Karanganyar Kemuning Tea Plantation – Location & Entrance Ticket

If West Java has Puncak Bogor, Central Java has the Karanganyar Kemuning Tea Plantation. Offering views of green tea gardens stretching in all directions, the cool air and the friendly locals. This location is the destination of choice not only for tourists from within the city of Solo.

This is not surprising because the attraction is not only the scenery but the various photo spots, rides and culinary tours. Interested in visiting? Let’s follow the interesting discussion below.

Solo Kemuning Tea Plantation

Before becoming PT Rumpun, the Solo Kemuning Tea Plantation had changed hands many times, starting from the royal era, Dutch and Japanese colonialism, the military, and finally what it is today.

The location of the Solo Kemuning Tea Plantation is in the highlands which is quite close to the city of Solo. So that some people are more familiar with this destination by the name Kemuning Solo Tea Gardens.

This area is perfect for those of you who tend to like on vacation to enjoy the view from a height, the natural atmosphere is cool and calm and at the same time has a hobby hunting photo.

Tea plantation area it is located at 800-1,540 masl with an area of ​​439 hectares. The atmosphere is also quite cold, even during the day with clear sky conditions the temperature can reach 21.5 degrees Celsius. Therefore come with a thick jacket or sweater. If you come at dawn, bringing warm clothes and a scarf is also recommended.

Not only tea gardens, within 3 meters you can find dense trees that are deliberately planted as a distraction and shade for tea leaf pickers. This tea garden has also produced as many as 11 teas.

Karanganyar Kemuning Tea Garden Tour

Yellow tea garden
Kemuning Tea Plantation (Photo by krjogja.com)

Besides enjoying the beauty of nature and the cool atmosphere, many exciting rides are waiting for you. Here are some of Advontura’s recommended activities which are summarized specifically for Advontura Friends!

Enjoying the Sunrise Behind the Tea Plantations

In the morning you are a sunrise hunter, the plantation area has been open to public visitors since dawn. The view from the hills of the tea garden is no less beautiful than other places.

For those of you who come specifically to see the sunrise, it is recommended to come from half past 5 in the morning and wear a thick jacket and warm clothes.

Seeing the Process of Picking Tea Leaves

For those of you who come early in the morning, you will definitely find tea picking women who have started working in the fields. Tea leaves must be picked in the morning to get the best quality tea. So that the tea produced has a more fragrant aroma and tastes fresher.

You can also greet each other and chat with the tea picking farmers because the local people are friendly with visitors. But don’t get in the way of their work.

Explore Nature with a Jeep

For those of you who want to try a different experience in enjoying nature, Friend Advontura can try this one tour option.

Usually, Jeep rental services are at the Kemuning Terminal, Jumog Waterfall and Kemuning Terminal. Within 8 hours, you can enjoy this experience to your heart’s content by paying a predetermined rental rate.

The rental fee is determined by the type of car used. The Jeep Short type with a capacity of 4 passengers is subject to a fee of IDR 350,000.00.

The Medium Jeep type with a capacity of 4 passengers is divided into 2. The regular model costs Rp. 450,000.00. Whereas in version 1 a tariff of IDR 500,000 is withdrawn.

Likewise with the Jeep Long car with a capacity of 4 passengers, this type is also divided into 2. Model 1 costs Rp. 600,000.00. Whereas in version 2 a tariff of IDR 700,000 is withdrawn. How, interested in trying?

Pumping Adrenaline with Paragliding in the Middle of a Tea Garden

The paragliding platform here is quite famous among many people. Located at an altitude of 1,350 meters, visitors can enjoy the stretch of tea gardens more satisfactorily. Your flight is also guaranteed safe because it is accompanied by professional companions. The fare for one flight ranges from IDR 350,000.00 to IDR 400,000.00.

However, for those of you who just want to enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful scenery. The panorama at this spot is always beautiful both during the day and at night.

Fun Camping

Not far from the plantation location, you can try camping at the Segara Gunung Camping Ground. This area is the belle of the presidential candidate because the air is cool, the atmosphere is natural with rows of pine trees.

To be able to enjoy the experience above, you only need to pay an entrance ticket of Rp. 5,000.00. Especially for those of you who don’t really like crowds, it is recommended to come other than the New Year holidays.

Take Ria’s Photos in Interesting Spots

If you like taking pictures at that spot instagramable, You can try going to Taman Bintang in this tourist area. Only with Rp. 5,000.00 you can freely take pictures on hot air balloons, the star bridge and several other photo spots. Interesting right?

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Enjoying Dusk on Ganduman Hill

Another tourist option is Ganduman Hill. You only need to pay Rp. 5,000.00 and you can enjoy the sunset more clearly and freely than other spots. For twilight connoisseurs, this place could be on your next vacation list!

Tubing, Along the River in Taman Kemuning Bogor

For those of you who like to challenge adrenaline, you can try Tubir activities or go along the river using rubber tires. This activity can only be found in Taman Kemuning Bogor.

Picking Fruit at the Beautiful Embankment

Interested in playing in the middle of the garden while picking fruit? You can take your family to Tanggul Asri by paying an entrance ticket of Rp. 5,000.00.

Location of Tawangmangu Kemuning Tea Plantation

Yellow tea garden
Location of Kemuning Tea Plantation (Photo by travel.okezone com)

The location of the Tawangmangu Kemuning Tea Plantation is 25 kilometers from the city of Solo. Located at 10 km Northeast on the main route Solo-Tawangmangu.

Based on the official administration, this tea plantation tourism area is located in Sumbersari Village, Kemuning, Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar Regency. Located on the slopes of Mount Kawi, this area is the prima donna of many domestic and foreign tourists.

Karanganyar Kemuning Tea Garden Entrance Ticket

The entrance fee for the Karanganyar Kemuning Tea Plantation is Rp. 0, – or FREE. However, you still have to pay a parking fee of Rp. 2,000.00 for motorized vehicles and Rp. 5,000.00 for car vehicles.

In addition, to play on the rides you also have to pay in advance. There are 5 Ceria Tour Packages that range from IDR 50,000.00 to IDR 150,000.00.

Tawangmangu Kemuning Tea Plantation Opening Hours

This plantation has been open to public visitors since dawn, namely, half past 5 in the morning to half past 7 in the evening and is open every day.

Available Facilities

The facilities available are complete. Services provided include a special restaurant to enjoy tea, a prayer room, toilets, a souvenir shop and accommodation. However, you should be prepared to bring sufficient cash as there are no ATMs available in this area yet.

Accommodation in Karanganyar Kemuning Tea Plantation

Some recommendations for lodging at the Karanganyar Kemuning Tea Garden include hotels, homestays and villas in . The prices offered are also quite diverse, from the range of IDR 120,000.00 to IDR 450,000.00 for 2 visitors in 1 night. If you want cheaper, you can try to stay at homestays just.

This time Advontura provides several lists of accommodations in the Tawangmangu Kemuning Tea Garden that you and your family can try, including OYO 1175 Oemah Djowo Resort, Sekar Tanjung Homestay, Adem Ayem Lodging, Villa Sri Widodo, Nava Hotel Tawangmangu, Putri Duyung Guest House, and others. etc.

Local Restaurant Recommendations

If you visit here, don’t miss trying various types of unique tea with a Dutch residential feel at the Ndoro Donker Restaurant and Tea Cafe. Not only enjoying steeping tea, you can also enjoy a variety of teas traditional snack such as boiled sweet potatoes, grilled bananas and various snacks.

500 meters before entering the plantation area, you can visit the Bale Branti restaurant which offers a variety of delicious food with views and outside air typical of the mountains. Apart from Bale Branti, for those of you who like to eat with natural views, you can try the Omah Ndeso restaurant which offers the experience of eating in the middle of small rivers.

Meanwhile, for those of you who like to eat fish from your own bait, you can try going to Kemuning Resto which is in the tea plantation tourist area.

That’s all for our article today about the Karanganyar Kemuning Tea Plantation. Hopefully this discussion will be useful for those of you who are looking for top tourist destinations around Central Java. See you on other discussions of tourist destinations in Indonesia!

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