Kampai Langkat Island, an Exotic Island with a Mystical Story Behind Its Charm

Ticket price: IDR 10,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: district Pangkalan Susu, Kab. Langkat, North Sumatra; Folder: Location Check

Kampai Island, maybe many don’t know this tourist attraction in Langkat. Even though there are so many attractions that make it worth a visit. For example, from the historical value that was once the center of trade in the Asian region. Even though it is currently a bit forgotten, its beauty can still spoil the eye.

Holidays can always be relied upon to fill spare time. Apart from that, of course it can be used as a medium to entertain yourself. Some people are certainly tired during their daily activities, whether work or otherwise. It is in this phase that a vacation is needed that can relieve a little fatigue, even if temporarily.

When it comes to finding tourist objects, it’s actually not that difficult, because there are so many places to go. In one region alone there are many tourist objects of various categories. For example in LangkatNorth Sumatra which has dozens of tourist objects with their respective charms.

The Attraction of Kampai Island

Kampai Island Attraction
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On this occasion, we only discuss one of the tourist attractions in Langkat, namely Kampai Island. Although not too crowded, but every day there are always people who come to visit. The purposes are various, this place has various appeals.

1. The charm of Berawe Beach

Most of the visitors who come aim to enjoy its natural beauty. One that is worth seeing is Berawe Beach with its wide white sand. This beach includes friendly waves so that it can be used for swimming or playing water activities.

As you know, almost every small island has a beach as its main charm, including Kampai Island. Here, you are not only spoiled by the sparkling white sand, but also the vast expanse of the Malacca Strait. No wonder, of course, because Langkat still borders a neighboring country.

2. Long Sacred Tomb

As previously mentioned, there are various destinations for tourists to come to this beautiful island. Besides enjoying its natural charm, there are also some who visit with the intention of pilgrimage. This is due to the existence of the Long Sacred Tomb which is located at one point on the island.

The name is not without reason, because the size of the tomb is very long. The tomb, which is 8 meters long, is thought to belong to a cleric from Pakistan who used to come with the aim of trading. This proves that Kampai Island used to be a trading center throughout Asia.

3. Greeting Graves

Attraction Owns Kampai Island
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Not only is the Long Cemetery the main attraction from a religious perspective, this beautiful island in Langkat also has the Salam Cemetery. Some call it the Red Mas for some reason. Whatever name is used, it still cannot hide the uniqueness and history behind it.

It is said that the Salam Cemetery belonged to a husband and wife who used to live on Kampai Island. Some even say that they are the forerunner of the society that is formed now. However, this must of course be explored further, because there are still many elders who can tell the story of its existence.

4. Green Mangrove Forest

The next attraction is the presence of mangrove forests scattered at several points. Of course, this mangrove plant is not far from the beach. Its main purpose is to resist abrasion due to tides. However, because of its beauty that cannot escape the eye, many tourists make it the main spot.

Usually, tourists who come to the mangrove forest aim to take pictures. With a green background, the shots are guaranteed to be very satisfying. Moreover, at certain times, this forest is filled with birds perched on branches. The white color seems to complement the green leaves that are soothing to the eye.

Address and Route to Location

Kampai Island Address
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Kampai Island has most of the residents whose livelihood is fishermen. The address is in Pangkalan Susu District, Langkat Regency, Province North Sumatra. The distance from Medan is about 85 kilometers, it takes 4 hours to arrive at the location. But they didn’t arrive directly on the island, but in Pangkalan Susu District.

You must continue your journey using water transportation to the location. One of the water transportation that you can use is a speed boat if you park your vehicle near the TPI. However, if you want to cross with the vehicle you brought, then you have to use the access that leads to Aceh Tamiang District.

Tour Fees to Kampai Island

Tour Fees to Kampai Island
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As tourist objects in the form of islands in general, Kampai Island also does not set a special rate for entrance tickets. You can directly visit the island from any door because there is no special entrance gate. Even so, there are still costs that need to be incurred, one of which is accommodation.

In addition to the costs required for vehicles going to Pangkalan Susu District, you also have to pay for crossings. If you cross without a vehicle, the current fare is 10,000 rupiah. It’s more expensive if you bring a vehicle, for cars it’s 60,000 and motorbikes 30,000 thousand.

Interesting Activities to Do on Kampai Island

Kampai Island Interesting Activities
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After you have listened to the attractions of Kampai Island, the address, and the price of the entrance ticket, it is also important to know what activities can be done while at the location. Because it is an island, of course there are many exciting activities that can be done.

1. Play at Berawe Beach

At one point of the island there is Berawe Beach with all its charms. You can visit it first before doing other activities. Please do the activities as you wish, for example playing water or playing sand. However, still pay attention to safety when you swim.

2. Pilgrimage to the Tomb

The existence of two eating places which are icons of Kampai Island is not only an attraction, you can visit to send prayers. In addition, you can visit it with reasons of curiosity. The reason is, there are not many tombs with a length of 8 meters elsewhere, right?

3. Surrounding the Mangrove Forest

The next activity that is no less interesting is to walk around the mangrove forest. You can feel the shade, coolness, and of course the coolness as soon as you arrive at the location. Twigs and tree leaves blown by the wind sometimes produce melodious natural sounds. Visiting this spot can ease the mind that was currently upset.

4. Culinary Tourism

Interesting Activities on Kampai Island
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Most of the residents of Kampai Island work as fishermen. This means, there are lots of fish catches every day. Local residents take advantage of the arrival of tourists by selling a variety of delicious specialties. Of course, most of them are processed seafood or what is known as seafood.

5. Photo Hunt on Kampai Island

It is undeniable that photography is one of the activities that must be done during the holidays. Moreover, the tourist object that you are visiting at this time is an island with its beauty and natural beauty. Some suitable spots to decorate the background of your photo are the blue Malacca Strait and the green mangrove forest.

6. Shop for souvenirs

If culinary tourism is still not enough to satisfy your tongue, please hunt for souvenirs. As a tourist attraction, of course there are lots of souvenirs that you can take home. Of the many types, the typical souvenir that you must bring home is shrimp paste. Made from the basic ingredients of anchovies, of course the taste of this shrimp paste is very tasty.

Facilities Available in the Island Area

Image Credit: Facebook Zullifkar Abubakar https://www.facebook.com/zullifkar.abubakar
Image Credit: Facebook Zullifkar Abubakar

Even though it’s free, the facilities on Kampai Island are quite adequate. You won’t have any trouble finding toilets here, as well as prayer rooms scattered at several points. In addition, many stalls provide a variety of delicious food. There are also transportation facilities, you can choose according to your needs when visiting the location.

That is what we can say about the tourist attractions in Langkat which are full of charm. Before you come to visit, be sure to calculate the operational costs needed. Although it’s free, but visit Kampai Island need a lot of budget if your current position is far from tourist sites.