Kejaksan Square, The Best Place to Enjoy a Weekend Getaway in Cirebon

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Jl. Kartini, Kebonbaru, Kec. Prosecutor’s Office, Cirebon City, West Java; Folder: Location Check

It doesn’t need to be far and expensive to fill holidays for Cirebon residents. In the Kebonbaru sub-district, there is a tourist attraction that is always crowded with visitors every day, the Kejaksan Square. Like the main square in general, the main design is a garden that is usually used for relaxing. But there is a slight difference this time because there are several supporting facilities which are also an attraction for tourists.

Cirebon which is known as one of the districts with abundant marine products also has a long history for the city. There are many historical relics that should be known by young people today besides the many palaces that are encountered. Each palace also has a long story from royal princes in ancient times. Likewise, the square used by the park today also holds history.

Historically, Kejaksan Square has existed since the time of Sunan Gunung Jati. The conditions at that time were still alkaline, just a large field with plants around the site. there isn’t much to do by then until 2019. He is the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, who is the main pioneer in revitalizing the place into a tourist attraction worth visiting.

The History of Kejaksan Square

History of Cirebon Prosecutor's Square
Image Credit: Google Maps DEDE ABDUL HAMID

The name Kejaksan was taken from one of the figures during the Sunan Gunung Jati era. In the past there were three brothers who intended to study under one of the leading religious figures at the time, Syekh Nurjati. The three brothers respectively are Sheikh Abdurrahim, Sheikh Abdurrahman, and Syarifah Baghdad. The three of them were children of Sheikh Sulaeman Al Bagdadi who came to Cirebon in 1464.

Syekh Abdurrahman became a figure as well as a religious leader at that time. Because of his high wisdom and knowledge, the people of Cirebon gave him the nickname Prince Panjunan. Apart from religious figures, he is also a successful businessman, to be precise in the field of making ceramics from clay.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Abdurrahim at that time served as a prosecutor dealing with religious matters. He was assigned not far from the town square of Cirebon. This religious figure who is also a role model for the community later became known as the Attorney General. Until now, this nickname has been enshrined as one of the names of Kejaksan Square, which until now is well known and accepted by local residents.

The Attraction of Kejaksan Square

Attraction of Kejaksan Square
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Of course there is something interesting why more and more visitors are coming to the location every day. Each district must have a square. It’s just that not all are managed properly by the local government. In general, the main function of the square is nothing but a place to relax with family or groups. Likewise in Cirebon, but there is an attraction at Kejaksan Square which may not be found in other districts.

1. Design and Natural Beauty

Even though it is in the city center, this Cirebon city square has a natural beauty that blends with its design. On the other side of the field is overgrown with shady trees that completely surround the location. Slightly into the sidewalk, beautiful flower ornaments in pots seem to never be out of sight. Visitors who come can spoil their eyes at that location.

Not only that, the unique design is also an attraction for tourists, both local and from outside Cirebon district. A welcoming gate built similar to Candi Bentar is ready to welcome your arrival. When entering, the distinctive structure of the temple also adorns the entire location. In each part of the square, there are steps that make it its trademark.

2. Air Coolness

The main function of the trees in Kejaksan Square is not just for decoration. The tree also functions to cool the air around the site. Air pollution resulting from the burning of motor vehicles and factory fumes is absorbed and converted into oxygen. Anyone who is under the tree is sure to feel at home and feel the natural coolness.

3. Close to Other Tourist Locations

The next attraction is due to its location which is not far from several tourist attractions in Cirebon. Visitors who come to the location can stop at the tourist attraction. It could also be the other way around, the square you are visiting will be the last destination after you visit an existing tourist attraction.

Not far from the main square, about 1km, you can visit Taman Sari Sunyaragi Cave with its unique stone architecture. This square is also close to a mall which is a mainstay for Cirebon residents, namely CSB (Cirebon Super Block Mall). The distance is about 3km, you can reach it in about 10 minutes using a motorized vehicle. For those of you who want to delve into the history of the kingdom in Cirebon, please visit the Kasepuhan Palace which is about 4km away.

Address, Route Location and Ticket Prices

Cirebon Kejaksan Square Tickets
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For those of you who want to visit Kejaksan Square, please come to Jl. Kartini, Kejaksan District, Kebonbaru, Cirebon City, Province West Java. Not difficult to find the location because it is located in the city center. In addition, there are many signposts that direct you to your destination. There are many routes you can take, depending on which direction you are coming from.

Whether for those who come from outside Cirebon or local residents, please take the main standard of the Cirebon Mayor’s Office. The office is precisely located on Jl. Siliwangi, please continue your journey straight up to Jalan Kartini. When you are at that point, there is a large field with a temple-like design, that is the square that is your goal. If you are still confused, please look at the signs around Jalan Kartini.

It can be said that the town square is a regency or city facility that can be enjoyed by all its citizens. Therefore, there is no special rate for all visitors who come, or it’s free. However, for parking, you are required to pay a fee to the relevant party. Motorbikes are charged 2,000 rupiah, while cars are slightly more expensive, namely 5,000 rupiah.

Interesting Activities to Do at Kejaksan Square

Cirebon Prosecutor's Square Activities
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The square becomes more crowded when there are many activities that can be done. These activities are related to the facilities provided. Most of the visitors who come to Kejaksan Square just sit back and relax. For those of you who want to visit locations but don’t have any ideas for interesting activities to do, some of the following lists might be suitable!

1. Sports

Alun-alun is indeed suitable as a sports facility because of its wide location. In addition, the oxygen that is maintained due to the presence of trees also further supports this activity. Sports can also be of various types, such as jogging, gymnastics, and even cycling. You just have to choose according to the needs and abilities of the sport in question.

2. Play with Family

All activities are more interesting when done with family. In this place, there is a playground that is suitable as a children’s playground. Swings, wooden bridges, mini tunnels, are some of the games available. In addition, many also rent interesting games such as remote cars, balloon houses, or other types of educational games.

3. Culinary Tourism

The attractiveness of Kejaksan Square is that many fishermen come to the location, both from outside Cirebon and local residents. With this opportunity, you can have a culinary tour while watching the children play. Various foods are available, from traditional food to modern food. Call it Cirebon special food which is a culinary mainstay in that place. There are also types of meatballs that are commonly sold in various places, as well as chicken noodles that don’t miss to spoil the tongue of every visitor who comes.

4. Casual Picnic

Exciting Activities at Cirebon Kejaksan Square
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Another activity that must be done for every tourist is relaxing, or it can also be called a picnic. This district’s beautiful park not only provides empty fields with various plants, but also available seats at various points. You can relax while sitting looking at the typical view of the temple. There is no need to bring a mat because the seats were deliberately built to be able to enjoy the beauty of the square from various angles.

5. Take photos

Almost every visitor does not forget to capture the moment when they are in Cirebon square. The unique design of the building is the main reason. From the right vantage point, you can produce photos like you are in a temple building. Of all the existing photo spots, the gate and the central part with steps like a temple are favorites for many tourists.

Facilities Available in the Alun-Alun Area

Cirebon Prosecutor's Square Facility
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Kejaksan Square has various facilities to support every activity that visitors do. Mandatory facilities that you can enjoy are a parking area that can accommodate 100 motorbikes and 20 cars and also a toilet that can be used free of charge for every visitor. For places of worship, there is a mosque that can be used, but the location is not in the main square, but on the outside.

The essence of taking a vacation is not only to fill free time on weekends, but also to be used as a place to relax after being tired from daily work. It doesn’t need to be expensive, as one of the local tourist attractions, Kejaksan Square is worth a visit and is the main alternative. If you want the atmosphere to be more crowded, please come on Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon or evening.