Legend of Sewu Jogja Temple, Location and Entrance Ticket

Sewu Temple, which is located in the Prambanan Valley, has been a testament to the spread of Buddhism as well as the beauty of tolerance that has existed in Indonesia for thousands of years.

In addition to its splendor which is conditional on historical value, the story of Sewu Temple which is full of mystery is the main attraction for visitors. Even merajan has been designated as one cultural heritage by UNESCO. Curious about the complete info? Let’s continue to follow the writing below.

Legend of Sewu Temple, Jogja

One of the things that can not be separated from merajan is the legend of Sewu Temple about the story of Princess Roro Jonggrang and Prince Bandung Bondowoso.

This story begins when the father of Princess Roro Jonggrang died on the battlefield because he was defeated by Prince Bandung Bondowoso.

Captivated by the beauty of the Princess, Bandung Bondowoso was determined to marry her. However, knowing that his father had been killed by the Prince, he gave the conditions for 1,000 temples to be made in one night.

Unexpectedly, Bandung Bondowoso was able to easily accept it with the help of spirits. Worried that the 1,000 temples would be completed, Roro Jonggrang finally cheated.

After learning that he had been cheated by the Princess, Bandung Bondowoso was furious and cursed Roro Jonggrang to become the 1,000th temple. That’s how the name “Sewu” or “Seribu” came from.

History of Sewu Temple, Jogja

Apart from the legend, the function of this Sewu Klaten Temple is actually a place of worship for Buddhists. In fact, this area is the second largest monastery after Borobudur.

History of Sewu Temple Jogja began during the reign of Raja Rakai Panangkaran and Rakai Pikatan in the 8th century, who were Hindus. Initially this building was named “Prasada Vajrasana Manjusigra” or “Place of Enthroned Wajra to Attain Bodhisattva”.

Even though it was built in the Hindu Mataram Kingdom, this temple has a Buddhist style due to the influence of the Syailendra dynasty and large marriages between different religions.

Therefore, the location of the Sewu Jogja Temple is still in the Prambanan area which has a Hindu religious style. Even though they have different backgrounds, the two of them maintain harmony and tolerance with each other.

Temple Complex Full of Meaning

Sewu Jogja temple and its beauty
Sewu Temple (Photo by visitingjogja.com)

Although taken from the word “Thousand”, in fact the number of temples in this group consists of 249 temples. In more detail, this area has 1 main temple, 8 flanking temples and 240 officer temples, each of which has its own uniqueness.

This group of temples has a pattern called Mandala Wajradhatu which means the embodiment of the universe with one main building in the middle and small temples surrounding it.

The main temple itself is a polygon with 20 sides. Meanwhile, inside there are five rooms with a lotus flower base and a 4-meter-tall Buddha statue. Unfortunately, this statue can no longer be found because it was looted by irresponsible people.

Sewu Klaten Temple Tourism

It stretches 185 meters from North to South and 165 meters from East to West. Keeping a variety of uniqueness and history, function of Sewu Temple Klaten has turned into a tourist destination.

This time Advontura has summarized the various holiday activities that you can try when visiting this tourist area!

Learning while Playing

For visitors who want to complete their holiday experience while learning the culture and history of this temple, you can hire a tour guide who can be met before entering this area.

Tour guide rates also vary, to get the best offer you can bargain the price first.

Visit the Historical Museum

This museum is located in the northern part of the temple complex. The facilities inside are also cool with an audio-visual room and various displays that explain things the story of Sewu Temple from the royal era to its restoration efforts.

Take Ria’s Photo While Hunting Sunset

For those of you who have arrived at the location, don’t forget to take photos around temple area. To get the best results, come when the weather is clear because the combination of the beautiful architecture of the building and the blue sky will look clearer and more majestic.

Another best time to visit this area is at sunset. The orange tinge from the west and the grandeur of the temple building will be an extraordinary panorama that is hard to pass up.

Cycling Around the Temple

In addition to walking, visitors are spoiled with bicycle facilities around this area. The experience of cycling around the cluster of temples will be even more enjoyable in the morning, when the weather is still cool with clean air.

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Watching the Art Performance “Ramayana Prambanan Ballet”

Apart from walking around and taking pictures, visitors can also watch art performances every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from half past 8 pm to half past 10 pm.

To watch art show To do this, you have to walk a little towards the Prambanan temple complex. Some of the attractions displayed are drama performances, dance to Javanese music.

The location of the Sewu Klaten Temple

Location of Sewu Temple Klaten is in the Jalan Raya Solo KM area. 16 Klurak Baru, Tlogo, Prambanan District, Klaten Regency, Central Java.

For those of you who come from Yogyakarta, this area is 17 kilometers to Solo or about 35 minutes of travel.

Entrance Ticket to Sewu Prambanan Temple

Perambanan Temple and its charms
Temple charm (Photo by worldofghibli.id)

The price for the entrance ticket to Sewu Prambanan Temple for adults is Rp. 40,000.00 and for children is Rp. 20,000.00.

As for parking fees, visitors only need to pay Rp. 2,000.00 for two-wheeled vehicles and Rp. 5,000.00 for private cars.

Opening and Closing Hours

For those of you who want to come here, the opening hours of the Sewu Klaten Temple start from 6 am to 5 pm. Before visiting, bring a hat or an umbrella because the weather in this area during the day tends to be hot and hot. Also, during the pandemic, wear a mask and make sure you come in good health.

Available Facilities

Being one of the UNESCO world heritages, this area already has complete facilities to ensure the comfort of the visitors who come. Some of them are clean toilets, lounge chairs at many points, places to eat, several lodgings, prayer rooms and a large parking area.

Nearest Accommodation

It is not difficult to find lodging around this area. various hotels, homestays and guest houses available with various facilities and prices.

Some of Advontura’s recommendations include OYO 1242 RB Syariah Lodging, The Eco Village Homestay, Maqmil Homestay Prambanan, Candi View Hotel and so on.

To stay at several inns around this area, it’s a good idea to prepare a budget starting from Rp. 100,000.00 to Rp. 500,000.00 according to the hotel you choose.

Other Nearby Tourist Attractions

Some holiday destinations that you can visit around this temple complex include Bubrah Temple, Lumbung Temple, Kulon Temple, Gana Temple, and Lor Temple.

Some of the holiday destinations above are still in the Prambanan Temple area and can be reached on foot or by bicycle.

Thus our discussion this time about Sewu Jogja Temple. Hopefully the above information is useful for those of you who are intending to visit this surrendered tourist area. See you in the discussion of other interesting Indonesian tourist attractions!

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