Ketep Pass Magelang Tour – Hotel Info and Entrance Tickets

Ketep Pass is a tourist area located between Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu. Located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level with an area of ​​up to 800 square meters, this scenic point offers extraordinary natural panoramas.

Inaugurated since October 17, 2002 as a natural volcanic tourist destination, this area has been improved and changed to become more beautiful with rows of pine trees surrounding it.

Not only a place to see the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains, this area can be an educational tourism choice for your family vacation. Intrigued by the complete information? Come on, follow the article below!

Attractions Ketep Pass Magelang

Ketep Pass Tourism, Magelang, Central Java
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Even though it is a vacation area about volcanoes, there are various Ketep Pass attractions that visitors can enjoy when visiting here. Here are some activity recommendations summarized by Advontura especially for you!

Ketep Pass Strawberry Farm

Besides being famous for its mountain views, Ketep Pass Strawberry Farm become one of the favorite destinations of tourists who come.

As the name suggests, in this area you consist of a collection of strawberry gardens that thrive on a 100 square meter plot of land. Armed with a small basket, visitors can pick as much fruit as they like.

Actually, this area does not attract entrance fees, but visitors who come still need to pay for the number of strawberries picked. The price to be paid is IDR 60,000 per kilogram.

Enjoying the Beauty of the Peak of 5 Mountains

Located on the slopes of Merbabu, this area provides views of five mountain peaks at once. Namely Mount Sindoro and Sumbing, Mount Slamet, Mount Merbabu, and Mount Merapi.

For those of you who plan to visit, come when the weather is clear so that the top of the mountain can be seen more clearly. In addition, visitors will be able to witness the remains eruption in 2010 and sulfuric acid coming out of the Merapi lava dome.

The experience of enjoying the beauty of the tops of 5 mountains is even more enjoyable with the presence of two distant binoculars that you can try for free.

Study at the Museum of Volcanology & Volcano Theater

Apart from being designed as a nature tour, visitors can also learn about various things about volcanoes through the museum and theater.

In the museum, you can find miniature mountains, remnants of volcanic eruptions, historic posters and photos of the early warnings of Merapi lava.

If you are not satisfied, visitors can visit the Volcano Theater which shows historical mini documentaries such as research on Garuda Peak to the formation process and the eruption of Merapi.

Hunt Sunset and Sunrise

For those of you who want to find the most appropriate time to enjoy the old beauty around, come at sunrise or sunset.

The weather is cool with a thin mist, and the sun that appears or slowly descends from behind the mountain will certainly be an unforgettable experience. You can even order roasted corn or hot coffee while enjoying this proof of God’s greatness.

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Location of Ketep Pass Magelang, Central Java

Ketep Pass Magelang Central Java
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Ketep Pass is a tourist area located on Jalan Blabak-Boyolali KM.16, Ketep Pass, Magelang. The place is also easy to reach by motorbike or car.

If you walk from the city of Jogja, the distance that must be taken is approximately 45 kilometers or about 1 hour drive at normal speed. In addition there are two paths that can be taken, namely the public road and shortcuts.

Via public roads you will pass Jalan Raya Jogja-Magelang and arrive in Muntilan City. Arriving in the urban area, the road continues towards the Blabak T-junction.

Keep going straight until you meet a large billboard showing the direction to your destination. Follow the direction and you will arrive at the tourist location.

As for the shortcut, you can go through the small street before Muntilan Market next to the Hok An Kiong Temple.

Opening Hours & Entrance Tickets for Ketep Pass

This area is open every day except Monday from 8 am to 3 pm. Meanwhile, the Ketep Pass ticket price on weekdays is Rp. 10,500.00 and every holiday season or red date is Rp. 12,500.00.

Available Facilities

To ensure the comfort and safety of visitors who come, various facilities are available here. Among other things, food stalls, prayer rooms, toilets, souvenir shops, equipment of the five gods, to the viewing post.

The edge of the area is also equipped with a guardrail, so it’s safe to visit. However, keep an eye on your children and relatives to be careful.

Hotels in Ketep Pass, Magelang, Central Java

For those of you who want to stay around this area, usually the local residents will offer their houses to be used as lodging. However, there are several hotel recommendations in Ketep Pass that you can try if you want a more excellent overnight experience.

Some of the recommendations for lodging include Sanjaya 2, OYO 2290 Pondok Merapi Selo, RedDoorz Syariah near Kopeng Treetop Adventure, Nguntara Gati, OYO 908 Taman Wisata Kopeng, D’Kaliurang Resort & Convention and so on.

To stay at some of the locations above, you can prepare a fee of around Rp. 150,000.00 to Rp. 600,000.00 for one night depending on the choice of room.

Thus our discussion this time about Ketep Pass. Hopefully the information above is useful for those of you who want to search alternative holiday destination unique and fun for the family. See you on other Indonesian tourism discussions!

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