Kuningan Woodland, a Natural Tourism Object with Stunning Pine Forest Panoramas

Ticket price: IDR 10,000 Operational hour: 09.00-19.00 WIB, Address: Jl. Ragasakti No. 130, Setianegara, Kec. Cilimus, Kab. Kuningan, West Java; Folder: Location Check

Kuningan Regency, West Java cannot be underestimated in terms of tourism. There are lots of places that are worth visiting to fill the holidays, one of which is Woodland Brass. As the name implies, this tourist attraction is built in the middle of a forest that stands neatly with large pine trees. The sensation of a vacation in the middle of the forest is immediately obtained the moment you set foot on the site. One of these reasons is what makes many tourists visit it, both from local residents and outside the area.

This tourist spot is suitable for those of you who bring family groups or couples. Not without reason, the many exciting rides for children are one of them. In addition, various beautiful spots can be used to fill the memory of smart phone devices. Not to mention the beautiful atmosphere that is far from pollution makes the air around it fresher and healthier. As far as the eye can see, pine trees seem to never stop following the direction of view.

Along with the development of technology, the popularity of Woodland Brass is getting better. visitors who come to the location are sure to capture the moment uploaded to social media. The most popular photo spots are underwater, or poses in the water. Uniquely, the manager provides facilities to add to the beauty of the photos. Among the facilities in question are bicycles, motorbikes, and computer equipment.

The Attraction That Woodland Brass Has

Brass Woodland Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Ade Setiawan

Regarding attractiveness, there are actually many reasons to visit these tourist sites. Some of these attractions are able to attract tourists from various regions. Maybe you also have the right to know what are the attractions of Woodland Kuningan before heading to the location.

1. Stunning Pine Forest Panorama

Not just a forest that contains a collection of pine trees, but has been designed for recreational purposes. However, the beauty of the forest is maintained and protected. No destruction of trees makes the place look more natural. To provide game facilities, the manager only adds as needed.

It is clear from a distance that the shady forest shelters every tourist who comes from the sun. In the morning, the atmosphere is more beautiful with the fog that descends to creep to the ground. This phenomenon is rare and can only be seen when the weather is favorable. For artificial phenomena, there is a very unique long wooden bridge. The bridge, whose footing is made of bamboo, will reflect light when illuminated with lights.

For the convenience of tourists, the manager has built several gazebos that can be used for resting. In fact, this is not only its function, but also used as a place to relax while enjoying the beautiful panorama of Woodland Kuningan. So that the beauty can be felt more, try to come to visit in the afternoon or evening.

2. Various Sizes of Swimming Pools

To add to the attractiveness as well as a supporting facility, the management has built swimming pools of various sizes. Not just one or two, but there are four swimming pools that can be used. For groups with children, there is also a special pool for them with very shallow depths.

Interestingly, the pool’s water source is still natural, taken directly from mountain springs. Its location, which is built around pine trees, makes the atmosphere more beautiful and anyone feels at home for long. Not only for swimming, this natural Woodland Kuningan pool is also suitable for bathing or just playing in the water.

3. Spot Photos of Natural Nuances

Another attraction that is also very important as a benchmark for visitor satisfaction is the many photo spots provided. Visitors are free to choose the spot as they wish, for example on a wooden bridge or viewing post which is made like a tree house without a roof. The main spot mentioned above is a very unique underwater photo.

Not only artificial spots that are deliberately made to support the Woodland Kuningan facility, you can also use the natural nuances from the beautiful panorama of the pine forest. This time no special skills are needed in terms of photography. Even though they are beginners, it is certain that the shots are not inferior to those who are already professionals. This is because it is basically a supportive background.

Address and Route to Location

Address Woodland Kuningan
Image Credit: Google Maps Kahaji Kanda Muwahidin Firdaus

Even though it is in the middle of a pine forest, the location is easy to find. The complete address for Woodland Kuningan is on Jl. Ragasakti No.130, Setianegara, Cilimus District, Kuningan Regency, West Java. The distance from the Kuningan district center is approximately 27 km and takes 40 minutes by motorized vehicle.

The access road is quite good with perfectly paved conditions. Not only cars can reach the location, but tourism buses are also very possible. Please use the directions from Google Map if you are still not sure about the directions around the location. It would be better if you ask the locals who are known to be friendly to tourists.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Brass Woodland Tickets
Image Credit: Google Maps Beautiful Utama

When you arrive at the parking lot, please prepare money to buy an entrance ticket. Not too expensive for the sensation and holiday experience that will be obtained at Woodland Kuningan. Divided into two parts, for active days, an entrance ticket of 10,000 rupiah is charged, while weekends or national holidays are 15,000 rupiah.

The above prices do not include parking fees which must be paid 3,000 for motorbikes and 5,000 for cars. Apart from that, there are still more funds that must be prepared if you want to take advantage of the rides that are on site. Of the many rides or games available, the price is still in the range of 20,000 to 30,000 rupiah.

Interesting Activities to Do in Woodland

Brass Woodland Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Nabila’s grace

Various interesting activities can be done, just like you visit other tourist objects. The activities carried out are of course positive and useful, besides filling free time of course. Picnics with family or groups, that’s the essence of all the interesting activities carried out at Woodland Kuningan.

1. Swimming and Playing Water

The availability of swimming pools of various sizes is not just for decoration. You can do exciting activities by bathing or swimming. The clear and natural water makes the atmosphere more refreshing. The design of the swimming pool is also beautiful, some are in the shape of a circle in the middle of which there is a real tree planted on a minimal plot of land. However, the tree can still survive and become a beautiful sight.

Of all the beauty of the swimming pool, clear water is one of the attractions that can attract many tourists to get wet. Taken from the water stream or Kangoraan spring, its freshness and clarity are always maintained. Especially if several swimming pools are surrounded by shady plants so that they are always protected from the sun’s rays.

2. Horse Riding

Woodland Kuningan also provides horseback rides that visitors can take advantage of. In fact, not only children can ride the horse, adults can too. Taking a leisurely walk on a horse certainly provides a valuable sensation, especially for children.

Safety equipment is always a top concern so you don’t need to worry. Especially if in one trip, there is a guide who is also the handler of the horse. As with other tourist attractions, horseback riding is also not free. That is, you have to pay according to the prevailing price conditions at that time.

3. Stimulating Adrenaline with Flying Fox

How does it feel to slide from the heights towards the land at full speed? This is what you feel when you are on the fling fox ride. This game can stimulate adrenaline for anyone who tries it. Don’t worry about safety as there are helmets and elbow and knee protectors available before you slide down. Like horse riding, this game is also not included in one entrance ticket package.

4. Outbound with Family

Brass Woodland Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Akhmad Sutrisno

Another interesting activity that must be done while in Woodland Kuningan is outbound. The location is very wide enough to make an outbound arena. There is a suspension bridge, swings and other group games too. This activity is very positive, both for children and adults. The main benefit that can be taken is the introduction of nature so that there is awareness to preserve nature.

Apart from being a game, outbound can also be done by camping or camping. Not a few visitors who come for this activity, especially those who come with groups. You can rent tents and other equipment from the management. That is also if you don’t bring your own equipment from home.

5. Hunt for Beautiful Photo Spots

This is an activity that should not be missed when you visit Woodland Kuningan. The main goal of most tourists is to hunt for beautiful and unique spots. Call it a suspension bridge with colorful lights that decorate it. Of course this view will be prettier if you come at night.

Don’t forget the unique spots from the underwater photos that have been described previously. There are not many other tourist objects that provide this unique sensation. Therefore, make the most of it when you are at the location. There are still many other photo spots that you can use as photo backgrounds. For example tree houses, viewing posts, the natural atmosphere of a pine forest, and much more.

6. Delicious Culinary Tour

Tired and hungry after exploring Woodland Kuningan? Especially if it’s not a culinary hunt for the most appropriate activity to do. There is a Woodland Resto which provides a variety of delicious food. The place is also quite large so it is comfortable even though many visitors come for the same purpose. The price is affordable, still standard food prices in several locations beautiful nature tour in general.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Brass Woodland Facility
Image Credit: Google Maps Anadi Sakina

This beautiful tourist attraction provides various facilities that can be used by every visitor who comes. Apart from those mentioned earlier, which are also games or swimming pools, there are also several other facilities. Secure parking is also a facility that you get. There is also a prayer room as a place of worship, and toilets for self-cleaning or changing clothes.

Visitors who are tired during the trip or when enjoying the rides provided can rest in the gazebo. Many points provide a gazebo that was built specifically for this purpose. Another facility is the existence of a restaurant or restaurant that has been mentioned above.

Such is the valuable information about the currently popular tourism spot, Woodland Kuningan. Hopefully this information can add to your tourist attraction references, or also convince you to come to visit the location soon. Don’t forget to maintain cleanliness while at tourist sites, for mutual convenience.