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Hey, Adventurers! Towards the end of the year, do you have a travel plan for the holidays that are approaching? So, for those of you who are interested in carrying out year-end holidays, Bandung can be one of the interesting destinations that you must visit. Because, Bandung has many interesting tourist objects that are really a shame for you to miss.

One of the exciting and interesting tourist attractions in Bandung is the Rainbow Garden Lembang. Yup, this one tourist attraction offers view in the form of a stretch of garden full of flora, decorated with colors like a rainbow. Intrigued by how beautiful the Rainbow Garden Lembang is? Come on, take a peek at the various information below!

Tour to Beautiful and Beautiful Garden, Rainbow Garden Lembang

The beauty of Rainbow Garden Lembang (source - @kim_dikaveronia on Instagram)
The beauty of Rainbow Garden Lembang (source – @kim_dikaveronia on Instagram)

For Adventurers who like attractions with cheerful and colorful themes, Rainbow Garden Lembang seems to be a favorite destination for you. The reason is, here you can see a variety of colorful ornamental plants, and of course fresh to the eye. The location of this one tourist attraction is not far from the Lembang Floating Market, you know. While diving drinking water, while going to Lembang, you can explore lots of fun tourist objects here!

Location of Rainbow Garden Lembang

More curious about this one tourist attraction? For adventurers who are interested in visiting the Lembang Rainbow Garden tour, you can visit it directly in the Lembang area, West Bandung, West Java. Even though the location is quite far from the city, you don’t need to worry because the roads in this area are good and safe for vehicles such as cars and motorcycles to pass.

Operational Hours & Entrance Tickets to Rainbow Garden Lembang

Travel fun and cheap style low-budget travelers you can enjoy in this Rainbow Garden. The reason is, you don’t have to pay a fortune to come here, because the ticket prices for Rainbow Garden Lembang are even fairly cheap. To visit this tourist attraction, you will only be charged Rp. 10,000. Very cheap, right? The operating hours here are 08.00-18.00. Enough time to really enjoy the beauty of the park and play around here.

Other Facilities

Like tourist attractions in general, there are other facilities that you can enjoy at this Rainbow Garden. These facilities include: large parking area, prayer room, toilets, and culinary spots with beautiful views. The location around Rainbow Garden is indeed kept clean and beautiful, so you will definitely enjoy traveling here!

Exciting Tourism Activities at Rainbow Garden Lembang

If I go on vacation to Rainbow Garden Lembang, what can I find? Calm down, Adventurers! There are many exciting tourist activities that you can enjoy here. You can find some of them below. Come on, check!

1. Photo Hunt instagramable

Hunt for Instagramable Photos (source - @vinnavii_ on Instagram)
Hunt for Instagramable Photos (source – @vinnavii_ on Instagram)

This Rainbow Garden Lembang tourist attraction has beautiful scenery, with a stretch of colorful flora that adorns it. This is what makes this one tourist attraction so visible instagramable. So, for those of you who like to take photos, you really have to hunt for lots of photos when you visit here. Guaranteed, the photos you have will be cool without drugs!

2. Study Various Plants in the Green House

Learning Various Plants at Green House (source - @siswantoku_1964 on Instagram)
Learning Various Plants at Green House (source – @siswantoku_1964 on Instagram)

The Green House is one of the spots that you must visit when visiting the Rainbow Garden Lembang tourist attraction. At the Green House, you can see many garden plants that are specially cared for in greenhouses. Not only see, but you can also study various plants, you know. Going to the Green House seems very suitable for Adventurers who like science lessons, hihi!

3. Shop for Various Ornamental Plants

Beautiful Plants at Rainbow Garden (source - @clarangara on Instagram)
Beautiful Plants at Rainbow Garden (source – @clarangara on Instagram)

Last but not least, it’s not complete, if you don’t bring souvenirs home for a trip. Come on, bring anti-mainstream souvenirs for your family! At Rainbow Garden, you can shop for a variety of beautiful ornamental plants to take home. Not only selling plant seeds, but here they also sell complete garden equipment. For those of you who want to try gardening, you can buy plant seeds as well as tools here.

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Well, Adventurers, that was a little review about the Rainbow Garden Lembang tourist attraction. Are you interested in visiting there? Come on, immediately set the time and vacation plans to play at tourist attractions instagramable this one. Have a nice holiyay!