Kampa Beach, White Sand Beach with Beautiful Natural Views in Konawe

Kampa Beach on Wawonii Island is a hidden world paradise that presents a series of extraordinary charms and is different from the beaches in general in Indonesia.

Ticket price: IDR 10,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: district West Wawonii, Kab. Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi; Folder: Location Check

Enjoying the beauty of the beach is something fun. Especially for people who live in urban areas. Well, one of the beaches that must be visited is Kampa Beach.

The beach is located on Wawonii Island, Konawe Islands Regency, Southeast Sulawesi. This beach is the most popular beach in Southeast Sulawesi. Therefore, many tourists from various regions who come there.

Well, of course the attractiveness of the beach is so extraordinary. The following is a complete review of the charm of this beach which can be used as a reference when on vacation in Southeast Sulawesi.

The Attraction Owned by Kampa Beach

Kampa Beach Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps indra sulistyo

This marine tourism is located on the edge of Wawonii Island. If you are looking for the most famous tour in Southeast Sulawesi, then Kampa Beach is the answer. Not only is the sea water clear, but the white sand can hypnotize anyone who comes there.

So, for tourists who are looking for the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, especially in Southeast Sulawesi, then just come to this beach. Some of the following attractions will make every visitor comfortable to linger there.

✦ Beautiful Scenery

There are rows of coconut trees that make the atmosphere on the beach feel cooler and more relaxing. So, tourists can spread out their mats under the tree while watching the waves or playing with the sand.

Of course, this will make the holiday even more enjoyable. Moreover, there are karst rocks that surround the beach. These stones also contribute to the beautiful charm of this famous beach in Southeast Sulawesi.

The wind on Kampa Beach is also very calming. The wind blows hard, so it can give you a feeling of comfort, coolness, and warmth at the same time.

✦ Clear Beach Water

There are some parts of the beach that are shallow. So, visitors can explore the beach safely while playing in the water. Apart from that, this place is also very suitable as a snorkeling and swimming area.

Well, one thing that makes it unique is sea water which won’t make your body feel hot and slimy. So, it feels the same as bathing in ordinary pool water.

✦ Lots of Gazebos

On the outskirts of the beach area there are many gazebos that can be used to relax while looking at the beauty of the beach. Enjoy the charm of Kampa Wawonii Beach while drinking coconut water in the gazebos there.

The gazebos were built by the local government. Previously, it was a village of the area’s indigenous tribes. Furthermore, the village was taken over by the government and managed well until it became a famous tourist spot today.

✦ Wawonkeu Mountains

Visitors can also see the Wawonkeu Mountains from the beach. This spot is the prettiest area presented in this beautiful tour. So, tourists can relax on the beach while looking at the mountain scenery. Don’t forget to take a photo of the mountain as well.

Address and Route to Location

Kampa Beach Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Bro Ri

Kampa Beach is right in Wawobili Village, West Wawonii District, Southeast Sulawesi. There are two alternative routes that can be used by visitors to the beach. The first route is the land route.

So, visitors only need to take 15 to 20 minutes to get there. The second route is by sea. So, tourists can rent a fishing boat to be delivered to the beach area.

It only takes 10 to 15 minutes if you use a boat. However, if departing from Kendari City, it takes 3 hours by ferry. Upon arrival at the port, visitors can continue the journey by car for 30 minutes.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Operating Hours

The beauty of the island and the beach can be enjoyed by every visitor by paying an entrance ticket of only IDR 10,000 per person. This price is of course very affordable. The stalls on the shores of Kampa Beach also charge relatively cheap prices for food and drinks.

So, if you want to experience a vacation on a well-known and inexpensive beach, then just come to that beach. Inviting family, friends, or partners to vacation together there won’t drain your pocket either.

Interesting Activities to Do

Kampa Beach Interesting Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Moh fahzrun l Fajrun

Because it has a variety of interesting activities, many tourists are interested in coming to Kampa Beach. In fact, there are also tourists who come from various regions in Indonesia. They want to experience pleasant holiday moments by enjoying the beauty of the beach.

1. Swimming

Swimming is a mandatory thing that people usually do when they come to the beach. Moreover, the sand on this beach is very clear with fine white sand. Of course, swimming there will be the best moment during your vacation in Southeast Sulawesi.

For visitors who cannot swim, they can do other activities such as playing in the sand or playing in the water on the beach. It can also be a fun activity while on the beach.

2. Relax

There are many coconut trees on the edge of the beach. Therefore, visitors can relax there by sitting in the gazebo provided or laying out mats.

The atmosphere will be more enjoyable if you order young coconut ice. The scenery around the beach and the sound of the waves can also be the best medium for relaxation.

3. Play Water Sports

Not only swimming, tourists can also do some water sports on Kampa Beach. An example is snorkelling. This is a water sport that is suitable for people who like challenges.

Visitors can see beautiful underwater scenery there. Moreover, the sea water on the beach is very clear. So, visitors can take some of the best photos.

4. Enjoy Culinary

On the edge of the beach there are many stalls that are ready to spoil the tongue of tourists. There are a variety of local specialties and drinks that you can try. Take it easy, the price of food and drinks there is also quite affordable.

Visitors can enjoy the culinary in the stalls or while sitting on the beach. So, eating food there will be more enjoyable because there is a beautiful view that is presented in front of your eyes.

5. Watching Dusk

Dusk is indeed more beautiful when seen on the beach. Kampa Beach is also the best place to enjoy the sunset. It’s no wonder that many tourists come there to see the sunset.

So, for tourists who like to see the sunset, this one beach should not be missed. If you don’t want to wait long, just come in the afternoon.

Available Facilities

Kampa Beach Facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Rizki Bakhtiar

At Kampa Beach there are several facilities that are quite complete. There are gazebos, toilets, places of worship, parking areas, and stalls. There are also villas if visitors want to stay there. With all these facilities, of course tourists can feel more at home when they are there.

All of these interesting things can be obtained when you come to the famous exotic beach in Southeast Sulawesi. So, don’t wait long! Immediately plan a vacation with the people closest to it.