Mustika Manik Peak, Charming Natural Panorama in Bogor

Ticket price: IDR 15,000 Operational hour: 07.30-17.30 WIB, Address: mt. Sari, Kec. Pamijahan, Kab. Bogor, West Java; Folder: Location Check

The peak of Mustika Manik is certainly no stranger to most residents Bogor, West Java. This is one of the tourist hits that is getting more and more viral every day. Not without reason, all because of the attractiveness that is owned. This place provides what we need during the holidays, namely tranquility and a peaceful atmosphere.

Every day is never empty of visitors, most of them are teenagers in pairs. The goal is none other than to enjoy the charm of nature in an unusual way, namely while relaxing in the spots provided. This tourist attraction has many spots which are also suitable as photo backgrounds.

Not much different from other tourist concepts that rely on natural beauty, there is also a viewing post to enjoy it. Apart from youths, there are also those who come from families who aim to have a picnic to spend the holidays. The beauty in this place cannot be underestimated and it would be a shame to miss it.

The Attraction of Mustika Manik Peak

The Peak of Attraction of Mustika Manik Bogor
Image Credit: Instagram Enchuy

From the name it is clear that Mustika Manik Peak is a tourist attraction in Bogor which is above the altitude. This place has a height of about 900 meters above sea level, you can imagine how cool and beautiful it is. Regarding attractiveness, most of it comes from the photo spots and viewing post provided by the manager.

1. Home Panorama

The first attraction comes from a spot called Beranda Panorama. This is a very simple spot because it’s just bamboo arranged in such a way as the base. Visitors can sit relaxed in this place while swinging their legs in the wind. There is no need to worry about security, everything is up to standard.

Even though it seems simple, the view you get at the spot on Mustika Manik Peak is very interesting. In front of the eyes clearly visible clusters of hills that surround the city of Bogor. Almost all of them are cool green, this color is obtained from shady trees, shrubs and grass which look so small from a height.

2. Saung Layang

Furthermore, there is Saung Layang which is not only a viewing post. This place is also used as a photo spot because it is very unique. Judging from the name, this spot is definitely in the form of a hut which is usually used as a resting place. But unique, the concept used hangs.

It’s not too big, just enough for two people. There are two seats arranged facing each other. Another uniqueness can be seen from the presence of a hanging table. Mustika Manik Peak Spot is also no less beautiful when viewed from the background, hills and green vegetation complement each other’s beauty.

3. Tepas Panembongan

Tepas Panembongan is another spot which is also a natural tourist attraction in Bogor. Made with a simple concept, this spot is one of the most favorite. The bottom is made of strong and sturdy boards, while the sides are made of bamboo as a handle and a fence for security.

4. Enggon Ratu Manik

Mustika Manik Peak Spot has a unique name and is thick with Javanese impressions. Apart from those mentioned above, there is also the Enggon Ratu Manik. This spot is made to look like a queen’s throne with unusual ornaments. It’s not as luxurious as the original throne, but it still looks very unique.

Call it the twig ornament that is made or shaped like a heart and placed behind the chair. This chair is considered to be the seat of the queen’s throne. The left and right are bounded by a fence made of bamboo, then the base is made of strong wooden planks.

5. Saung Love

Other Attractions Mustika Manik Peak, Bogor
Image Credit: Google Maps Swing Peng

Puncak Mustika Manik also has Saung Love. It is indeed similar to the Saung Layang discussed earlier, but this time it is made not hanging. It’s not very unique when viewed from the concept, but for ornaments it can be said to be unusual. In addition, this spot directly faces the beautiful natural charm which is suitable as a photo background.

6. Swing

From the spots previously mentioned, what is quite extreme is the Swing. At first glance, it’s not much different from the swings you find elsewhere. But that is not the reason why it is said to be extreme. This spot is deliberately made hanging on the edge of a cliff. The scary impression may not be felt when you see how beautiful the natural surroundings are.

In addition, the manager of nature tourism in Bogor has paid attention to safety factors. So as long as you comply with the rules, it is guaranteed to be safe and far from disaster. The security provided by the manager is a seat belt that must be used. In addition, visitors must set their feet on the rope below.

7. Lawang Satawang

In Javanese, Lawang means door. Thus, Lawang Satawang is a spot in the form of a door and is equipped with a window. This spot is one of the most favorite even though it looks very simple. You have to be good at taking a point of view when using this spot as a photo background.

The door provided is quite wide, as are the windows. If you can take the right angle, you can get photos like having a house facing the beauty of nature. Just like the previous spot, there are also ornaments made from tree branches and bamboo here.

8. Flying Sweep

Flying Sapu is also a unique spot on Mustika Manik Peak, which is its main attraction. As the name implies, this spot is a broom that is made as if it is flying in the air. Visitors can climb it to take pictures. You don’t need a special style, but you still need the right angle when taking pictures.

9. Hanging Bike

In addition to swings that are considered extreme, there are also hanging bikes that are no less thrilling. This spot is actually not for photos, but for those who want to get an adrenaline rush. However, because of the uniqueness and charm of the beautiful nature around it, many also use it as a photo background to share on social media.

Address and Route to Location

Address Puncak Mustika Manik Bogor
Image Credit: Google Maps Sirad42 Judin

The peak of Mustika Manik is in Bogor, precisely in Gunung Sari, Pamijahan District. From the center of Bogor, West Java, you may need 1 hour 30 minutes to arrive at the location. How long it takes to cover a distance of 30 kilometers. Indeed it exceeds the average time, because there are many congestion points that you encounter during the trip.

In order to arrive at the location more quickly, please take the route to Pamijahan first. Then head to Jalan Raya Gunung Salak Endah until you arrive at the Tirta Endah Swimming Pool. The next goal is to Cobatok, then to Jalan Bukit Panorama while looking at the available signs.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Mustika Manik Bogor Peak Ticket
Image Credit: Google Maps Melly az Zahra

To be able to enjoy all the spots on Mustika Manik Peak, of course you have to pay a fee. This tourist spot in Bogor is not free, but the costs are still affordable. With so many spots provided, you only need to replace it with an entry fee of 15,000 rupiah.

Remember, these rates still do not include parking tickets. The parking levy for two-wheeled vehicles is IDR 2,000, while cars or four-wheeled vehicles are IDR 5,000. This tourist attraction is open every day from 08.00 – 17.00 WIB, but it is better to come in the morning because the natural atmosphere is still fresh and empty of visitors.

Interesting Activities to Do at Mustika Manik Peak

Peak Activity of Mustika Manik Bogor
Image Credit: Instagram Indra

There are many activities that can be done at Mustika Manik Peak, all of which are guaranteed to be fun. Maybe you think that the activity in question is only limited to photography, but that’s not the case. Instead of being curious, here are recommendations for activities that can be done!

1. Enjoying Natural Scenery

Of course the first thing that must be done when you come is to enjoy God’s grace that you may not get anywhere else. Its natural charm is extraordinary and complete, starting from clusters of hills, expanses of gardens, rice fields, and several streams that look small from a height.

2. Casual Picnic

While enjoying the natural scenery, you can also have a relaxing picnic while at the Mustika Manik Peak, Bogor. Usually, visitors who carry out this activity are from the family circle. No need to bring supplies if it’s not possible, because you can fulfill all your needs here.

3. Photo spot hunting

It cannot be denied that the main activity and at the same time the reason for those who come is to hunt for photo spots. The manager also deliberately lures tourists by making lots of beautiful photo spots. We recommend that you prepare the best camera, as well as the memory that is still empty.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Mustika Manik Peak Facilities, Bogor
Image Credit: Instagram Srilie

Puncak Mustika Manik is managed very well, as evidenced by the many facilities found. In addition to ample parking space, there are also clean and well-maintained toilets. Here there are also stalls selling various foods and drinks, maybe you need them when you run out of supplies.

Today there are many concepts unique tours to attract visitors. One of them is combining nature with a unique photo concept. Like the Peak of Mustika Manik which we will discuss this time. From all the reviews above, this tourist attraction is certainly worth a visit and is used as the main alternative.