Mount Kelud Tourism | Legend, Location and Ticket Prices

Exactly last February 13, the people of Kediri commemorated six years after the eruption of Mount Kelud which paralyzed almost all industries in the vicinity. Even several cities on the island of Java such as Yogyakarta were also affected by the volcanic ash.

However, after six years, this area has now improved itself. The aftermath of the disaster has completely disappeared and been replaced with a variety of new holiday objects. Curious about how it looks now? Before visiting, let’s check out the latest information below!

Mount Kelud Kediri eruption

Mount Kelud eruption
mountain Kelud (Photo by

Since the Mount Kelud incident erupted in 2014, February 13th has become a special time for the surrounding residents of Kediri.

Because it coincided on that date, the first eruption occurred since 2007 until Mount Kelud erupted in 2014.

The eruption this time is considered to be the most intense than in 1990. The impact of the eruption was felt in almost all areas of the island of Java. In Yogyakarta, the volcanic ash reduced visibility, the sky darkened, and the roofs of houses were perforated because they were covered with heavy volcanic ash.

Fortunately, thanks to the alertness of the authorities and advances in technology, the loss of life resulting from this disaster was not large and it did not even come from the direct eruption.

Legend of Mount Kelud Kediri

Apart from the events above, this incident cannot be separated from the legend of Mount Kelud which is still believed by local residents to this day.

This is because of a story about Lembu Suro who vowed to take revenge on the descendants of Dewi Kilisuci because he felt betrayed.

It is said that there were two kings who tried to propose to Dewi Kilisuci because they were captivated by her beauty. However, these two were not from the human race.

To refuse the proposal, Dewi Kilisuci made a condition to make two wells that smell nice and fishy in one night. It turned out that these two demands could be carried out easily by the two kings.

Worried about having to marry both of them, Dewi Kilisuci then asked the two kings to prove that the conditions had been fulfilled by going into the well.

However, Dewi Kilisuci betrayed her by burying the two wells so that those inside could not get out. One of the kings named Lembu Suro then vowed to avenge himself on the princess’s future children and grandchildren.

Because of this oath, local residents believe that every time Mount Kelud erupts it is a form of revenge for Lembu Suro against the descendants of the people of Kediri who are descendants of Dewi Kilisuci.

Mount Kelud Tourism, Kediri

After it erupted in 2014, now this area has become more beautiful and can be opened to the public. In fact, this area has become a holiday destination.

In this article, Advontura has a list of activities and places of interest in the tourist area of ​​Mount Kelud, Kediri, which have been specially prepared for you. Let’s check the list below!

Take a photo behind the Green Crater

One of the interesting things about this area is the green crater and the peak which is still in one area.

The view from the peak is very pretty against the backdrop of a similar green crater Kelimutu Lake of course very dear to miss. Besides that from here you can see the beauty of the Sumbing peak which is next to the crater.

For those of you intending to visit, come at the best time, namely at sunrise. To reach the top, visitors can rent a jeep with a driver for 1 hour to get to the top.

In addition, if you depart from the city of Kediri, in front of the bridge you will find many motorcycle taxis that can take you to the top at a rate of IDR 50,000 per person one way.

Soak in Hot Springs

One of the blessings of today’s active volcano is a naturally formed hot spring pool.

After being managed by the local government, now the hot spring pool can be enjoyed. The relaxing experience will also be more enjoyable because the view of the cold water river with green plants around it can relax your body and mind.

Play Flying Fox from the Top of the Mountain

This one facility is practically still new, because it was made after Mount Kelud erupted in 2014 then. This vehicle spans 100 meters with beautiful green scenery below. Besides playing flying fox, there are other games such as ATV for tourists who like offroad tourism.

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Cross the Mystery Road

Mystery Road is actually an ordinary road to the tourist area of ​​​​Mount Kelud. But what is unique about this track is when the vehicle will still be able to go up even if the engine is turned off.

For visitors interested in trying this rare experience, you will find a signpost that says Mystery Road and how to do it. Don’t be too late.

Eat Fresh Durian

Before entering the tourist area, visitors will be greeted with various places to eat durian at lower prices than other places.

You also don’t need to worry about taste, because it is guaranteed to be fresh and soft because the fruit is taken directly from the Durian Garden area.

It’s not just eating durian, there is cafe aesthetic, playground and a gazebo to relax enjoying the cool mountain air and delicious durian fruit.

Visiting Margomulyo Agrotourism

One of the new tourist attractions besides flying fox is an agro-tourism park. My garden is full of dozens of types of flower gardens such as roses, sun, chrysanthemums, golden rain, kana, and so on.

Mount Kelud location
Mount Kelud location (Photo by

The location of Mount Kelud Kediri is on the border of three regencies, namely Kediri, Blitar and Malang. Precisely located 35 kilometers east of the center of Kediri City and 25 kilometers north of Blitar City.

Mount Kelud tourist route if from Kediri City you can walk towards the Pesantren sub-district, then Wates. After that head to the Ngancar area then Sugihwara Village, continue to follow the signs until you get to the location.

Opening Hours & Entrance Tickets for Mount Kelud, Kediri

This area is always open 24 hours a day, but not for tourist objects. Mount Kelud entrance tickets are also fairly affordable. Only with Rp. 5,000.00, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the mountain atmosphere as much as they like.

Mount Kelud Kediri facilities

In order to ensure the comfort of visitors, the management has prepared several supporting facilities such as prayer rooms, bathrooms, pavilions and food stalls selling hot food.

Visiting Tips

Before visiting, it’s good for you to know some of the following vacation tips that Advontura has chosen for a safe and comfortable holiday experience.

Know Visiting Hours

Even though it’s open 24 hours, come in the morning or evening to enjoy prettier views and cooler air.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

In this mountainous area, the road is a bit rocky and dusty. Prepare comfortable clothes and shoes so that your feet don’t get blisters.

Take Care of Family and Small Children

Please note that the soil conditions here are uneven and slightly sandy. So stay alert and keep your family or children safe.

Thus our discussion this time about Mount Kelud tourism in Kediri. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for a family vacation destination. See you in the discussion vacation destination in other Indonesia!

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