Nice Tour to Lombok Kenten Swimming Pool and Flower Garden

Taking a relaxing trip to the swimming pool while bringing your family is the most appropriate way of vacation. Besides being able to exercise, visiting the swimming pool can make you relax because you are playing with your family. One of the swimming pool attractions that you can visit is the Lombok Kenten swimming pool. Intrigued by this one swimming pool? Let’s find out the complete information with Advontura.

Tour to Lombok Kenten Swimming Pool

Lombok kenten sea swimming pool
Lombok kenten sea swimming pool (source: Rakyat Pembaruan)

In 2021 the Governor of South Sumatra inaugurated a tourist spot called the Lombok Kenten Swimming Pool which is located in Kenten Seberan, Banyuasin. Initially this place was built as entertainment for residents who were stuck at home due to the pandemic conditions which were at an alert level.

Apart from the swimming pool, when visitors come to this place they will see the beautiful Jokis Flower Garden for children’s play areas. In the garden, there are various types of plants and flowers. Garden owners try to keep the flowers fresh by carrying out routine maintenance.

Tourist visits to the Lombok Kenteng swimming pool are very crowded. Not only visited by visitors in the city, but also various regions. Many visitors think that the swimming pool is very cool and provides entertainment for residents, especially because of the many rides.

Even though at this time the pandemic is starting to subside, this pool still adheres to health protocols. Currently the regional government of South Sumatra is committed to completely casting and asphalting access to the swimming pool so that adventurers can remain comfortable visiting the area.

Lombok Kenten Swimming Pool Facilities

Jockey Flower Garden
Jockey Flower Garden (source: Public Info)

For Adventurers who only want to accompany their family or swimming friends, they can also enjoy the various facilities provided.

1. Enclosed Bathroom

The most important facility when traveling to the swimming pool is to clean the bathroom. Adventurers don’t need to worry, the bathrooms provided by the pool are kept clean and safe, so they are safe for women.

2. Places of Worship

For those who are Muslim, there is no need to worry, the places of worship provided are very clean and closed. So that Adventurers can travel without leaving the obligation to worship.

3. Karoke

If Adventurers don’t want to swim, then they can enjoy singing and having fun at the karaoke in that place.

4. Flower Garden

Apart from the swimming pool, don’t forget to take the children and family to the flower garden to breathe fresh air.

Opening Hours & Ticket Prices for Lombok Kenten Swimming Pool

For adventurers who want to visit with their family, don’t forget to check the opening hours of the Lombok Kenten Laut swimming pool. Lombok Kenten swimming pool is open from 09.00 – 18.00.

Location Lombok Kenten Swimming Pool is located at located at Tanah MAS, Talang Kelapa, Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra 30961. The ticket price for the Lombok Kenten swimming pool is IDR 20,000 for children and IDR 25,000 for adults. The price is cheap enough to make Adventurers can bring their whole family to enjoy these tourist attractions.

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So, that was complete information about the Lombok Kenten swimming pool which is very suitable as a tourist destination for those of you who live in South Sumatra. Don’t forget to visit the pond, OK, Adventurers!