Mount Pancar Hot Springs, Popular Bathing Pools in Bogor

Ticket price: IDR 5,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Jl. Village, Karang Tengah, Kec. Babakan Madang, Kab. Bogor, West Java; Folder: Location Check

There are many ways to fill free time on vacation, most of it is filled with traveling. Nothing wrong, because it can be used as a venue for relaxation to relieve fatigue from daily work. In Bogor, there is a place worth visiting for this, it’s called Mount Pancar Hot Springs. As the name implies, this tourist attraction offers a pool filled with hot water to be used as a place to soak. Apart from holidays, you will certainly get health benefits because soaking in warm water can improve blood circulation.

The hot water in the pool is taken directly from Mount Pancar with pipes arranged from top to bottom. Like sulfur water, the color of the pool water is clear green. Don’t worry about the sulfur content, because when you enter the pool, you don’t really feel the smell. Even though it is called a hot spring, in fact the water taken from the mountains is more suitable to be said to be warm.

There are two main pools where there are hot springs, namely pools for men and women. Between the two there is a border in the form of zinc as high as 2 meters, so it is still safe for privacy. Due to soaking, the depth of the pool is only about 50cm, or half a meter. The pool is made of cement, both for the edges and the bottom. The size is quite large, about 10 × 8 meters in a circle shape. On the edge of the pool there is a pipe with water flowing from Mount Pancar, visitors can go directly under it to get the sensation of a direct splash of mountain water.

The Attraction of Mount Pancar Hot Springs

Hot Water Attraction of Mount Pancar
Image Credit: Google Maps about satutro

At first glance there is no attraction other than getting the sensation of a hot bath directly from the mountain water. However, if examined more deeply, there are many charms that you may not realize. Following are the main attractions of the Mount Pancar hot spring in question.

1. Natural Scenery

During the trip, you are presented with a variety of beautiful and amazing natural scenery. This is because the location is still in a protected forest area which is dominated by pine trees. From a distance, you can see the trees lined up neatly like a line and waiting for your arrival and entourage.

In addition to the panoramic view of greenery, the air there is very cool because it is still natural and far from pollution. No wonder so, considering the height of the hot spring is at 800 meters above sea level. For those who do not like cold temperatures should bring a jacket during the trip. Arriving at the location is not a problem, because you can immediately plunge into the warm pool.

2. Bathing Pool

If this one is clearly the main attraction and destination for tourists. As explained earlier below, there are two main pools to be used as bathing places. The pool is open to the public, which means you mix with other visitors. It’s only the gender that differentiates the location, it’s not far away, only separated by a tin fence.

If you don’t want to use the same pool as other visitors while at Mount Pancar hot springs, you can rent a private pool that can be filled with a maximum of 5 people. Suitable as a place to gather with family while relaxing. With a fee of 100 thousand per hour, you can enjoy a unique design that is different from public pools. Made of river stone in such a way that when you lean back it feels like someone is massaging it. In addition, there are also 3 flavors of pools from two categories, namely children and adults.

3. Various Animals

The existence of various animals is also a special attraction, especially for children. Lots of cute and adorable animals that can be watched. Indeed, not as many as in zoos or other animal parks. However, its presence is enough to complement the tourist attractions in this rainy city. You can make it as a media for children’s education or also as a spot for the foot together as a background.

Address and Route to Location

Address of Guung Pancar Hot Spring
Image Credit: Google Maps Muchamad Iqbal Arief

The complete address is at Jl. Village, Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang, Bogor, West Java. The location is quite close to Jakarta, no more than 1 hour drive by motorized vehicle. For routes that can be taken if you are from Jakarta, please enter the Jagorawi toll road and exit through the Sentul Selatan toll gate.

After that, you can take directions to JungleLand and continue on in that direction. When entering a protected forest, it means you are close to the location. Continue a little journey for at least 20 minutes until you arrive at the location. Don’t worry about the roads, because most of them are paved and quite good even though tourist buses pass them. Make sure you use a private vehicle, because the location of Mount Pancar hot springs is rarely passed by city transportation.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Mount Pancar Hot Spring Ticket Prices
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As a tourist spot that offers a lot of beauty and attractiveness, the entrance ticket price of 5,000 rupiah is of course very cheap. The ticket is valid when the day is active, for holidays it is slightly increased with an entry price of 7,000 rupiah. With this ticket, you are entitled to access a public hot spring that mixes with other visitors.

Don’t worry if you are not comfortable with these facilities, please use the private pool by paying 100,000 rupiah per hour. In addition, there is a 3-flavor pool with an entrance ticket of 25,000 rupiah for adults and 15,000 rupiah for children. Especially for those of you who want health therapy, there is also a therapy pool at a cost of 50,000.

Interesting Activities to Do in the Baths

Activities at Mount Pancar Hot Springs
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Especially if it’s not an exciting activity that is the main factor for someone to travel. It’s the same as the Mount Pancar hot spring bath, there are many interesting activities that can be done while on site or outside the tourist location. For more details, please refer to the following reviews!

1. Soak in the Pool

Of course, an interesting activity is carried out in a warm bath, namely bathing. You can soak indefinitely because this tourist location is open 24 hours. This activity is quite very good in terms of health, smooth blood flow and can cure various diseases. For those of you who have skin disorders such as itching and phlegm, bathing is not only fun, but can also get rid of these diseases.

Some tourists quite enjoy this activity, in fact most of them only see the head. The smell of sulfur that is not so strong makes you feel at home for long there. The water condition is also clear, especially for this type of private pool which is replaced every time another visitor rents it. Concerning safety, don’t worry, with a depth of 50cm, it is certain that it is safe for minors. But of course you have to always watch it, you might slip because the rock conditions mixed with water are sometimes slippery.

2. Health Massage

Not only enjoying the warm water that is taken from the mountains, you can also pamper yourself more with a gentle massage from the hands of experts. Special employees brought in for this massage therapy from local residents. But beforehand, you have been equipped with skills so that you feel a massage like a professional.

Apart from massages, there are also body scrubs and masks that can be used during a hot bath. Complete relaxation that you can get in one tourist location. The scrub and mask ingredients are made from a mixture of sulfur which is packaged in plastic form. You can also buy it when you leave the location, it’s only 15,000 rupiah per plastic to be used as a souvenir or as a therapy yourself at home. As is known, there are many benefits of sulfur for the skin, good at removing stains, overcoming itching, and even fighting bacteria.

3. Enjoy the Fish Therapy Pool

Interesting Activities at Mount Pancar Hot Springs
Image Credit: Google Maps Dinul Hak

In addition to the activities mentioned above, Mount Pancar hot spring also provides a fish therapy pool. For this one, you don’t need to soak, just put your feet in water containing small fish. Next, let the fish do its job by biting the toes and soles of the feet. Don’t worry, the bite won’t hurt, it’s even healthy because it improves blood flow and also eliminates disease-causing bacteria.

Fish therapy has long been known to be able to overcome various health problems. Small fish that bite the skin of the feet actually eat dead skin cells, which will then regenerate new skin. Besides being able to smooth the skin, this therapy is also able to relieve stress due to the sensation of the fish’s bite. Besides getting entertainment, of course you also get health when visiting locations beautiful water tour this is in the middle of this forest.

4. Seeing Cute Animal Behavior

As mentioned earlier, exciting activities can not only be done in the hot springs of Mount Pancar, you can do them during your trip when you find various animals that live in the wild. Animals that are easy to find include wild boars, various birds, and don’t forget the monkeys or apes with their distinctive voices. Even though they live in the wild and seem wild, all of these animals are not dangerous, as long as you don’t disturb them.

With the variety of animals in question, children can learn while playing. Of course not playing with these clay animals, but playing with parents. For example, making guesses about animal names, explaining their characteristics, and the types of food they usually eat. While traveling, there’s nothing wrong with teaching children about animals, right?

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Mount Pancar Hot Springs
Image Credit: Google Maps Muchamad Iqbal Arief

Indeed, the location is in the middle of a forest, but this does not make it difficult for managers to provide existing facilities. You can use a clean toilet with warm water too. There is also a place to rinse after you finish enjoying the sensation of warm mountain water. For places of worship, you can find them outside which are not far from the main location.

Another facility that is sure to be found is ample parking space. However, it is possible that it will be full when the weekend arrives, so make sure you come early if you don’t want to go back home. Apart from that, there are also stalls that provide a variety of Sundanese specialties, or common types of food such as soto and rawon. For those who want to bring souvenirs, please stop by the souvenir shop which is not far from the main location. Broadly speaking, the facilities available are quite complete for a class of tourist attraction in the middle of a pine forest.

From the various discussions regarding the Mount Pancar hot spring above, it can be concluded that the place is worth a visit to fill the holidays. A few tips so that you are satisfied, try to come early in the morning because usually the water has been replaced beforehand. It cannot be denied that public pools are often in a dirty condition and change the water late. If necessary, you can rent a private pool that is guaranteed to be clean and comfortable.