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Hey, Adventurers! When it’s too late on holidays, especially if you have a long vacation, of course traveling can be a really good option for you. What’s more, for those of you who live in urban areas with a dense atmosphere creeping along with the hustle and bustle, I think you need to refresh yourself once in a while to natural attractions.

So, for adventurers who live in Padang and its surroundings, you really have to take the time to visit the Anai Valley Waterfall, one of the iconic and exotic tourist attractions there. Do you already know the existence of this one tourist attraction? In the following Advontura will give you a little review. Immediately, check the explanation below, come on!

The exoticism of the Anai Valley Waterfall on the Padang-Bukittinggi Route

Anai Valley Waterfall is one of the exotic and historical tourist attractions in West Sumatra. In the past, this one tourist attraction was said to have been used as a hiding place by our heroes, during the Dutch military aggression. Indeed, the location around this waterfall is really exotic, with cool nature and shady trees. As a result, natural conditions like this are believed to be able to slow down enemy movements.

This one tourist attraction is on the border between Padang Panjang and Bukittinggi. So, for those of you who are traveling, you can really stop by for a moment to enjoy the beauty of this waterfall, while resting too! Uniquely, the beauty of this waterfall can be seen from the edge of the highway, you know. When else can you enjoy a trip while gazing at the beauty of an exotic waterfall from your vehicle, right?

Location of Anai Padang Waterfall

Location of Anai Valley Waterfall (source - @minanggalau on Instagram)
Location of Anai Valley Waterfall (source – @minanggalau on Instagram)

So, for Advonturers who are interested in stopping by, you must first know where the exact location of the Anai Valley Waterfall is. This exotic tourist object is located in the Nagari Singgalang area, Ten Koto, Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatra. And to get there, you need about 5 hours of travel if you depart from Padang City, because the distance you will travel is around 60 kilometers.

Even though it’s far away, a trip to this one waterfall won’t make you lose at all, really!

Operational Hours & Entrance Ticket Prices for Anai Valley Waterfall

How much is the entrance ticket to the Anai Valley Waterfall? You are wondering the operating hours of this one tourist attraction, when? OK, here, I’ll tell ya!

Anai Valley Waterfall is open for 24 hours, aka there are no conditions. But, it would be better if you visit it when the sun hasn’t set, because around this tourist attraction there is still minimal lighting.

Meanwhile, for the price of the entry ticket, you will only be charged an entrance fee of IDR 5,000. You can enjoy fun and worth it tourism in the style of a low budget traveler at Anai Valley Waterfall!

Exciting Tourism Activities at Anai Valley Waterfall

What can we do when visiting the Anai Valley Waterfall? Of course a lot, dong. Here are some recommendations for exciting tourist activities that you can do there. Check this out!

1. Enjoying the Beauty of Waterfalls

Enjoying the Beauty of Waterfall (source - @amalia_putri15 on Instagram)
Enjoying the Beauty of Waterfall (source – @amalia_putri15 on Instagram)

The first and most important tourist activity is to enjoy the beauty of the Anai Valley Waterfall. Enjoying the beauty of the waterfall, while enjoying the warm coffee and the cool air around, can provide the best travel experience for you, Adventurers! The sound of a waterfall that is charming to the ear can also make you forget for a moment the hustle and bustle of a bustling and crowded city.

Once you visit this waterfall, of course you will definitely be interested in visiting again, just to enjoy the beauty of this one waterfall. Guaranteed, deh!

2. Take photos with Instagramable Spots

Take photos with Instagramable Spots (source - @sellyabidin on Instagram)
Take photos with Instagramable Spots (source – @sellyabidin on Instagram)

Who says that you can only find instagramable photo spots in shopping centers or in man-made tourist objects? If at Anai Valley Waterfall, you can take pictures in instagramable spots, directly from nature! Yes, you can take some cool photos against the backdrop of an exotic waterfall, as well as a collection of lush trees that adorn the surroundings. Guaranteed to be more wow and more instagenic than just taking selfies in a photobooth!

3. Meet Various Flora & Fauna

Around the Anai Valley Waterfall, you can find a variety of unique flora and fauna, some of which are even almost extinct, you know! Here, you can find several plants such as water cempedak, sapek, and cangar. As for the fauna, you can meet pangolins, tapirs, pigeons, monkeys, and eagles. With this, you also don’t need to pay an expensive visit to the zoo, right?

Here, you can fully enjoy the thrill of traveling nature!

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Well, Adventurers, that was a little review about the Anai Valley Waterfall tour, an exotic tourist attraction in West Sumatra. After reading this article, are you interested in visiting there? You absolutely cannot miss this natural tourist attraction, because here you can enjoy cheap and super worth it tours. Have a nice holiyay!