Make a shopping frenzy, these are recommendations for contemporary souvenirs from Malang

Malang is one of the cities in East Java who have a lot tourist destination. Even after visiting, you should not forget to buy souvenirs typical of Malang.

Malang presents visitors with beautiful and cool nature and appetizing culinary delights.

It is almost certain that Mons and Dads will be made to feel at home by the soothing atmosphere of Malang.

So, in order to carry on this atmosphere, Malang souvenirs must be bought up and distributed to loved ones.

The following are recommendations for contemporary Malang souvenirs and of course they are cheap to take home!

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Malang Typical Souvenirs Recommendations

So, here are some recommendations for typical Malang souvenirs that you must try:

1 . Apple Chips

Malang Apple Chips

Photo: Malang Apple Chips

It is no longer denied that Malang is known for its apples.

In the past, the people of Malang processing apples into chips so they can be stored longer.

However, these chips have instead become a commodity to the point where they become a snack that must be purchased to be made into typical Malang souvenirs.

There are lots of shops on the side of the road or souvenir centers that sell them.

The unique taste is sure to be liked by many people.

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2. Claw Chips

Besides being famous for apple chips, cassavaand tempehMoms and Dads also need to try Malang claw chips which taste crunchy and tasty on the tongue.

Minerals contained in claw chips such as collagenamino acids, and calcium, also provide a number of goodness for the body.

These typical Malang souvenirs are packaged in small to large sizes so they are just right for use souvenir for relatives.

3. Carang Mas

Moms and Dads might know Carang Mas as sweet potato cream.

These crispy sweet potato balls are another typical Malang souvenir which has a sweet taste and is generally the size that fits in the mouth.

However, Moms need to be careful when carrying it because this food is easily destroyed.

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4. Frozen Meatballs

Malang Meatballs

Photo: Bakso Malang

Moms must be very familiar with Malang Meatballs.

These meatballs are famous for their suppleness and deliciousness, especially when they are gravy with spices and chili sauce.

So, while in Malang, try stopping by to taste and bring home frozen Malang Meatballs at Bakso President which is located on Jalan Batanghari.

Moms can buy frozen meatballs that last for months if stored in the fridge along with the seasonings as souvenirs typical of contemporary Malang.

5. Malang Strudel

If Moms are looking for contemporary Malang souvenirs, Malang Strudel might be an option.

Strudel was originally a popular food during the Hasburg Empire (1278–1780) in Austria, which was a layered cake made of pastries then filled with various fruits.

But then, this Strudel originally from Austria was modified and adapted to local Malang flavors in the hands of the professional chef of Malang Strudel Cake Shop.

Well, we can buy this Strudel at the Malang Strudel Outlet located in Semeru.

6. Puthu Lanang

Puthu Lanang

Photo: Puthu Lanang (

Puthu is cake traditional snacksconsists of the basic ingredients of rice flour, grated coconut and brown sugar or palm sugar.

Moms can buy Puthu which has been around since 1935 at Jalan Attorney General Suprapto Gang Buntu, Klojen District, Malang City as a special souvenir from Malang.

Well, interestingly, Puthu Lanang has become a patented brand accompanied by a copyright.

7. Pia Bowl

Pia Cap Mangkok is also known as a typical Malang cheap and festive souvenir that has been legendary since 1959.

Initially, this pia only has flavors mung beans.

But now it has grown to have five other flavors.

There are also other variants that can be purchased, such as chocolate, cheese, tangkwe, durian, and the latest is green tea.

Moms can buy Pia Cap Bowls on Jl. Villa Tidar Indah no. 5, Breadfruit.

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8. Poor apples

Poor Apple

Photo: Malang Apples (

Not only for chips Apple itself is an icon for Malang City.

It’s no wonder if asked what are typical Malang souvenirs, Malang apples are sure to be one of the answers.

Two types of apples are very popular here, Manalagi Apples and Ana Apples.

The shape of the Manalagi apple is usually round with a green color and tastes sweet and refreshing.

While Ana Apples are usually slightly oval in shape with a yellowish-red color and taste more sour.

9. Chocolate Tempeh

Tempe chocolate is a typical present-day souvenir from Malang.

This food is the result of innovation in the city of Malang.

The combination of chocolate and tempeh is a typical product of the city of Malang that must be tasted for yourself.

The packaging for this tempe chocolate is like chocolate in general.

Well, Moms can also buy original, milk, spicy, strawberry, and apple flavor variants.

10. Ledre Banana Bangka

Bangka Banana Ledre

Photo: Ledre Banana Bangka (

Apart from apples, Malang is also known for producing other fresh fruits.

Malang typical souvenirs that you can try are ledre fart banana.

It is a food made from plantains or thinly coated with flour crepes.

It tastes crunchy, savory, and sweet when eaten.

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Those are some recommendations for typical Malang souvenirs that you must buy.

However, don’t forget to adjust budget there is yes, Moms!