Menara Merah Putih, The Best Spot to Enjoy the Beautiful Ocean Panorama in Sabang

Ticket price: -, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: West Kuta, Sukakarya, City of Sabang, Aceh; Folder: Location Check

Going on vacation, in fact, does not always have to visit natural attractions. You can also visit tours that are deliberately made by human hands, such as the Red and White Tower in Sabang City. As is well known, the city of Sabang is one of the cities that has many tours.

Tourist area located in the City Sabang indeed able to make many visitors come to the city. For example, tourism in the form of beaches, mountains and others. However, one more thing that you should see when you are in Sabang City, is a tower that looks so unique.

This tower is known as Merah Putih. The naming corresponds to the colors of the dominant red and white towers. The place is so beautiful and really worth your visit.

The attractiveness of the Red and White Tower

The Attraction of the Red and White Tower
Image Credit: Google Maps Ichsan Darmawan

1. Beautiful and Unique Tower

The first attraction that this tourist area has is the tower which looks so unique and beautiful. The Red and White Tower has a red and white color that dominates. The tower is in the port area of ​​Sabang. This area has become one of the most popular tourist spots.

Many tourists, especially local residents who visit the place when the weekend arrives. For this reason, when you are here on vacation, don’t be surprised when you see several tourists crowding the place.

2. There is a beautiful garden

The next attraction that makes the Red and White Tower visited by many tourists is because there visitors can find a garden that is so beautiful. The garden in the tower is very well maintained.

For this reason, it is very suitable to be used as a spot for photos, especially for those of you who are really passionate about the art of photography.

3. Culinary Center

Another Attraction of the Red and White Tower
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The thing that makes visitors feel at home when they are in this place is that is where you will find stalls selling various kinds of typical food from the City of Sabang which is of course very appetizing. In this place visitors who come will not miss the opportunity to taste a variety of culinary delights.

4. There is a floating bridge

The next attraction that is also owned by the Red and White Tower is that there is a floating bridge. The floating bridge there is famous for being so beautiful plus you will see several small boats passing by.

Previously, in the floating bridge area, there was a permanent bridge known as the Police Bridge, because it was located right at the old police station. Some also refer to it as the Syahbandar bridge because it is right in front of the old Sabang Kesyahbandar Office.

It was on the bridge that navigation ships used to rest and here also foreign tourist sailing ships often docked. Currently these 2 names are just memories, after the bridge was no longer there it was replaced by a floating bridge that looked so beautiful.

Address and Route to Location

Address of the Red and White Tower
Image Credit: Google Maps Bagoes Hardy

For those of you who are interested in witnessing the uniqueness and beauty of the Red and White Tower first hand, there’s nothing wrong with going to the Province aceh. This place is in the city of Sabang, to be precise, in Sukakarya. To get there later you can use public transportation.

Or for those of you who happen to have a free vehicle, then you can slide straight to the tower. It is recommended that you prefer to use private vehicles. That’s because later your vacation activities will be more exciting and flexible.

You can be free to stop at other tourist attractions in Sabang City. Around the tower there are indeed several other tourist attractions that are worth your visit. Regarding the problem of the route to the tower is quite easy.

But if you are still unsure, you can use navigation assistance on Google Maps that is already installed on your smartphone. Road access is very good, this is because the tower is indeed in an urban area.

For information about ticket hours, there is no entrance fee at all. Or in other words here visitors can freely come to the Red and White Tower without any retribution.

Fees will only need to be incurred if visitors happen to bring a vehicle. Because later private vehicles, be it two-wheeled or four-wheeled, must be parked in the area provided.

Regarding the issue of service opening hours, the tower is open 24 hours a day. You can visit the place in the morning, afternoon or evening. If you come to this place on the weekend, then of course this is something even more exciting.

Because later you will gather with people who also want to enjoy the beauty of the tower. Weekends are the time when many visitors flock to this red tower.

Interesting Activities to Do at Menara Merah Putih

Menara Merah Putih activity
Image Credit: Google Maps Ridha Rizky

1. Hunt for Beautiful Photo Spots

There are lots of exciting activities and of course it will make you even more excited when you are at the Merah Putih Tower. One of the activities that you certainly shouldn’t miss while in this place is hunting for beautiful photo spots.

areas interesting marine tourism this is indeed known to have beautiful photo spots and of course very instagenic. Therefore, you must prepare your camera and Smartphone device to capture all this beauty in a photo frame.

For those of you who like to do photography, the tower is a very suitable area for finding and hunting Instagramable photos. Not infrequently tourists who come to this place take advantage of their moments while there to take pictures with friends.

2. Climbing the Red and White Tower

For visitors who are curious about the tower and the top of the tower, then later they are allowed to climb the tower. You can climb the tower via a ladder that surrounds the tower with a rectangular shape.

This ladder was deliberately built and prepared for anyone who wants to see the tower at the top. Arriving at the top of the tower, later visitors can all enjoy the natural beauty around.

You can see the beauty of the sea panorama which is so beautiful. Even more so if you choose the time when it is late afternoon. At dusk, it will certainly make the beauty of this place look even more beautiful and unmatched by any place.

From the top of the Red and White Tower, you can feel the wind blowing hard against your body and the orange color in the sky blends with the blue sea. This combination will certainly create an extraordinary, unforgettable sight.

Therefore, it’s only natural that at the top of the tower in the late afternoon you will see quite a few tourists who are quite busy. Make sure to be careful when climbing the tower. Even though the ladder is equipped with safety in the form of a handrail at the edges, for safe steps you need to tread carefully.

3. Enjoy Culinary

As mentioned above, one of the attractions of the Red and White Tower is that this place is one of the culinary center areas in Sabang City. Around the tower visitors will find several food stalls and people selling snacks.

For those of you who are very passionate about culinary, then you shouldn’t miss this golden opportunity. That’s where you can taste various kinds of typical dishes from the City of Sabang. What is no less interesting is that the culinary prices in this place are very affordable.

Enjoying delicious food and fresh drinks while watching the beauty of the sea near the tower is certainly the right idea to do.

Facilities Available in the Tower Area

Facilities Menara Merah Putih
Image Credit: Facebook Sabang Tourism

Regarding the matter of its own facilities, Menara Merah Putih has provided several adequate facilities. Not far from that place you will easily find the location of the toilet.

Likewise for the parking area, there have been provided several parking areas that are quite large and heavily guarded. That way you don’t need to be confused when you want to park your vehicle.

Other facilities that can also be found are food stalls with a variety of delicious food. Vacationing to this place will certainly make your holiday experience even more exciting. Especially at night, you will find facilities in the form of beautiful twinkling lights.

Thus the explanation about the Red and White Tower in Sabang City. For those of you who happen to be visiting the city, there’s nothing wrong with stopping for a moment at this iconic tower.