Kedung Pengilon, Exotic Natural Panorama Full of Mystical in Bantul

Ticket price: IDR 5,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Petung, Bangunjiwo, Kec. Poor Kab. Bantul, DI Yogyakarta; Folder: Location Check

There are lots of natural tourist objects to aim for when you visit Jogja, one of which is Kedung Pengilon. This place offers the beautiful charm of a natural waterfall. Its beauty is even able to attract tourists who come from far away. Most of the visitors are teenagers who want to find peace while on vacation.

Tourist objects in the form of natural panoramas are still in demand today. Apart from being used for healing and refreshing, the average entry ticket price is cheap. However, in terms of facilities, they are not qualified because of their location far from the villages. It doesn’t really matter, because you can anticipate it from the start by bringing enough supplies.

Bantul itself has many natural attractions that always spoil the eye. Kedung Pengilon is only one of them with various attractions. It is because of this attraction that many visitors come. It’s not too crowded, but still there every day. During holidays, the number of tourists coming from various regions is quite a lot.

Kedung Pengilon’s Attraction

The Attraction of Kedung Pengilon
Image Credit: Google Maps Yeni Anis Saputri

Talking about attractiveness, of course it is very important to know before visiting. Not only for the tourist objects that we discussed this time, all of them are like that. Even though it’s better to see it in person, it’s good to know a little about the picture so you don’t get curious.

1. The Mystical Story of Kedung Pengilon

The first attraction of Kedung Pengilon lies in the mystical story behind its charm. It is said that the location was once used as the residence of Nyi Blorong who often asked for sacrifices. In this place there has been a tragedy of visitors who drowned and died. Surprisingly, all the victims were teenagers, almost the same age.

According to the village elders, previously this tourist location was inhabited by good spirits. Never hurt anyone who comes, as long as there is no malicious intent while on location. But gradually, many other invisible creatures also want to inhabit this beautiful place in Jogja.

2. Beautiful Waterfall

Apart from the mystical story of Kedung Pengilon which is a little scary, it really doesn’t matter if you visit just to enjoy its charm. As long as you keep your heart and always be vigilant, visiting here is still safe. Moreover, the attractiveness of the beauty of the waterfall cannot be denied by anyone who sees it.

This waterfall has a height of about 10 meters with a fairly heavy flow. The beauty of the waterfall that passes through the rock cliffs is always a feast for the eyes. Similar to a water slide, rock cliffs as a place where the waterfall flows look very smooth and even. This is because it takes a long time for water to pass through it so that the eroded rock becomes smooth.

3. Clear Pool

Another Attraction of Kedung Pengilon
Image Credit: Google Maps Doomed Ddodo

The name Kedung Pengilon actually cannot be separated from the pool under the waterfall. Pengilon in the local language means mirror, this indicates that the pond has clear water like glass. Its calm surface makes the heart of anyone who looks at it also feel the peace of mind.

It’s not too wide, only has a diameter of 15 meters and its shape almost resembles a circle. This pool has a fairly deep depth, so it is recommended to be careful when doing activities while at the location. On the edge of the pond looks shallow, but slightly towards the middle it gets deeper, up to 5 to 8 meters.

4. Beautiful atmosphere

Besides the beautiful flow of water leading to the pond, there is another attraction that you need to know about Kedung Pengilon. The atmosphere here is still very natural, beautiful and comfortable to feel during your visit. Almost all parts of this tourist attraction in Jogja are surrounded by shady trees. The green color is obtained when looking at every corner of the location.

Not only when in prime locations, diving trips also reveal the same beauty. Green vegetation always accompanies you when you come to the location. Some are shrubs, such as teak and bamboo. Some are in the form of beautiful flowering wild plants. Shrubs and grass further support a beautiful rural atmosphere.

Address and Route to Location

Kedung Pengilon address
Image Credit: Google Maps Fadjari Wibowo

Kedung Pengilon is a tourist attraction in Bantul that is worth visiting because of its attractiveness. The complete address is in Petung, Bangunjiwo, Kasihan District, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. The distance from the center of Bantul is not too far, only about 16 kilometers with an average travel time of 30 minutes.

There are many routes that you can take, one of which is via Jalan Sultan Agung. From along this road, continue the journey to Jalan Srandakan, then to Jalan Sedayu – Gersikan. The next route goes to Jalan Krebek until you find Al-Aamin Mosque on the right side of the road.

From the prayer room, take the right after the fork, then turn left after about 200 meters. A winding trip may be a challenge in itself, even a little traffic jam will test your patience. But don’t worry, everything will pay off as soon as you arrive at the location.

Kedung Pengilon Entrance Ticket Prices

Kedung Pengilon Tickets
Image Credit: Google Maps Anastasia Inar Istinu

Visiting a tourist attraction is not free. At the very least, you have to pay a parking fee if indeed the place does not charge an entrance fee. The price of the Kedung Pengilon entrance ticket can be said to be very cheap. You only need to pay 5000 for one person. An additional fee for vehicle parking is 3,000 for motorbikes and 5,000 for those who bring cars.

Even so, it’s better if you don’t bring exact money. This is because there are other costs that are required, even though they are not mandatory. The cost in question is to rent tires, it is very important to maintain safety. In addition, the need for supplies is also important, or you can bring your own from home.

Interesting Activities to Do at Kedung Pengilon

Kedung Pengilon activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Rinto Heri Setiawan

After discussing the attractions, addresses, and entrance tickets, we will now proceed with what activities can be done while at Kedung Pengilon. Because it includes waterfall tours with beautiful pools, most of the activities are related to water. Instead of being curious, please pay attention to the following variety of activities!

1. Travel to Location

The first activity that is guaranteed to be interesting is to go to the location. Tracking here is always fun because it is accompanied by various types of beautiful and green trees. Even though it’s quite long and hard because you have to travel about 500 meters from the parking location, it’s certainly not boring. Moreover, the stretch of rice fields belonging to residents always accompany the journey.

2. Swim in the Clear Pool

Almost all tourists who visit Kedung Pengilon cannot stop themselves from getting wet. Swimming activities also seem to be mandatory. However, because of the depth of the pool water, you should be careful. If you’re not sure you’re good at swimming, it’s better to play in the water by a much safer pool.

3. Photo spot hunting

The beauty of this tourist attraction in Bantul is a shame if you have to miss it without having a memento. Therefore, another activity that is interesting and must be done is hunting for photo spots. This activity further supports other activities, for example self-documenting while swimming or under a waterfall.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Kedung Pengilon facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Den Marga

At the beginning of the opening earlier it was mentioned that Kedung Pengilon’s facilities were not very adequate. This is if you are in the main tourist location, it is different if you are in a village. This means that the facilities available are much more complete when in residential areas. There is a prayer room for places of worship, parking areas, and of course toilets for self-cleaning needs.

Choosing a tourist spot for some people is not easy. Moreover, they have a specific purpose, for healing, refreshing the mind, for example. After listening to the discussion about Kedung Pengilon above, it seems that this tourist attraction is still worth a visit. Bringing sufficient supplies while at the location is recommended because of the lack of facilities.