara, City of Pagar Alam, South Sumatra; Folder: Location Check

Oziel Amazing Garden is one of the tourist attractions in South Sumatra which offers enchanting natural beauty. Beautiful flower beds, various photo spots, and a children’s play area are the main attractions. Here, there are many activities to do, all of which are guaranteed to be fun and make you feel at home for long.

City Natural Fence, that’s exactly where the nature tourism that we discussed this time. With all the beauty that is owned, not a few tourists who come to visit every day. Most of the families who invite their children to play. Some of them are young people who want to hunt for photo spots, because there are many available here.

This hits tour not only offers beautiful charm, but a cool and natural atmosphere. This is because of its location in the highlands, the temperature is fresh and the air quality is very good. At first glance this place is like being in a fairy tale, which is equipped with many unique colorful buildings and beautiful ornamental plants.

The Attraction That Owns Oziel Amazing Garden

Image Credit: Google Maps Lilia Ismarti

We mentioned a little about Oziel Amazing Garen’s appeal in the opening above. This is what makes tourists come to visit. For more details, we have prepared several things that you need to consider before heading to the location.

1. Children’s Play Area

A children’s play area is a room or place specially designed for children so that they can play and learn safely and happily. This beautiful tour builds a special outdoor area and is equipped with several facilities. Maybe not much different from those in other places, such as swings and slides, and climbing ropes.

But with a cool atmosphere, playing here is guaranteed to be more fun. Moreover, at the same time, many other visitors from among the children who came to Oziel Amazing Garden. This simple game in fact does not provide pleasure for them, but it also sharpens the brain and dexterity.

2. Beautiful Natural Enchantment

The next attraction for this unique tour in Pagar Alam City is its beautiful charm. Overall, there are almost no flaws when it comes to charm. Call it a row of shrubs that adorn it, it feels like you are in a room that is all green. Apart from that, there is also a Japanese tree that is very enchanting, namely the Sakura tree.

The natural scenery of Oziel Amazing Garden is even more beautiful with its soothing atmosphere. Even though the weather is hot, you almost don’t feel the heat and sultry. Moreover, there are several places that can be used for shelter. For example, a gazebo, tree house, or a relaxing place to sit with a roof.

3. Beautiful Flower Garden

It cannot be denied that the main attraction of this tourist hit is the beautiful flower garden. You will see the beauty of this park as soon as you enter the tourist area. Beautiful flower beds adorn as far as the eye can see. There are various colors, there are red, purple, blue, white, and so on.

This beautiful flower plant is located in the garden area, where some of it has an open area. Tourists usually take advantage of this area as a venue for a short break. Relaxing while enjoying the natural beauty that is presented before the eyes is very suitable to do. Especially if you are accompanied by a special dish brought from home.

4. Photo Spots are available

The many photo spots including the Oziel Amazing Garden attraction cannot be ignored. Young people often use this spot as a reason to visit. One spot that should not be missed is the colorful house next to which there is a mini windmill.

Apart from that, there is also a bridge spot that leads directly to a beautiful flower garden. The manager deliberately builds a spot that says LOVE, which has a background of cherry trees. In addition to the spots that are deliberately built, in fact all of these unique tourist location points are suitable as photo backgrounds because they offer beautiful natural charm.

Address and Route to Location

Oziel Amazing Garden Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Tough Prasetya

The attraction of the Oziel Amazing Garden mentioned above is indeed the reason tourists come to visit. But not only that, in fact, its strategic location also increases the number of visitors who come every day. This beautiful nature tour is located in Reba Tinggi Village, North Dempo District, Pagar Alam City, South Sumatra.

It is said to be strategic because the distance from the main square or city center is only about 5 kilometers. With that distance, you only need about 15 minutes to get to the location. Road access is very good, because it is in the city center. From Pagar Alam City Square, please head to Jalan Colonel Noerdin Pandji.

Continue the journey to Jalan Serma M Sarip, then to Jalan Lettu Syarif, until it ends at Jalan R Soeprapto. From this point, follow along the main road until you arrive at Jalan Pratu A Rohi. You can see the signboard to find the destination tour. If necessary, there’s nothing wrong with using the Google Maps application.

Nature Tourism Entrance Ticket Prices

Oziel Amazing Garden is a well managed official tourist attraction. That is, you need to prepare a fee as a condition for entering the tourist area. Not too expensive, of course, because one tourist is only charged an entrance fee of 10,000 rupiah. However, there are several additional costs required, one of which is a parking fee.

If you bring a motorbike, the applicable parking fee is IDR 5,000. Conversely, if you use a car, then you have to prepare additional funds of 10,000 rupiah. Other costs required are when you want to enter the children’s play area, prepare a budget of 25,000 to 35,000 rupiah.

Interesting Activities to Do at Oziel Amazing Garden

Interesting Activities at Oziel Amazing Garden
Image Credit: Google Maps Bahtiar

While visiting Oziel Amazing Garden, it is guaranteed that you will not be bored and feel at home for long. This is because there are so many activities that can be done, the most important of which is photography. In detail, here are the most suitable activities while you’re here!

1. Relax While Enjoying the View

Enjoying the natural scenery while relaxing can be a very enjoyable and refreshing activity. Here, the natural beauty that is presented is mostly from trees and ornamental plants. Because of its location in the highlands, not a few hills show themselves showing off their exoticism.

2. Walk around Oziel Amazing Garden

Oziel Amazing Garden is built on a fairly large area, suitable for traveling around. This activity is usually carried out by young people, of course while enjoying the cool atmosphere and beauty it has to offer. Even though most of it is filled with parks, there is a special road access that can be used for this activity.

3. Photo spot hunting

So it has been mentioned above that one of the reasons tourists come is because of photo spots. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with including hunting for photo spots as the next interesting activity. There are many choices of spots that you can go to, make sure you don’t miss any. We recommend using a quality camera, don’t forget to free up memory.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Oziel Amazing Garden Facility
Image Credit: Google Maps Yudi Ho

The facilities at Oziel Amazing Garden can be said to be quite adequate, because they are managed very well. You don’t need to be confused about choosing a parking location, because the nay area is quite large. Toilets are available at several points, so they are easy to reach if needed. For those who want to take a short break, there is a unique gazebo which is usually used as a photo spot.

There are many tourist objects that combine the concept of nature with photo spots. Indeed there are many advantages when visiting a place like this, for example, as a healing. In addition, many souvenirs can be obtained along with the available photo spots. Oziel Amazing Garden is one of them, please visit if you have the chance.