Kaliurang Tourism Park, Hits Nature Tourism Destination in Sleman Jogja

Ticket price: IDR 10,000 Operational hour: 09.00–16.00 WIB, Address: Kaliurang, Hargobinangun, Kec. Pakem, Kab. Sleman, DI Yogyakarta; Folder: Location Check

Discuss about the city Sleman Yogyakarta seems never ending. Starting from education, culinary, to nature tourism, you can get everything in this special area. An example is the existence of the Kaliurang Tourism Park from the nature tourism category. In that place, you can take a vacation while enjoying the beautiful natural panorama around the location. In addition, the many rides are also suitable for fun games with children.

The purpose of tourism is of course not just to fill the holidays, but also to relieve fatigue so that the mind is fresher. Of the many tours to choose from, tours that present natural charm are the most favorite choices. Moreover, the location is still natural and far from urban areas, you can be sure the air is fresh and healthy.

To get all of the above goals, the most appropriate choice is to visit Kaliurang Tourism Park. The location is on the slopes of Mount Merapi, you can imagine for yourself how the air and coolness is. The distinctive contours of the rocks and the shade of the trees adorn the tourist sites. Not only that, the journey is also very beautiful and no less interesting in terms of the scenery presented.

Attraction Owned Kaliurang Tourism Park

Attractions of Kaliurang Tourism Park
Image Credit: Google Maps Didit Aloy

There are several reasons why this hits tourist location is becoming increasingly crowded with tourists. Of course, this is because of its alluring appeal. Anyone who has visited, will almost certainly come back again. Especially for those of you who are still curious, the following attractions of Kaliurang Tourism Park can be used as a brief description!

1. The natural beauty of Kaliurang Recreation Park

Indeed, the scenery is not too beautiful when compared to other tourist attractions in the form of waterfalls or beaches. However, it is certain to be able to satisfy anyone who comes to the location. It’s not only the green plants that decorate it, but also the shrubs of various types that don’t want to be left behind to beautify every corner.

The concept taken is a garden, so it is very suitable as a place to relax with family. With a floor mat and a sky roof, you will see the natural charm that is so beautiful. The beauty is increasingly visible when from one angle, it is clear that Mount Merapi is standing proudly.

Not only when the weather is sunny, but its beauty never seems to fade even though it is covered with clouds. Clumps of clouds that vaguely covered the mountains made the scenery even more beautiful. At several points, decoration in the form of elephant statues and gazebos also complement its beauty.

2. Cool Atmosphere Wrapped in Natural Beauty

Tourists who visit Kaliurang Tourism Park do not only want to enjoy its beauty, but also want to feel the cool air at the location. The cool mountain air is the main attraction, especially for those who live in urban areas. It’s not only the trees that make it cool, but also from its location which is still in a mountainous area.

Its location far from the city makes the sense of smell seem far from vehicle fumes and factory pollution. With conditions like this, health is definitely getting better, even if only for a few moments. Almost every corner is great for breathing cool air. Towering pine trees are also numerous and almost surround this tourist location.

3. It is permissible to bring your own supplies

Attraction Owned Kaliurang Tourism Park
Image Credit: Google Maps Septiyah Widyaningsih

As you know, not many tourist sites allow visitors to bring food from home. It is possible that this rule is enforced so that the stall facilities provided are the main choice. Apart from that, there is also the possibility that the tourist sites are kept clean from the trash that is strewn with the visitors’ food wrappers.

Apart from these reasons, Kaliurang Tourism Park actually allows tourists to bring their own food. Of course this can be one of the attractions, although the effect is not too big. On average, what most travelers bring is heavy food, such as rice and side dishes.

4. Availability of games

In addition to the attraction of beauty and cool air, the many rides provided are also quite eye-catching. For tourists who bring children, Kaliurang Recreation Park is perfect to visit. The reason is, there are lots of playground type games there. children can play sleds, ride ropes, suspension bridges, to mini tunnels.

If the game is less interesting, there are still rides available that will surely make them never forget it. The vehicle is Flying Fox, of course you already know about this. From the height of a simple structure made of trees, they will plunge down at a moderate speed. Apart from children, Flying Fox is also suitable as a place to test the courage of adults.

Address and Route to Location

Kaliurang Tourism Park Address
Image Credit: Google Maps andyF

Even though the location is on the slopes of Mount Merapi, it is still relatively easy to find. The complete address is at Jl. Siaga, West Kaliurang, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman, In Yogyakarta. The estimated distance that must be traveled from downtown Jogja is about 25 kilometers. You need at least 1 hour to get to the Kaliurang Tourism Park location.

Please use Google Map to go to one of the tourist objects in Sleman. Currently there are many access points and paths provided through Google’s facilities. To make it easier, make sure you use a private vehicle, both four-wheeled and two-wheeled.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Kaliurang Tourism Park Ticket Prices
Image Credit: Google Maps jimmy

Regarding the price, Kaliurang Tourism Park does not set exorbitant prices, just pay 10,000 as an entrance ticket. In addition, there are also costs that must be incurred, namely for vehicle parking. Of course, this fee is only for those of you who bring private vehicles.

The motorbike parking fee that applies to date is IDR 2,000, while for cars it is IDR 5,000. The tariff is of course very easy, especially if there are many exciting activities that can be done. Some rides such as the Flying Fox are also not free, there are additional fees that you have to pay, at least between 10,000 and 30,000 rupiah for one ride.

Interesting Activities to Do in Kaliurang Tourism Park

Activities at the Kaliurang Tourism Park
Image Credit: Google Maps Baihaqi Aditya

It cannot be denied, most of the visitors who come to the location mostly aim to carry out activities in the Kaliurang Tourism Park. Activities are even more interesting if you come with a group, both family and others. Here are some fun activities that travelers from all over the world usually do!

1. Play Exciting Outbound Rides

The first vehicle to try when you first set foot on a location is the outbound. Of the many games provided, Flying Fox and tree houses are the target of every tourist. Many of them are willing to stand in line to try the exciting sensation of gliding above the height.

There are also free games that are no less interesting, namely the playground. As mentioned earlier, there are simple games available in the form of suspension bridges, slides, and seesaws. Children will definitely enjoy this healthy and brain-stimulating activity.

2. Try the Taman Kita Oreo Interactive Ride

Especially for children, they can try the fun of playing at Taman Kita Oreo. Actually, not only in Kaliurang Tourism Park, this vehicle was made, but also in other places. The main goal is as a vehicle for better interaction for children. As the name suggests, the initiator of this park is one of the well-known food brands that you certainly know.

3. Hunt for typical Jogja food

Interesting Activities in Kaliurang Tourism Park
Image Credit: Google Maps prasetyo priest

It’s not complete if you haven’t tasted the delicious food of Jogja when visiting tourist sites. Even though you are allowed to bring your own food, the temptation of delicious food around the location is definitely unbearable. Call it warm rice which is also one of the icons of the city of Jogja. Not to mention, there is Bakpia which is a shame not to be missed.

If you’re lucky, you can also enjoy the delicious food of tempe and bacem eggs typical of Jogja. Not only food, special drinks to warm yourself up like ginger and coffee are also available at Kaliurang Recreation Park. For the price is still affordable, not too expensive when compared to other tourist attractions.

4. Selfie photos with natural scenery

An interesting and mandatory activity is to take a selfie. Indeed, there are no special spots built for this purpose, but there are lots of wild spots with enchanting backgrounds. One of the most beautiful and beautiful is to take Mount Merapi as the background. Don’t forget to capture the moment when you try the exciting rides at this tourist location.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Kaliurang Tourism Park Facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps April Kiswandi

In order to support the needs of visitors, the manager Tourism Park Kaliurang provides various adequate facilities. Important facilities and at the same time a parameter for whether or not a tourist site is worth visiting are parking lots and toilets. In addition, there is a prayer room that is ready to be used at any time for worship when the time comes.

Other facilities that can be enjoyed are food stalls with many menus provided. At tourist sites there are also benches that can be used to relax or just unwind after the exciting activities you have done.

It is quite interesting to discuss about Kaliurang Tourism Park with various activities that can be done. The attractions that have been mentioned above are only part of it, there are still several others. It would be better if you found out firsthand by visiting this increasingly trending tourist location.