Nglinggo Tea Plantation, Enjoying the Beautiful Green Natural Panorama in Kulon Progo

Ticket price: IDR 5,000 Operational hour: 07.00–18.00 WIB, Address: Nglinggo Barat, Pagerharjo, Kec. Samigaluh, Kab. Kulon Progo, DI Yogyakarta; Folder: Location Check

In several places in Indonesia, tea gardens are only used as plantations for the production of tea products. But not so if you visit the area Kulon Progo, where there is the Nglinggo Tea Garden which is also a quite famous natural tourist attraction. Not only on holidays, some tourists who are near the location also want to enjoy the beauty of the garden directly.

The location is still in the Menoreh hill complex, so it is certain that cool and beautiful air is obtained at this tourist spot. Even though it is not wide enough, only about 136 hectares, you can see the beauty of nature from the characteristic green plantations. It actually existed for quite a long time, but it was only made as a tourist attraction around 2015.

Due to the beauty and creativity of local residents, the tea garden which is still included in the Kuon Progo sub-district has been awarded the Community Best Tourism by the Tourism Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Of course, it’s not only because of its beauty, but the various facilities and exciting spots in the garden also support why this award is worth giving.

The Attraction of the Nglinggo Tea Plantation

The Attraction of the Nglinggo Tea Plantation
Image Credit: Google Maps Yogyakarta Tourism

There is an interesting reason why the Nglinggo Tea Plantation is getting more and more interested, meaning that many people are visiting it. Especially if it’s not the various attractions that are given. At first glance, the information above may still not be enough to give you an idea. For this reason, in the following, we review the main attractions of this nature tourism motorcycle taxi located at the western tip of the Special Region of Yogyakarta!

1. Beautiful View of the Expanse of Tea Gardens

It is very clear that almost all tourists who visit certainly want to enjoy the beauty of this tea garden. How not, you will see a stretch of green gardens as far as the eye can see. Slightly looking up, you are presented with a panoramic view of the mountains that stand tall. Not just one mountain, but several that can be witnessed directly.

If the weather is clear, the view from the mountains that can be seen reaches 8 mountains. The eight mountains include Mount Merapi, Mount Sumbing, Sidoro, Andong, Telomoyo, Merbabu, Ungaran and Mount Prau. It is almost certain that you cannot get this view in other locations, especially outside the Central Java region.

2. Cool and Beautiful Atmosphere Typical of Plantations

Apart from the beautiful scenery, many visitors come to the Nglinggo Tea Plantation because they want to enjoy the beautiful and refreshing atmosphere. In urban areas, this kind of atmosphere is impossible to find. As is known, pollution from motor vehicle fumes and various factories has polluted the air in the city.

It’s not only the green tea garden that makes the air around it very cool, but also the various trees that exist. Even though there are not many and the size is not too big, it is enough to support the beautiful atmosphere that every visitor gets. Freshness is increasingly felt because this tourism location is far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

3. Equipped with Various Off Road Rides

Nglinggo Tea Plantation Facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Galih Idcard

Are the two attractions above still not able to entice you to come visit soon? Maybe with the off road rides provided, you can make up your mind even more. This is where the creativity of the manager is able to attract the attention of many tourists.

The construction of these various rides cannot be separated from the contours of the Nglinggo Tea Plantation with sharp and steep roads. For those of you who like challenges, this game is definitely suitable because it can stimulate adrenaline. No need to bring your own vehicle because the manager provides a special type of Jeep car. The price offered varies, depending on the package chosen, starting from 200,000 to 700,000 rupiah.

4. Spot Photo Spots with Beautiful Natural Panoramas

In addition to building challenging rides by driving a jeep over uneven ground contours, the manager also provides various beautiful photo spots with the theme of natural scenery. There is a spot similar to the gazebo which was deliberately built for photo spots. The house is very simple but unique with a roof made of bamboo.

Not far from that location, there is a spot that is no less unique, namely the inscription I Love U made of pieces of bamboo segments, the size is large enough so you can be in the middle of the letter. The most favorite spot and the mainstay of the management is the viewing post. However, not a few visitors to the Nglinggo Tea Plantation use wild spots because they are considered more impressive.

Address and Route to Location

Nglinggo Tea Plantation Address
Image Credit: Google Maps April Kiswandi

Let’s just say that you are already interested in the bit of the attraction mentioned above. Therefore, make sure you go to the West Nglinggo, Pagerharjo, Samigaluh, Kulon Progo, In Yogyakarta to visit the location. From downtown Jogja, it takes about 1.5 hours with a distance of 35 kilometers. The steep terrain once you enter the plantation area is a challenge in itself.

The fastest route to get to the Nglinggo Tea Plantation is to go to Jalan Godean because the road is good and there are no red lights. Direct the vehicle towards Tugu Jogja which ends in Kulon Progo, at least you will cover a distance of about 18 kilometers. After encountering a red light, steer the vehicle to the right up to 18 kilometers or until you get to the next red light.

During the trip, make sure you pass the Kali Progo bridge which is not far from the red light. Take the left after arriving at a red light known as the Dekso intersection. Approximately 10 kilometers away, you will find the Plono market. From that point, please follow the directions provided to get to the location.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Nglinggo Tea Garden Tickets
Image Credit: Google Maps Flowscent

Like a tourism spot that is well managed by the government assisted by local residents, the Nglinggo Tea Plantation also charges a user fee as an entry requirement. Quite cheap of course compared to other tourist attractions. This time you only need to pay 5,000 rupiah per person with details of an entrance ticket of 2,000 rupiah, and the rest is for environmental maintenance costs.

Apart from the price of the entrance ticket, there are also costs that must be incurred if you bring a private vehicle. For motorbikes or two wheels, a parking fee of 2,000 is charged, while a car parking ticket costs 5,000 rupiah. Some of the available rides are also not free, so you have to prepare more funds if you want to enjoy them.

Interesting Activities to Do at the Nglinggo Tea Plantation

Activities at the Nglinggo Tea Plantation
Image Credit: Google Maps Agus Widodo

Apart from enjoying the beauty of a wide expanse of tea gardens, there are many activities that you can do, of course. The activity in question can be relaxing, or fun and challenging. Actually you can imagine what interesting things to do when you are at the Nglinggo Tea Plantation, maybe like the following activities!

1. Hill Climbing Tracking

There are two hills decorating this tourist area which are administratively included in the Magelang area. The two hills in question are Kendeng and Kukusan Hills. The height of the hill makes many tourists curious and want to climb it. Not an easy thing, of course, considering the contours of the hill with a fairly steep angle. If you can get to the top, maybe it’s going down that’s the problem.

This activity is very interesting, as evidenced by the many visitors who are willing to get up early to climb it. The reason is, at the top of the hill presents a view that is no less beautiful. Especially if you can see the sunrise, even though it’s not so perfect because it’s covered by the mountains around.

2. Race Adrenaline with Extreme Terrain

As mentioned above as an attraction, you can do exciting activities to test your guts. Driving a jeep in the Nglinggo Tea Plantation area is definitely not easy, even if you are proficient at driving. The sometimes steep and steep roads always adorn every wheel rotation.

Moreover, the route that must be taken is quite far by passing various trees that thrive around the location. Even though it seems scary, you can get valuable and beautiful experiences at the same time. The view that you will get is not only the tea garden, but also the beauty of the terracing system which is made of terraces.

3. Seeing the Tea Harvest

Attraction Owned Nglinggo Tea Plantation
Image Credit: Google Maps Melkey ​​Binaro

Activities at the Nglinggo Tea Plantation seem less interesting at first glance. However, if you witness it first hand, the possibilities can be very interesting. Picking tea should not be haphazard, there are techniques that must be learned. This is where the excitement lies in seeing the farmers who are harvesting. Of course, not only see, but also learn the technique.

Unfortunately, not every day you can witness this sight. Only at certain times when the tea leaves are ready to be harvested. Therefore, never miss when there are farmers who are ready to harvest, approach them immediately. If you can, offer to also help pick the tea leaves.

4. Enjoy Fresh Tea Picked Directly

Apart from seeing the harvesting process of the tea garden, you can enjoy the freshness of natural tea which is immediately processed as soon as it is harvested. There are several tea shops available at the Nglinggo Tea Garden with fairly simple buildings made of bamboo. Even so, the shop is also quite unique and a beauty in itself.

The concept is natural, so the impression you get is even more beautiful when relaxing while enjoying a cup of hot or cold tea. The shop also provides coffee for those who don’t like tea. The taste of tea is getting sweeter with the atmosphere and cool air around the tourist sites. Most visitors take advantage of this moment to rest for a while before doing other exciting activities.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Nglinggo Tea Plantation Facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Maful Ipul

As time goes by, the Nglinggo Tea Plantation facilities are getting more complete and can be said to be standard tourist sites. There is a parking lot ready to welcome you when you first set foot in this plantation area. There are also comfortable and clean toilets for anyone who wants to clean up after themselves.

In addition, the existence of a prayer room further complements the facilities to support tourists. Although not too big, but still can be used as a place of worship. Other facilities are food stalls with a variety of food menus that can be found, especially typical Jogja food. The price is affordable, still pocket-friendly for a class of tourism object prices.

From an explanation of the attractions, entrance ticket prices, and various exciting activities that can be done, is there any other reason not to visit the Nglinggo Tea Plantation? If you are near the location, of course you are curious and want to visit it immediately. In other words, there is no reason to refuse the beauty and panoramic views of nature that are presented.