M Bloc Space, A Place for Children to Hang Out for All Ages

Jakarta already has many interesting public spaces to visit, M Bloc Space is one of them.

Located in the Blok M area South JakartaM Bloc presents many interesting things for its visitors, you know, Moms.

To find out more about M Bloc Space, see the article until it’s finished, Moms.

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History of M Bloc Space

History of the M Bloc

Photo: History of M Bloc (pinterest.com)

Before being made into a public space, this place was an unused official residence of the Republic of Indonesia Money Printing Company (Perum Peruri).

1. Abandoned Owner

This housing complex was used after Indonesian independence, until 2005.

After that, these houses were abandoned by their owners and became obsolete buildings and unused.

2. Collaborate with Millennials

As time went on and the number of MRT constructions around Blok M, Peruri finally decided to turn this place into a public open space.

To build M Bloc Space, Peruri collaborated with Ruang Riang Millennial (RRM), a creative services company fronted by Handoko Hendrorayono, Jacob Gatot Sura, Lance Mengong, Mario Sugianto, Wendi Putranto, and Glenn Fredly.

3. Officially Opened

After going through the process of development and renovation, finally M Bloc Space officially opened on September 26, 2019.

However, moment COVID-19 pandemicthis public space was temporarily closed to reduce the transmission rate in Jakarta.

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Hangout Place at M Bloc

One corner in M ​​Bloc Space

Photo: One corner at M Bloc Space (pinterest.com)

After knowing its history, let’s find out what’s going on in M ​​Bloc Space below!

1. Café and Restaurant

At M Bloc Space, there are various restaurants and cafes that provide a variety of delicious food.

The menu served also varies, ranging from Indonesian food to Japanese food you know, Moms.

2. Green Open Areas

The green open area at M Bloc is also interesting to visit, you know, Moms.

In this section, you can see the various types greenery and also a very beautiful mural painting.

3. Creative Space

At the rear of the M Bloc, there is also creative space or also known as the music room.

Since it first opened, many musicians have performed at this venue, such as Naif, Mocca, Tompi, and also the late Glen Fredly.

Usually, live music is held every weekend at the front as well as the back of M Bloc Space.

4. M Block Market

Not long ago, M Bloc also opened a grocery store with a modern concept called, M Bloc Market.

This place is present as a marker development stage two of this area, Moms.

In this place, you can find various types of daily needs.

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Recommended Places to Eat at M Bloc Space

At M Bloc Space there are many places to eat that serve delicious menus, you know, Moms. Here are the recommendations, let’s try it!

1. The Tjikini Shop

Kedai Tjikini M Bloc

Photo: Kedai Tjikini M Bloc (pinterest.com)

Kedai Tjikini is a restaurant that provides Indonesian specialties at M Bloc Space

This restaurant is a branch of Kedai Tjikini in Cikini, Central Jakarta.

The menu offered is quite diverse, such as charcoal-grilled rendang, jambal anchovies rice, rawon devil, fried duck rice, and chicken Soto.

In addition to the typical Indonesian menu, this shop is also famous for serving delicious coffee, you know, Moms.

2. Chick Ro

Chick Ro M Bloc

Photo: Chick Ro M Bloc (pinterest.com)

Chick Ro is a restaurant that has been around since M Bloc Space first opened.

The main menu at this restaurant, is grilled chicken with a variety of special sauces.

However, this restaurant also serves other dishes, such as bread or nougat yellow rice which is equally delicious.

3.Tokyo Skipjack

Tokyo Skipjack M Bloc

Photo: Tokyo Skipjack M Bloc (pinterest.com)

Steak and Japanese food lovers, it is mandatory to stop by this one restaurant, Tokyo Skipjack.

Steak served in this restaurant, has many choices sauce like BBQwhite BBQ, Mushrooms, and also honey mustard.

4. Garden of Ideas

M Bloc Idea Garden

Photo: M Bloc’s Garden of Ideas (pinterest.com)

Moms who like gelato must also stop by Kebun Ide at M Bloc Space.

This cafe provides a variety gelato menu which are unique, like the rosemary yogurt and also pakcoy flavors.

However, Moms still enjoy gelato with chocolate, chocobanana, and taro flavours.

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5. Oeang

Oeang Cafe M Bloc

Photo: Oeang Cafe M Bloc (pinterest.com)

Oeang is one of the cafes in M ​​Bloc that you also have to visit, you know, Moms.

In addition to providing a variety coffee typethis café has many menus from various countries, such as pizza, burgers, to mixed vegetables with the peanut sauce with a delicious taste.

6. Kira Kira Ginza

Kira Kira Ginza M Bloc

Photo: Kira Kira Ginza M Bloc (pinterest.com)

Kira Kira Ginza is a Japanese restaurant that is also interesting to visit.

Apart from its delicious food, this place is also known for having a unique interior as it has tatami mats and low tables for its guests.

The mainstay menu of this restaurant is okonomiyaki which is served with squid, vegetables and a special sauce on top.

7. Meeting Point

Meeting Point M Bloc

Photo: Points of Meeting M Bloc (instagram.com/points of meeting)

Temu is also one of the cafes in M ​​Bloc that has a lot of customers.

Since its opening, this café has always been filled with visitors who want to enjoy coffee while working or studying.

This place, known for its delicious drinks, such as ice coffeevarious teas and also fruit juices.

Moms can also try various types of cakes, salads and other menus available at this place.

This cafe has been open since the morning, you know, Moms. So, Moms who want Work From Café can try this place.

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M Bloc Space Entrance Ticket Prices

M Bloc

Photo: M Block (pinterest.com)

Because this place is a public open space, you don’t have to pay ticket price enter the area.

However, if there are some music concerts or other events, you may have to spend money to enjoy them.

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That’s an explanation about M Bloc Space, an interesting slang place in the Blok M area of ​​South Jakarta. Come on, stop by, Moms!