Malang Chinese Goa Beach – Routes to Entrance Tickets

Goa China Beach is one of 30 coastal tourist destinations in Malang. Because of its natural beauty, this area has become a holiday destination for people inside and outside the city.

Actually the name is Rowo Indah, but less popular with the term ‘Chinese Goa’ which comes from the death of a Chinese who meditated in a cave.

Apart from being a tourist area, this beach offers a variety of educational and camping activities that are a shame not to be missed. Interested in visiting? Let’s first look at the article below!

Tourism Activities Goa China Beach Malang, East Java

Relax on the beach of Malang Chinese Goa
Malang Chinese Goa Beach (Photo by

Having three small islands in it, the tourist area of ​​Goa China Beach offers various holiday activities suitable for visiting with family or close friends. In the following, Advontura has summarized various vacation activities that you can try!

Hunt Sunset and Sunrise

The view at sunrise and sunset here cannot be underestimated. Because not all beaches can provide panoramas sunset and sunrise so off.

In fact, many people say that the sunrise and sunset views here are as beautiful as those in Bali.

For those of you who want to hunt for the sunrise here, come before 04.30 WIB to get the most beautiful panorama. As for the scenery sunsetthe visitors can wait for dusk to come while drinking coconut water or eating instant noodles at the nearest shop.

Having a picnic on the white sand

For visitors who bring their families to visit, especially children. Picnics are an alternative holiday activity besides swimming, when the waves on this beach are big.

Around the beach there are already many stalls and restaurants that can bring food to your picnic area.

Fun Camping

Apart from relaxing on the coast, you can also try camping around the beach with friends for free. For visitors who come without camping equipment, they can also rent a tent with prices starting from IDR 100,000.00.

The management also allows visitors to make a bonfire or burn it as long as the trash and used food are tidied up again.

Study History in Goa China

One of the interesting rides in this area is a cave which is sacred to the local community. The visitors who want to enter the cave are also not allowed to enter carelessly. There are several prohibitions such as not being allowed to say harsh words, throwing garbage anywhere and women who are menstruating are also not allowed to enter.

This cave protrudes about 8 meters in height and width of approximately 2 meters. It is located in Karang, 50 meters from the beach on the right.

For those of you who are interested in exploring this one vehicle, wear non-slip footwear and always be careful when stepping in a dark cave. In addition there are additional rates for visitors who want to enter it.

Hunt for Typical Souvenirs

Another attraction of this area is its abundant forest products. Usually the catch of these fishermen is used as a variety of processed food as special gifts this region.

Visitors can taste the delicacy while enjoying the breezy wind at the various stalls around the beach.

Location of Goa China Beach, Malang, East Java

The location of Malang China Cave Beach is in Tumpak Awu Hamlet, Sitiarjo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District.

Access to the beach can be passed by the Southern Route (JLS). Even though it’s been paved smoothly, you still have to be careful because the road is winding and surrounded by ravines. Moreover, there is still a main road that is badly damaged as far as 500 meters.

Goa China Beach Route, Malang, East Java

This area can be reached easily using private vehicles, either motorbikes or cars. The Goa China Beach route from Malang itself can be reached through the Gadang area.

After arriving from the Gadang area, take the road towards Bululawang, Turen to Sumbermanjing Wetan. From there, you will meet the road leading to Dusun Sitirejo. Follow the road and follow the directions and turn right towards your destination.

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Opening Hours & Entrance Tickets for Goa China Beach

Opening Hours & Entrance Tickets for Goa China Beach
Chinese Cave (Photo

This area is open 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday. Except for major holidays such as the Eid holiday, this place is closed before opening again 3 days later. Meanwhile, the entrance ticket to Goa China Beach is quite cheap, which is only Rp. 10,000.00.

Meanwhile, the parking fee is paid separately. Motorized vehicles are charged Rp. 5,000.00, cars are Rp. 7,000.00 and buses are charged Rp. 10,000.00/

Available Facilities

The facilities available in the area are quite complete, starting from places of worship, toilets, changing rooms, rental of tents and mats, food stalls to restaurants.

Lodging at Goa China Beach

For those of you who want to try spending the night around the beach, there are several recommendations for lodging on Goa China Beach that you can try.

Some of the recommendations include Pondok Wisata Berkah Alam, Labda Asri Homestay, Ariesta Homestay, Bamboe Cottage, Villa Asmara Hills and so on.

To stay at some of the inns above, the funds that need to be prepared range from Rp. 300,000.00 to Rp. 1,200,000.00 according to the type of room and time of visit.

Visiting Tips

For Advontura friends who want to visit this beach, it’s good to know some of the following visiting tips to make your holiday experience more enjoyable.

Wear a Hat or Sunglasses

Like the beach weather in general, during the day this area is quite hot and can disturb your eyesight. For that bring sunglasses or a hat. Don’t forget to use sun block to protect the skin.

Wear the Right Clothes

Look cool and swag it is allowed, but don’t let it outfits what is used instead interferes with your movements, yes. Wear clothes that are thin, absorb sweat and are comfortable on the body.

Keep clean

Many trash cans provided by managers around the beach. As a good visitor, keep the beach clean by disposing of trash in its place.

That’s not all, being polite and respecting the diversity around you is still important to get a more enjoyable and safe holiday experience.

Other Nearby Attractions

Apart from enjoying the beauty of the Chinese Cave area, there are several other tourist objects not far from this area.

Several other tourist objects include Teluk Asmara Beach, Sempu Island, Ungapan Beach, Gatra Beach, Three Colors Beach, Batu Bengkung Beach, Balekambang Beach and so on.

Thus our discussion this time about Goa China Beach Malang, East Java. Hopefully the above article is useful for those of you who are looking for cheap and fun vacation destinations. See you in the discussion of other tourist attractions!

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