Kuningan City Park, Best Spot for Relaxing With Family

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Jl. Veteran No. 36, Kuningan, Kec. Brass, Kab. Kuningan, West Java; Folder: Location Check

For those of you who are planning to have a simple vacation with your family, Kuningan City Park is the most appropriate choice. From the name it is clear that this park is located in the district Brass, West Java. It doesn’t mean that only local residents can visit, all have the same rights. When the weekend arrives, visitors who come not only from young people, but those who come with their families also fill this beautiful garden.

The park, which is located on Jalan Veteran, was once a multi-facilities plaza building. There were many things that could be done at that time, including playing online games, watching movies, and not forgetting that it was a place for young people to hang out. However, after it was no longer used, the building was torn down and revitalized into a city park. The main goal is as greenery, but of course also as a tourist attraction.

Aside from being a simple tourist attraction for families and young people, Kuningan City Park is also one of the icons of the Kuningan district. Local residents must know of its existence, maybe even visiting this park many times. To build it alone, funds amounting to 15 billion from the regional budget are needed. Not a small number, of course, for the size of the park built on government land.

The attraction of Kuningan City Park

Kuningan City Park Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Negla Sari

Even though it is only a park in the city center, its attractiveness is able to make many visitors come. Every day is always full of visitors, but it cannot be denied that the peak of the crowd occurs on Saturdays and Sundays. Especially if it’s late afternoon, visitors from various regions seem unstoppable. All of this cannot be separated from the attractiveness of the Kuningan City Park which will be discussed below!

1. Horse Statue as an Icon of the City of Brass

From a distance towards the location of the park, it is clear that a horse statue is gallantly visible. Maybe those of you who are not local residents are not too special about this horse statue. However, if you know its history, of course you also think it is special like local residents. Built high above a small circular garden, this stout horse looked more than a statue.

He is Windu, the name of Duke Ewangga’s favorite horse who is a warlord from Kuningan. In his time, Windu was always used by the commander-in-chief of Duke Ewangga to fight. In every war, he managed to beat back the enemy who could not be separated from the role of the horse. Although not as big as a horse in general, Windu is a horse that is currently one of the icons of the Kuningan district because of his tenacity and important role.

2. Zero Kilometer Brass Monument

The attraction of Kuningan City Park or also known as Kuningan square is the existence of the Kuningan Zero Kilometer Monument. Indeed, the monument is not in the park building, but the location is not far. Curious visitors can go to the location on foot, it is located in the east of the park. There is a monument with a big red zero, that’s the monument in question.

The construction of the monument had confused local residents who asked about its function. The zero meant means a starting point, so it can be interpreted as the center. When translated, the Zero Kilometer Kuningan monument is the center point of the Kuningan district. Due to its uniqueness, it is not uncommon for visitors to capture the moment when visiting the town square.

3. Strategic Location

Visitors who come to the location of this tourist park cannot be separated from its strategic location. Located in the city center with various supporting accesses, it is very easy to find Kuningan City Park. Especially if on various highways there are clear signs directing tourists to the location.

Besides being easy to find, access to other tourist sites is also easy from this beautiful park. The location is close to malls, mosques, markets, and other public places or facilities. Even some visitors only intend to stop by the location after the main destination. Not far from the location, there are hotels or lodging places that are specifically for travelers outside the region.

Address and Route to Location

Kuningan City Park Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Gun Gun Gunawan

Its location is in the city center, which means it’s not difficult to find this park that is the pride of Kuningan residents. For those of you who come from the Kuningan district area, just head to the address Jl. Veterans No. 36, Kuningan, Kuningan District, Kuningan Regency, West Java. There are also many routes that can be taken, according to the direction of your arrival.

To make it easier, you can take the Kepuh Kuningan market standard. At that point you are on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman. Navigate the vehicle to the West until you find an intersection, take the left lane that goes to Jalan Siliwangi. Keep going straight until you meet another crossroad, this time don’t turn, just keep going straight because Kuningan City Park is in sight. If you are still unsure, please use the Google Map technology facility.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Kuningan City Park Tickets
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Even though it was built with a budget of up to tens of billions, you can enter without having to pay an entrance ticket. This is because this beautiful park is still within city facilities. However, that does not mean there are no costs required at all. For parking, you are required to pay according to applicable regulations.

Until now, parking fees for motorbikes in the Kuningan City Park are subject to a tariff of 2,000 rupiah, while for cars it is 5,000 rupiah. For games that are available at this family tourist location, you also need to pay an additional fee. All apply according to the provisions of the seller or who rents out the types of games that exist.

Interesting Activities to Do in the City Park

Kuningan City Park Activities
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Especially if it’s not to do exciting activities as the main goal when on vacation. Even though it’s not an exciting ride like a bathing pool or swimming pool, there are still lots of interesting things to do at Kuningan City Park. It is precisely this activity that makes this square always crowded with visitors.

1. Go around Kuningan City Park

Many visitors who come just to walk around to be more familiar with the atmosphere of the park. This activity also needs to be done for those of you who want to refresh your mind from everyday fatigue. The location is wide enough to ensure you don’t get bored with the views provided.

Occasionally, you can stop if you find the right angle to enjoy the scenery around the park. This activity should be done in the morning or evening, where the visitors are still not so crowded. Even though it is located in the city center, the presence of plants around the location makes the air feel comfortable and refreshing.

2. Relax with Family

On vacation you don’t have to do extreme activities or those that can actually make you tired, relaxing can also be the main choice. Especially if you come with family members, various permanent seats are provided around the Kuningan City Park. Many visitors are sitting relaxed in the roundabout in the middle of the park which is built with terraces. This point is also suitable to be the main choice if you still don’t have an idea.

3. Riding around on a horse

An activity that is sure to be fun for kids is horseback riding. Various types of horses are available in this city park, you just have to choose the one that suits your child’s favorite color. Besides children, there are also horses that adults can ride. You only need to spend 15,000 to 20,000 rupiah to get the sensation of riding a horse in the middle of the city.

But there is something to note, namely the streets are always busy. It is hoped that you will be careful in controlling the horse, even though there are guides who are ready to follow wherever the horse goes. You can get this activity in the late afternoon or evening, so make sure you come to Kuningan City Park at that time.

4. Ride the Beautiful Horse Carriage

Kuningan City Park Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Suryani Diamond

Apart from horseback riding, there are also horse-drawn carriages decorated with beautiful colorful lights. If the local people call it a delman which has been decorated with various neon lights. Enjoy the fun around the park by riding a unique train with your family. This paid facility may rarely be found elsewhere. The price is also affordable, depending on the duration or distance you rent the train. In addition, try to bargain the price in order to get a cheaper one.

5. Rent a Gowes Car

Another activity that is certainly interesting and exciting is to rent a gowe car. Not just a car, of course, but it has been decorated with colorful lights so that its arrival attracts attention. You can get around the park or locations close to the park with the car. The price is not too expensive, for 15 minutes you are charged 25,000 rupiah. That time seems to be enough, even more to go around Kuningan City Park.

6. Delicious Culinary Tourism

Prepare an extra budget for this culinary activity because there are lots of delicious foods that will surely make you curious. Various food stands or stalls are available on site, ranging from light to heavy meals. For heavy food is divided into two parts, namely traditional and modern food.

Of the two, it is certain that it tastes delicious and shakes the tongue, especially if the stomach is hungry after walking around and playing in the park. The price is still tolerable, although some visitors consider it expensive. The price of each food menu is still standard when compared to other tourist locations.

Facilities Available in the Park Area

Kuningan City Park Facilities
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Kuningan City Park, also known as Tamkot, was not only built to fill holidays, but is also equipped with various adequate facilities. As with any tourist attraction, there are toilets that you can use in fairly good condition, clean and well-maintained. Not far from the square or Tamkot Kuningan, there is a mosque which is also usually used as a place of worship for those who are on their way.

Another facility that is certainly available is a large parking lot with the rates mentioned above. Around the location there are also many shophouses that provide a variety of snacks and souvenirs typical of Kuningan Regency. You just have to walk to get to the location because it’s across the street. The availability of JPO (People’s Crossing Bridge) can also be considered as a facility in terms of safety when crossing.

There is no reason not to visit Kuningan City Park after you have read all the explanations above. This park or square which is also an icon of the Kuningan district is worth a visit with a variety of attractions and exciting activities to do. A little advice, try to come to the location at night on weekends for those of you who like crowds.