Kelagian Lunik Island, Enjoying the Charm of a Beautiful and Charming Island in Pesawaran

Ticket price: IDR 30,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Gebang, Kec. Mirror Field, Kab. Pesawaran, Lampung.

Kelagian Lunik Island is one of the popular marine tourism among local and foreign tourists. That’s because of the beauty of this uninhabited island. Even though they have to pay quite a fortune to cross the island, it doesn’t make people back off from visiting this island.

This place is visited quite often. For those of you who live in Lampung definitely no stranger to this place. Moreover, the access needed to come to the place is also easy. How, more curious about this tourist spot? Do not miss to enjoy the beauty of this island.

For the record, Kelagian Lunik Island will be very beautiful if visited in summer. In the sense that it is not the rainy season. Considering that it’s the rainy season, being on an uninhabited island is certainly quite difficult to find a comfortable shelter.

The Attraction of Kelagian Lunik Island

Attraction of Lunik Kelagian Island
Image Credit: Google Maps Rina M.S.I

This place is just not popular. There are many advantages that make it the main focus to find beauty and serenity. In the following, we will discuss some of the attractions that Kelagian Lunik Island has so that it is always visited by tourists.

1. Fine White Sand

The natural beauty of Kelagian Lunik Island is really the main attraction. The fine white sand really makes your feet comfortable once you step on it. In addition, calm waves also make the mind more calm.

2. Clarity and Blue Sea Water

The second thing that makes many people start to wonder about this place is because the sea water is so blue. There are even some spots that have extraordinary water clarity. You can clearly see the fish swimming with the naked eye. This kind of view is indeed not easy to find elsewhere, you know.

3. The atmosphere is comfortable

Furthermore, the cool air and beautiful impression displayed by Kelagian Lunik Island is truly stunning. For those of you who are looking for a quiet atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this place can be an option. There are quite a lot of trees too in this place. It is very natural that the quality of the air produced is also very good.

4. Close to Other Attractions

There are many people who are attracted to this place too because of the tourist destinations around it. So once rowing, two or three intentions can be achieved as well. These tourist attractions include:

In this place you can find lots of shady trees and plants. The trees are managed by the Lampung Forest Service. Even more unique, you can find a beautiful waterfall in the shady forest.

Another tourist destination close to this island is the Cendana Hill Camp. You can be sure to camp among the beautiful green grass. Of course, while looking at the beauty of the mountain slopes too.

5. Lots of Photo Spots

Another attraction of Kelagian Lunik Island is the many photo spots. Even though there are no artificial spots, it doesn’t make visitors die of style. Remembering that every corner on this island is so beautiful to capture.

You can even take pictures on the boat. In addition, photos with views of the sunrise and sunset are also interesting to try. Or if it’s hard to do that, you can try taking pictures sitting on a curved tree trunk. This last spot is a favorite place for many people.

Address and Route to Location

Address of Kelagian Lunik Island
Image Credit: Google Maps Indra Susandi

Kelagian Lunik Island is located at Gate kec. Mirror Field, Kab. offer, Lampung province. The location is quite far from the city center. So to get to the island you also need to cross by boat or speedboat.

If from Bandar Lampung, the time needed to get to this island is about 3 hours. The route you can take is starting from Ketapang Harbor. Then continue the journey by boarding a speedboat or boat. The travel time is about 45 minutes.

Stay cool. You can come anytime. This island is open every day without any restrictions on operating hours. So you can enjoy the atmosphere of this island 24 hours a day. How interesting, of course.

To enjoy the beauty of Kelagian Lunik Island, you only need to pay Rp. 30,000 per ship. So if you want to cross the island, the cost to rent a boat is Rp. 350,000 for 6 people in one go.

Interesting Activities to Do on Kelagian Lunik Island

Interesting Activities on Kelagian Lunik Island
Image Credit: Google Maps Syadad Fauzan Adzima

Going to an uninhabited island is certainly not a bad thing. Moreover, Kelagian Lunik Island is already famous for its natural beauty. Apart from that, you can also do some exciting activities freely in this place.

1. Enjoying the Beauty of the Island

The first and most basic thing when you are in this place is to enjoy its natural charm. You can sit for a while feeling the cool air and beauty of the island. Look at the blue open sea in front of you. Let all the burdens that are stored can just go away.

2. Swim and Play Water

Swimming and playing in the water feels like an activity that’s hard not to do, right? Especially for those of you who crave a quiet atmosphere like a private island. In this place you can swim comfortably in clear blue water. Feel the sensation of freshness from the water in this sea.

If you choose water play activities, don’t miss playing in the sand too. The sand is so white and soft, of course it will be very pleasant to touch, right? You can build sand castles in this place with your kids.

3. Snorkeling

Another activity that can be done on Kelagian Lunik Island is snorkeling. Yes, the clear sea water certainly makes you very interested in snorkeling, right? You can see marine life and fish swimming clearly.

4. Enjoy Sunrise and Sunset

The beauty of sunrise and sunset from exotic island this of course can not be denied. You can enjoy the romantic atmosphere with your partner or family. Watch the beauty of the sun starting to return to its bed. The orange light certainly gives a very warm impression too.

5. Take photos of Ria

Another thing you can do in this place is to capture every moment that exists. Moreover, to find a good photo spot is not difficult. Whether on a boat, sitting on a tree trunk or among the white sand makes for beautiful shots.

Facilities Available in the Island Area

Kelagian Lunik Island Facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Ignazio Rin Johannes

This island is an uninhabited place. Therefore the existing facilities are also quite limited. One facility that is certain to exist in this place is a restroom for changing clothes. For that when coming to this place, make sure to prepare the required equipment and logistics.

Vacationing to Kelagian Lunik Island, which is popular in Pesawaran, will certainly be very enjoyable. Especially if you go with family or friends. Have you arranged your holiday schedule this time?