Mangkubumi Park, a Recreation Park with a Combination of Water Rides & Resto in Tasikmalaya

Ticket price: IDR 25,000 Operational hour: 07.00-16.30 WIB, Address: Jl. AH Nasution No. Km 7, Kec. Mangkubumi, Kab. Tasikmalaya, West Java; Folder: Location Check

Mangkubumi Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city Tasikmalaya. Its unique concept is the reason many visitors come every day. Not only can it be used as a vacation spot, but you can also use this place for culinary hunting, because it is combined with a restaurant concept.

Another name for this tourist spot is Kamandara Resto. Simply put, the tourist destinations that we discuss this time are actually restaurants that provide a variety of food menus. However, because of its large location, the manager also built a park equipped with various game facilities.

Mangkubumi Park is visited by tourists from various backgrounds, depending on the destination. For example, from the family, they usually aim to invite their children to play in the park. As for young couples, they prefer to enjoy the food available at restaurants with quite a varied menu.

The Attraction of Mangkubumi Park

Mangkubumi Park Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Nico Marcelino

The number of visitors who come to Mangkubumi Park is not without reason, all because of its attractiveness. Judging from the tourism concept, this place has the main attraction in the form of games and culinary tours. For details, we have summarized some of the points below!

✦ Kamandara Restaurant and Café

The first attraction that attracts visitors, especially millennial youth, is because of the Kamandara Resto and Café. Various food menus are available here, mostly in the form of modern food. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t local food, you can enjoy typical Tasikmalaya food with a delicious and delicious taste.

Mangkubumi Park does not only rely on restaurants serving delicious food to attract the attention of tourists or customers. On certain days, visitors are entertained by indie bands performing local and foreign songs. Eating food while listening to your favorite music is guaranteed to be even more enjoyable.

✦ Waterboom Ride

Waterboom rides are also one of the attractions of Mangkubumi Park which attracts many tourists. You as a visitor do not have to go to the restaurant first, but you can go directly to the water park in question. As elsewhere, there are also several types of swimming pools available in terms of depth.

Indeed, most of them are children’s pools which have a depth of about 50 centimeters. But the matter of facilities remains the same, children can enjoy water slides or water slides with a decent height. In addition, there is also a shower that makes swimming more cheerful.

✦ Available Selfie Photo Spot

For those who like selfies, Mangkubumi Park cannot be missed because it has several beautiful spots. Currently a digital trend, where photos can be used as social media content. It’s a loss, of course, if you visit here without hunting for photo spots. Moreover, there are several spots that are specially made so as to provide unique and beautiful shots.

Call it a curved bridge made of concrete. Not too long, but the shape is unique and suitable as a background. This bridge looks classic because the sides are made of red bricks. Another spot to consider is the tree house next to which is decorated with colorful lights.

Address and Route to Location

Mangkubumi Park address
Image Credit: Google Maps Ahmad Fitri

Apart from its attractiveness, the strategic location of Mangkubumi Park is also a reason why it is visited by many tourists. As the name implies, this place is located in Mangkubumi, precisely at Jalan AH Nasution No.Km 7, Mangkubumi, Mangkubumi District, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java.

The distance from the city center is very close, you only need no more than 15 minutes by motorized vehicle. It takes time to cover a distance of about 4 kilometers at an average speed. The easiest and fastest route is to Jalan Pembangunan if your current position is in the city center.

Next, please head to Jalan Mayor SL Tobing until you arrive at the National Heroes Monument. From this point, follow along Jalan AH Nasution, at least about 1 kilometer more. If you find Alfamart on the right side of the road, then the tourist destination is close. Please follow the signs until you arrive at the tourist area.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Operating Hours

Mangkubumi Park is actually a tourist spot with the concept of a restaurant, water rides, and selfie photo spots. Of course many visitors who come from various regions because of this attraction. Even though it seems luxurious, it actually doesn’t cost money to visit this hit tourist spot.

For those of you who just sit or enter the area is free of charge. However, if you want to enjoy the food menu in the restaurant, you must buy it with the prevailing price conditions. If you want to enter the swimming pool and play in it, you are required to spend 25,000 rupiah for one person.

Interesting Activities to Do

Mangkubumi Park Interesting Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Yadi Kusmayadi

Visiting Mangkubumi Park is very enjoyable and guaranteed to make you feel at home. How not, this place provides a variety of activities for all ages. For example, children who can use the swimming pool, or youths who are hunting for selfie photo spots.

1. Casual Picnic

For parents or those who are already married, an interesting activity that can be done here is a relaxing picnic. Hits travel in Tasikmalaya it was built on a very large area. There are many fields that are not used, meaning there are no buildings standing on them. This land is overgrown with thick grass, in some corners there are ornamental plants.

Tourists who come to Mangkubumi Park take advantage of the land for casual picnics. Although this activity is actually more suitable for families, many young couples also do it. While relaxing, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the garden and shrubs around the location.

2. Photo spot hunting

Spot photos are one of the attractions that make many young people come. The existence of this spot is certainly very suitable for selfie spot hunting activities. As previously mentioned, there is an arched bridge against a backdrop of trees. Another spot option is a triangular building that looks like the letter A and is made of glass.

3. Swim in the Pool

It can be said that the swimming pool at Mangkubumi Park is the most interesting activity, especially for children. Moreover, there are several games available, even though they are not very complete. Let’s just say the water slider is more than enough to add fun to the activities you do while swimming, especially since there are two choices.

4. Culinary Tour at the Café

Apart from the activities mentioned above, there is still something else that you must do while you are here. The activity in question is definitely a culinary hunt, considering that this place combines the concept of a restaurant. Indeed, you need more budget, but about the menu and the taste of the food, it is guaranteed that you will never disappoint.

The food available at the Mangkubumi Park restaurant includes modern and traditional menus. Not only food, of course, but you can enjoy various types of delicious and refreshing drinks. One of the most favorite drinks on the menu, namely coffee, will definitely taste better when accompanied by music.

Available Facilities

Mangkubumi Park facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Rizal wee

Various important facilities to support the needs of tourists are here, so there’s no need to worry. The large parking area can accommodate dozens of cars and motorcycles at once. This place also provides toilets, seats in the form of benches, prayer rooms, selfie photo spots, and water rides as additional facilities.

There are many ways to fill vacation time, one of which is visiting tourist destinations. Mangkubumi Park is one of the tours that you need to consider with the attractions mentioned above. Visiting this place is not boring, but make sure to come in the morning or evening when the weather is not hot.