Long Curug, The Enchantment of Beautiful Exotic Waterfalls in Bogor

Ticket price: IDR 10,000 Operational hour: 07.00-17.00 WIB, Address: Jl. Curug Panjang, Cilember, Kec. Cisarua, Kab. Bogor, West Java; Folder: Location Check

Picnics, excursions, recreation, whatever you call it, visiting a waterfall is one that should not be missed. As it is in Bogor, there is a waterfall known as Curug Panjang. In the local language, Curug is another name for a waterfall. Beautiful natural panorama accompanied by cool air is a separate reason for the many visitors who visit.

Maybe you are wondering why the name ‘Length’ is used instead of ‘Height’. As is known, it is called a waterfall because there are conditions where water descends from top to bottom to form a vertical plane. This is where the uniqueness of one of the waterfalls in Bogor is because it is not vertical, but tilted to form a slope. From a distance it looks like a slide in a swimming pool. However, this time the bottom is not smooth, but rocks with typical mountain contours.

Apart from its shape, this waterfall with a length of about 20 meters is also the same as other waterfalls in general in terms of other sights around it. Shady trees, large and small rocks with uneven shapes, and there is also a pond which is a place to collect water from the waterfall before flowing into the river. The location of the waterfall, which is still on the slopes of Mount Paseban, makes it difficult to reach. In the sense that there is extra effort to be able to arrive at the location and enjoy the natural beauty that is presented.

Long Curug Attraction

Long Curug Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps KLMN

Please note, this waterfall is located at an altitude of 1,389 masl with typical mountain air that is cool and cold. For those of you who are not used to cold weather, it is better to wear a jacket and bring more than one change of clothes. Sometimes if you are fascinated by the beauty that is presented, the cold weather may not be felt. Especially if the attractiveness of Curug Panjang can make anyone fascinated, even though you have often visited waterfalls in other places before.

1. Beautiful natural scenery

On the way, you can find towering typical forest trees. Besides that, there are also shrubs or types of grass that sway because of the wind. Don’t forget the typical mountain rocks that also greet you every time you see them. When approaching tourist sites, plantations and green rice fields are ready to wait. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the yellow color of rice ready for harvest with its own beauty.

Shortly before arriving at the location, you can hear the sound of water splashing over the pond. Although not high, only about 4 meters, the singing of the water can still be heard from a distance. This is because there is friction between the water and the rock at that location. In addition, the swift currents of the water also create beautiful songs that anyone can hear.

2. The Beauty of the Long Curug

The main attraction is of course the beauty of the waterfall itself. Not only from the shape of the waterfall in the form of a slope with a length of about 20 meters, but also as a whole. Say the trees around tourist sites are not tall or big, but lush as if they are not willing that other people enjoy their beauty. The rock cliffs at that location also add to its beauty by forming a circle like protecting pond water from flowing elsewhere.

The pool has a diameter of about 20m with super clear water color. Anyone who sees the clarity of the water with the green color of Tosca, certainly wants to touch it and enjoy its freshness by swimming or just playing in the water. The Cirangrang River makes the main contribution to the flow of water in this waterfall which is still included in the Puncak area.

3. Curug series

The Cirangrang River does not only flow through Curug Panjang, but also other waterfalls that are not too far away. Among them are Curug Naga and Curug Cibulao with their own charm. The location of the Naga Waterfall is closer than the other waterfall, but it can still be accessed by walking through a rather difficult road with not very good conditions.

That way, you don’t just enjoy the beauty of one waterfall, but several waterfalls in the same location. This is of course a special attraction for tourists. Especially if the location of the main destination is being visited, you can temporarily switch to another place with beauty and charm that is not much different.

Location Address and Route

Long Curug Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Said Shah

If you have questions, where is the address of Curug Panjang? The answer is on Jl. Long Waterfall, Citamiang Village, Megamendung District, Bogor, West Java. Knowing the address before visiting the location certainly brings its own benefits. You can find the exact location point using the help of Google Map. However, this cannot be fully relied upon if you do not know the route to the intended location.

To get to the location, there are several routes that are usually taken, depending on which direction you are coming from. The main standard is to pass Jl. Raya Bogor Puncak and through the Megamendung T-junction. Continue the journey until you meet the Unilever Learning Center, then turn right and pass the Mega Training Center. When you enter the pine forest area, it means that the location of the waterfall is close. Unfortunately, the signs there are still lacking, so you often have to ask local residents.

Price of admission

Long Waterfall Entrance Ticket Prices
Image Credit: Instagram Mary Chen (陳虹旋)

Arriving at the location, you cannot immediately enjoy the natural beauty presented by the waterfall, but must buy a ticket to enter. The price of the Long Curug entry ticket is divided into two categories, namely for local tourists for 10,000 rupiah, while for foreign tourists for 50,000 rupiah. The ticket price does not include vehicle parking, where for two-wheeled vehicles a tariff of 3,000 rupiah is charged, and for cars 10,000 rupiah.

There are no limitations in terms of operating hours so you can come anytime 7 days 24 hours. Even so, it’s a good idea to visit tourist sites that can be used as exciting activities on active days. Not without reason, on that day there were still few visitors so you can be satisfied playing in the water and enjoying the charm that is presented.

Interesting Activities to Do

Long Waterfall Activity
Image Credit: Google Maps Ifunkk Asyidiq Permana

It is incomplete if you do not carry out activities when visiting tourist sites, including when at a waterfall. There are many interesting activities at Curug Panjang that you can do, just like at tourist sites in the form of waterfalls elsewhere. The difference is, there are challenges when doing it here. Still don’t have an idea for an interesting activity? Here are the recommendations we can give!

1. Swim in the Long Curug

Who is not tempted by the beauty of the water that is served in the waterfall! As soon as you arrive at the location and see the clarity of the water, you will definitely want to swim or just play in the water. For those who are not yet skilled at swimming, or are in the learning stage, you should not go to a pool close to a waterfall. the depth that is there is about 7 meters.

In addition, the currents are also quite swift and can drown anyone who is near them. Using a life jacket is a smart way to stay safe. Don’t worry if you don’t bring your own from home, the management has prepared it and you can rent it for 15,000 rupiah. For those who are afraid or not interested in swimming, playing in the water on the edge of the pool is also quite interesting.

2. Cliff Jumping

The pool used as a place to swim is surrounded by high rocks that can be called cliffs. For those of you who want to test your guts and get your adrenaline pumping, please jump from the top of the cliff to the pool. This activity is known as cliff jumping, but without using a rope as a safety of course.

However, you have to be careful doing this, both when climbing a cliff or jumping in a pool. This is because the rocks as a foothold that are there are of course slippery and can make you slip at any time. When jumping into the pool, make sure you are not directly under the whirlpool because you could be carried down by the current and be fatal.

3. Camping Grounds

Other Activities Curug Panjang
Image Credit: Google Maps Dede Komarudin

Of course there is a separate reason why Curug Panjang is open 24 hours a day. One of them is as a camping place which is located not far from the location of the waterfall. No need to bring your own camping equipment, the manager has provided it for those of you who want to spend the night. Of course it’s not free, there is a fee that must be prepared of 420,000 rupiah.

The size of the tent is quite large and can be used by about 6 people in it. The above prices are not only for tents, but also complete with sleeping bags, mattresses, and cooking utensils. Thus, you can enjoy the beauty of nature at night with the accompaniment of natural music from night animals and the sound of trees blowing in the wind without getting cold.

4. Tracking sensation

For nature lovers or those who like adventure, a trip to the location can be an interesting activity at Curug Panjang. The road which is far from nice and smooth adorns every step of the way. Moreover, the inclines and derivatives are sure to exist and must be conquered simply on foot. However, everything will pay off as soon as you arrive at the location with a natural panorama of the forest combined with the mountains that form a waterfall.

Likewise when you switch to neighboring waterfalls, such as Curug Naga and Curug Cibulao. The journey is quite tense and exciting at the same time. How not, you have to go along the river to get to the second location beautiful waterfall the. Slippery rocks are the main obstacle that allows you to slip if you’re not careful. Actually there is another tracking by following the path, but of course it is less interesting than the first track.

Available Facilities

Long Curug Facility
Image Credit: Google Maps Andika Andriana

The government and local residents manage this tourist site which is full of myths well. The facilities available at Curug Panjang are quite complete, both at the parking location and at the main waterfall location. For those that are outside the main spots, parking lots, prayer rooms, and food stalls are facilities that you can take advantage of.

When at the waterfall location, you can use the changing room and toilet facilities which are separated for men and women. Other facilities such as camping and proper buoy rental are also found when you are at the waterfall location. overall, the facilities provided are quite qualified and worthy of being the main destination for filling holidays.

Traveling to enjoy the beauty of nature is indeed worth doing to fill the holidays after struggling with daily work. But the thing that must be considered is safety, especially if the location visited is in the form of a waterfall, such as Curug Panjang. In addition, health conditions must also be considered before and during the trip.