Locations, Ticket Prices, & Exciting Rides

Treasure Bay Bintan in the Riau Archipelago Province is a popular destination recommended for Adventurers visit. Its location is on Bintan Island, one of the largest islands in the Riau Archipelago Province, so access to it is very easy. Moreover, the location of Bintan is also close to Singapore and Malaysia.

Not only that, this island has also been designated as a territory travelbubble between Indonesia and Singapore since 2022, you know! So it’s no wonder that Treasure Bay is heard by foreign tourists. How about it, are Adventurers curious about this hit tourist spot? Therefore, don’t miss the following article, okay!

The Excitement of Traveling to Treasure Bay Bintan

Treasure Bay is a quite popular tourist spot with international standard facilities. There are many interesting rides that will make your vacation experience enjoyable.

One of them is the Chill Cove ride, one stop attractionpark contains amusement parks and water sports for all ages. Then there is also a flagship, namely Crystal Lagoon, the largest saltwater swimming pool in Southeast Asia. Even though the swimming pool is artificial, this place is built and accompanied by sand on the edges. The edge of the pool is also designed to be sloping, sloping downward so that it looks more like a real beach.

The swimming pool area reaches 6.3 hectares and has a length of up to 800 meters. Even if it is calculated, the surface area is equivalent to 50 swimming pools for the Olympic size, you know! Hmm very unique, right? Therefore, Treasure Bay Bintan must be a mandatory destination that Adventurers must visit when they come to the Riau Archipelago.

Treasure Bay Bintan Ticket Prices

To enjoy this tourist attraction, tourists need to pay quite a fee to reach into the bag. But don’t worry because it’s guaranteed to be commensurate with the facilities that Adventurers will get. The regular entry ticket is only to enter the area and some of the rides. While several other rides are subject to separate tickets as in the following table.

Ticket Type Vehicle Price of admission
Bundles Cheerful We Fan IDR 184,000
Leisure Bundles IDR 525,000
Adventurous Bundle IDR 1,050,000
Bay of Fun Cable Skis (10-120 minutes) IDR 210,000-IDR 610,000
Cable Tube (10 minutes) IDR 210,000
Couple Float (180 minutes) IDR 420,000-IDR 550,000
Island Float (180 minutes) IDR 820,000-IDR 950,000
Lagoon Kayaking (60 minutes) IDR 350,000
Mangrove Pontoon (45 minutes) IDR 190,000
Paddle Boat (30 minutes) IDR 210,000
Unlimited Slips & Slides IDR 160,000

Treasure Bay Bintan Location & Hours of Operation

The address for Treasure Bay Bintan is at Jalan Raja Haji KM 01 Tourism Area, Teluk Sebong Lagoi Bay, Bintan, Riau Islands. The operating hours are open every day from morning to evening, starting at 09.00 – 18.00 WIB. But there are also special packages if adventurers want to enjoy the atmosphere of the night and make the most of it booking tickets three days in advance.

Various Fun Activities and Rides at Treasure Bay Bintan

There are many interesting rides that adventurers can try. Starting from swimming, playing water sports, riding ATVs, and many more. So, before going there, there are several rides that you must know. Therefore, take a look at the exciting rides and activities that can be done at Treasure Bay below.

1. Swim in the Crystal Lagoon, the largest swimming pool in Southeast Asia

Swim in Crystal Lagoon (source: @treasurebaybintan.official)
Swim in Crystal Lagoon (source: @treasurebaybintan.official)

Apart from being one of the largest swimming pools in Southeast Asia, the swimming pool here has a visual like a real beach, where the further to the center the deeper it is. The deepest point is 2.5 meters, which is limited by flags. But don’t worry because the pool here the water is so calm, only the splashes are generated from the activities of the water rides.

Not only swimming, Adventurers can also enjoy exciting water rides. Like water slides or slides with various turns, not too high, but enough to challenge the adrenaline. In addition, there are also rides bumper boats made of rubber tires in the pond area.

2. Wander Around the Pool Area

Wander Around the Pool Area (source: @treasurebaybintan.official on Instagram)
Wander Around the Pool Area (source: @treasurebaybintan.official on Instagram)

Furthermore, if Adventurers don’t want to swim, you can also relax while walking around the pool area. Moreover, there are several choices of vehicles to surround this beautiful pond. Starting from electric scooter, segway board, choo choo train, and classic car which is free for Adventurers to choose from. By driving one of them, it is guaranteed that your vacation will be more enjoyable.

3. Satisfied with playing water rides (water sport) at Chill Cove

Satisfied with playing water rides at Chill Cove (source: @treasurebaybintan.official on Instagram)
Satisfied with playing water rides at Chill Cove (source: @treasurebaybintan.official on Instagram)

The Chill Cove Treasure Bay Bintan area is one stop attraction which has a variety of water sports and activities suitable for all ages. For Adventurers who like sports, it’s guaranteed to be like heaven because it’s so complete! From kayaking bumper boats, jetovator, sea ​​scooter, stand-up paddles, water tricycle, flyboarding, water sports, water slides, water ballsuntil jet skis.

If Adventurers want to challenge adrenaline, please try the rides flyboarding. In this vehicle, you can fly using a board pulled by a ship, while performing acrobatic moves. There is also a jetovator, which makes you “stand” on the water. No less exciting, you can also climb jet skis with partner.

If Adventurers want a relaxing ride, try kayaking or paddle boarding to surround the pool area. Actually both are almost the same, in paddle boarding you have to stand on the board while rowing in order to move forward.

4. Exploring the Mangrove Area with Kayak

Exploring the Mangrove Area by Kayak (source: @treasurebaybintan.official on Instagram)
Exploring the Mangrove Area by Kayak (source: @treasurebaybintan.official on Instagram)

Apart from the pool area, Adventurers can also explore the mangrove forest area by kayaking and rowing for 60 minutes. Even if you ride a kayak alone, you don’t need to worry. Because there is a guide and you are equipped with a life jacket for security.

Apart from kayaking, Adventurers can also get around on a pontoon boat that can accommodate up to 26 passengers. By boarding this ship, later you can walk around while taking pictures. Not only during the day, you can also choose packages to go around the mangroves in the afternoon or at night.

5. Fight Agility on the ATV Off-Road Trail

Compete in ATV Off-Road Trail (source: @treasurebaybintan.official on Instagram)
Compete in ATV Off-Road Trail (source: @treasurebaybintan.official on Instagram)

Not only about water rides, at Treasure Bay Bintan there are also ATVs with very challenging tracks. The path will cross the forest with up and down roads, so when the rainy season arrives the track will be muddy and quite slippery. Adventurers will race on the track for 40 minutes. Apart from ATVs, there are UTVs that you can choose from.

6. Light the Bonfire and Sky Lantern

Light a Bonfire and Sky Lantern (source: @treasurebaybintan.official on Instagram)
Light a Bonfire and Sky Lantern (source: @treasurebaybintan.official on Instagram)

Getting together, strumming the guitar, and singing together in front of a campfire is indeed a fun activity. Especially if done with loved ones, such as family and friends. While enjoying the bonfire, Adventurers can also order food and drinks. Once satisfied, you can also follow sky lanterns! Don’t forget to write a wish and let the sky give you good luck.

7. Staycation at the Resort

Staycation at the Resort (source: @treasurebaybintan.official on Instagram)
Staycation at the Resort (source: @treasurebaybintan.official on Instagram)

In this 338 hectare resort, there are also two inns. Among them is Anmon Resort Bintan which faces the Crystal Lagoon. This one inn has the form of a tent which is one of the spots instagramable. The price for staying at Treasure Bay Bintan starts from IDR 1.9 million to IDR 2.2 million per night.

Apart from that, there is also Natra Bintan which provides a super luxurious glamping experience and a safari theme. Prices for lodging start from IDR 2.5 million to IDR 5.1 million per night depending on the type of room and prices can change at any time.

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Thus the article about this interesting Treasure Bay Bintan tour. We hope that the information that we have conveyed will be useful for adventurers! See you in other interesting destinations!