Kidzania Jakarta, Favorite Educative Family Amusement Park Destination

Ticket price: Starting from IDR 215,000 Operational hour: 09.00–19.00 WIB, Address: Senayan, Kec. Kebayoran Baru, City of South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta; Folder: Location Check

KidZania South Jakarta is an interactive playground designed for children and young people. This playground allows them to learn different professions and skills through role-playing. Here, kids can participate in more than 100 different roles, such as doctors, engineers, firefighters, police officers and many more.

Each role has different tasks and responsibilities, and kids can learn new skills and develop their creativity. Not only that, here also offers a variety of educational and entertainment activities. Examples are theatrical performances, exhibitions, and special events during the holidays.

The concept that is carried is very interesting so that visitors are guaranteed to feel at home for long. This park is shaped like a mini city in which there are many rides for games. Attractions that offer this kind of thing are rare. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with inviting your children to add knowledge and experience.

KidZania Jakarta’s Attraction

Attraction at KidZania Jakarta
Image Credit: Google Maps Rifka De-Javu

There are many attractions of KidZania Jakarta that you need to know before visiting. Actually, we have alluded to this a little in the opening above. The reason visitors come is because this place with a mini city concept provides interactive games from many categories.

✦ Zone Acting Academy

The first attraction is the acting academy zone or a special area for children who want to learn acting. This zone allows them to participate in role simulations and learn about the world of entertainment. Not only as actors who play films, children can also become producers, directors, or even cameramen.

KidZania Jakarta teaches them how a film is made, including scriptwriting, shooting, and editing. Visitors can also wear costumes and accessories to strengthen their roles. They can participate in making short films, and even watch their work on the big screen.

✦ Archaeological Sites

While visiting this interactive tourist park, children can experience how difficult it is to be an archaeologist. They were taught how to dig and find ancient relic sites. Previously, they were taught about history first, then determined excavation sites, and identified ancient objects after they were found.

✦ Baking Center

The Baking Center is the next Kidzania Jakarta zone which is also the main attraction. How not, children certainly prefer to play making various types of food. Several types of cakes and breads that are often made include cookies, brownies, and white bread. Kids will learn about safety and keeping food hygienic.

In addition, they will learn the basic techniques of making dough, measuring ingredients, stirring, and cooking processes. They don’t do it alone, but with professional and experienced guides. Interestingly, the demo they do when making cakes uses real ingredients.

✦ Health Professions Area

When asked about their goals, most children would say they wanted to become doctors. Kidzania Jakarta also has this zone which includes midwives, doctors and dentists. Not only in charge of treating, they are also taught what are the responsibilities of a health worker. They also learn about how to maintain the health of themselves and others.

✦ Host Studio

Next to the Host Studio zone, children will be taught about various types of television programming, including news, talk shows, and variety shows. They will learn about broadcasting techniques, be it how to read scripts or arrange sound. In addition, children also play the role of reporters or guests on television shows.

✦ Cosmetology and Beauty Field

All that Kidzania Jakarta has to offer is interactive learning. In addition to those mentioned above, children are also introduced to how to become makeup artists if they are interested. In this area, children learn how to do makeup, beautify their nails, and take care of their skin. Not only see, but also directly practice accompanied by experienced staff.

Address and Route to Location

Address Kidzania Jakarta
Image Credit: Google Maps Amy NASA

The location of the tourist attraction in the form of an interactive park is very strategic and not far from the city center. Surely you won’t have any trouble finding it, especially since there are many standards used. Take Gelora Bung Karno, for example, where all Jakartans should know their place. You can also use Polda Metro Jaya as a benchmark because it is also very close.

Kidzania Jakarta’s address is at Jalan Jendral Sudirman, RT.5/RW.3, Senayan, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta. The distance from the city center is only about 7 kilometers, generally it can be reached in just 20 minutes. If you are not a native of Jakarta, you should use the Google Maps application as a help.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Operating Hours

Even though many tourists think that the price of admission to this tourist attraction in Jakarta is expensive, the experience that children get is guaranteed to be comparable. It’s not only the age of the child who is required to pay for the entrance ticket, adults who deliver are also required. For a one day pass ticket, a weekday child entry ticket is valid for 305,000 rupiah.

The ticket price for entering Kidzania Jakarta on weekends is even more expensive, for children of 335,000 rupiah. Adult visitors are also required to buy an entrance ticket, the price is cheaper than children. Tickets for adults on weekdays are IDR 260,000, while weekends go up to IDR 285,000.

In addition to a full day, here also provide half day tickets called half day pass. The price is cheaper of course, for children only 250,000 on weekdays, and 295,000 on weekends. It’s different with adults who are cheaper, weekdays are only 215,000, and weekends 235,000 rupiah.

Interesting Activities to Do

Interesting Activities at Kidzania Jakarta
Image Credit: Google Maps Mas Erwin

Even though it is considered very expensive, there are many activities that can be done at Kidzania Jakarta. Moreover, all available arenas or zones are free to use without paying additional fees. Among the many activities, here are the most exciting and guaranteed to be interesting!

1. Walk around the Kidzania Jakarta Location

Family attraction which we discussed this time was built on a fairly large area. It’s a good idea to walk around all locations to get to know every corner. Going around is not walking, this place provides a special bus for this activity. Accompanied by professional staff, you can communicate or ask about matters related to the profession.

2. Learn to Be a Good Chef

For children, Kidzania Jakarta is heaven because it offers a variety of things that interest them. At an early age like this, it’s definitely fun to be invited to play as a profession. Especially if they are offered the profession of a chef, which has to make dough, cook, and so on, which is usually done with toys.

3. Practice as a Doctor

Ask your child what he wants to be when he grows up. Whatever the answer, they would love it if they were asked to practice as doctors. In this zone, they practice with genuine patients who are also young children. All equipment is complete, injections, stethoscopes, lab equipment, and so on. But some are not original tools for the sake of security and safety.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Facilities at Kidzania Jakarta
Image Credit: Google Maps Bryan Thekad

Kidzania Jakarta is a well-managed tourist attraction. Not only from the many zones that can be used for children’s play. In addition, there are many facilities that you will find here.

For mandatory facilities, of course, are parking areas, toilets, and prayer rooms. Meanwhile, supporting facilities include lounge chairs, television, free Wi-Fi, and a restaurant or café.

Children are the future of the nation which must be properly cared for in order to become useful individuals. In the midst of today’s technological advances, many negative influences are found from content on the internet. With Kidzania Jakarta, it is hoped that it can become a counter or antidote to all the bad content in question.