Mount Sibuatan, the Best Spot to Enjoy the Enchantment of Lake Toba in Karo

Ticket price: IDR 10,000 – IDR 40,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Laksa, Kec. Pegagan Hilir, Kab. Dairi, North Sumatra.

Vacationing with mountain climbing is sometimes the right solution. One of the mountains to choose from is Mount Sibuatan in the Regency Dairy. This mountain is above an altitude that can reach 2,457 meters above sea level, which makes this mountain the highest mountain. Of course there will be some rules that must be obeyed when climbing the mountain.

Usually, the managers will carry out inspections and record any items brought by climbers. In addition, climbers will also be required to go down the mountain before 6 pm on the previously determined day.

The Attraction of Mount Sibuatan

Attraction in Mount Sibuatan
Image Credit: Google Maps study aplus

Lots of people climb this mountain. Apart from being in the vicinity of Lake Toba, this mountain also has its own beauty. Please note that rainfall in this place is still quite high, where the average is 2,000 mm per year.

Of course, before climbing, you must know what month the rainy season occurs here. So that it can avoid the rainy months.

Well, on Mount Sibuatan, the trail itself has a slope of almost 80 degrees. Therefore, it becomes a challenge for you and other climbers.

In fact, there are no even paths here. There are also no springs, so physical endurance must be really strong to reach the top of the mountain. Behind it all there are several attractions of this mountain:

1. Moss Forest

This mountain is still very beautiful and natural. So that makes it a home for various rare plants or flora in Indonesia. Here, you can find mushrooms, pitcher plants, orchids, and even moss can be easily found.

Mount Sibuatan itself still has high air humidity. In addition, there is still little forest exploration, so that it can trigger the growth of moss. Even though it is known as a nuisance plant, the moss here is actually the main attraction.

Apart from the fact that this type of moss is rarely found on other mountains, the dense vegetation of the moss that is here has managed to produce various unique forms of moss. You will be able to find a moss forest when it is at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level.

2. Pillar Peak

The main peak of this mountain is called the top of the pillar. Where indeed to be able to reach this peak it takes about 45-60 minutes of travel if started from shelter 5. Later, you will find a concrete monument that reaches 1.5 meters high. The monument has the inscription SEC triang No. 191.

The view that you can find from the top of the pillars of Mount Sibuatan is one of the interesting views that will spoil your eyes. From this peak, you will be able to see a beautiful panorama of Lake Toba. Apart from that, you can also see several other places such as Samosir Island, Mount Sinabung, Berastagi City, the West Coast of Sumatra, Mount Barus, Kamanjahe City, to Gunung Leuser National Park.

Address and Route to Location

Address on Mount Sibuatan
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This one mountain turns out to be located in Karo Regency, Province North Sumatra. There are indeed several other famous mountains, such as Mount Sinabung and Mount Si lot. Interestingly, this mountain turns out to be included in 4 sub-districts, namely Tiga Arrow, Munte, Brand, and Juhar sub-districts.

Usually, the main gathering point to get to this mountain is the city of Medan. From the center of this city, you can take an angkot or bus to get to the Padang Bulan Pos Intersection towards Sidikalang. Another option is to use an intercity bus with the Medan – Berastagi or Kabanjahe route.

The trip from the Simpang Pos route will usually take approximately 3 hours to get to Nagalingga Village. If you depart from the sandpaper integrated terminal, you can get off at the Kabanjahe terminal and then use the local mode of transportation to Mount Sibuatan.

Previously, it was certain to go to Nagalingga village first. After that, you can go straight along the cart path so that later you can get to the jungle door of Deleng Sibuaten. The hiking trail itself is quite challenging. Therefore, climbers are advised to use boots.

The hiking trail to get to the mountain starts from the Rimba Deleng Sibuaten door. Usually, this hike will take around 7-9 hours with a total of 5 points shelter. To go shelter 1 usually takes about 30 minutes. On this route the scenery will be dominated by large trees.

Then on shelter 2 Mount Sibuatan takes about 45 minutes. This is where the trees have started to get thicker. It is also here that you will find various mosses. To go shelter 3 takes approximately 3 hours. This long journey requires climbers to wear raincoats, because the dew has started to appear.

The journey continues towards shelter 4 which takes about 1 hour with very challenging conditions. This is where you will encounter muddy terrain that can reach 30-50 cm in thickness. Last to shelter 5 takes about 1 hour. Here the terrain is getting steeper.

Interesting Activities to Do on Mount Sibuatan

Interesting Activities at Mount Sibuatan
Image Credit: Google Maps Yusril Ananda Dalimunthe

After knowing the various things above, there are some interesting activities that can be done here. The various activities in question are:

1. Doing Camping at the Satya Monument

Most climbers will indeed camp before reaching the top of the pillar. Usually they will camp at the satya monument which is the camping area at shelter 5. Because usually tourists will try to catch the sunrise at the top of this pillar of Mount Sibuatan.

This is where climbers can rest while enjoying Panorama the beautiful one. From here you can also see the beauty of Lake Toba.

2. Enjoy Sunset and Sunrise Above the Clouds

Another interesting activity that can be done here is enjoying sunset And sunrise. These two things are indeed the interesting parts that are always targeted by climbers. To be able to witness the beauty of the sunrise, you have to stand on the East Peak.

The view of the sunrise here will be very beautiful. Because there is indeed a background of Samosir Island and Lake Toba. If you want to enjoy the sunset on Mount Sibuatan, then you have to stand on the western peak. This is where you will see the sunset complete with the backdrop of Mount Leuser National Park and Mount Sinabung.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Facilities at Mount Sibuatan
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It should be noted that even though it has extraordinary natural beauty, it has almost no facilities at all. There are only a few traditional houses that are provided for overnight stays for climbers who will spend the night.

That’s some important information about Mount Sibuatan. This very high mountain turns out to have a lot of beauty in it. Where, the climbers can definitely feel the variety of beauty that is there.