Jalin Hill Peak, a Tourist Destination with Stunning Natural Panorama in Aceh

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 08.00–18.00 WIB, Address: Suka Tani, Kec. Jantho City, Kab. Aceh Besar, Aceh; Folder: Location Check

Apart from going on vacation to the beach or waterfall to enjoy the natural scenery, the hills are also worth a visit. In West Aceh, there is a tourist destination with natural scenery in the form of hills, the name Bukit Jalin Peak. The expanse of green trees and hills along the way to the location is sure to spoil the eye. This is the main reason why this tourist attraction is always crowded. For those who have visited, the longing will most likely always arise.

This tourist location in Jantho City holds a million memories for those who have visited it. Not only the expanse of trees that adorn it, but the river that divides the forest seems to be the main attraction. At the top of Bukit Jalin there is also a bridge that connects the two forests which are split by a river. From the top of the bridge, the view is even more beautiful with the shape of the winding river clearly visible.

Aceh is indeed famous for its natural beauty, especially in Aceh Besar district. The relatively small number of inhabitants means that forest and hill settlements are still preserved. Especially if the tourist attraction this time is far from cities and residential areas, it must still be natural and there is little human intervention. But to get there, it takes extra effort with various obstacles that get in the way.

Bukit Jalin Peak Attraction

Bukit Jalin Peak Attraction
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Even though it takes a long journey and many obstacles to overcome, this tourist destination is still always crowded. The reason is simple, because Puncak Bukit Jalin has several attractions that can attract tourists. For those who are planning to go to the location and are still unsure, here’s a brief review that could be the reason you visit it!

1. Awesome Natural Enchantment

The first reason for visitors who come to the location is to be sure they want to enjoy the natural scenery that is there. This is a strong reason for most tourists. There are at least three main things that you can enjoy, rivers, forests and rocks. The river that flows through the forest has a beautiful charm that cannot be forgotten.

Likewise, the vast expanse of forest is clearly visible when you are on the bridge. Occasionally the eye is spoiled with the distinctive contours of a hill with uneven steps which actually make it very charming. Small rocks that are on the banks of the river also can not escape from view. Even though it’s not clearly visible when you’re on the bridge, at least the stone shows a white color that you can’t get around the location.

2. Panoramic Stream

The next attraction is from the river, to be precise, the river flow is swift enough to produce a distinctive sound of flowing water. This long flowing river is a unique sight in itself. Its beauty is even more obvious when you see it from the top of the hill. Due to the swift flow, visitors are not advised to approach it just to play water.

Actually it’s not that deep, it’s just that it’s feared that visitors who play in the water can be washed away by the fairly swift water currents. Instead, you can play with small rocks on the banks of the river, or just witness the beauty. Especially if the clear color of the water makes the view even more worth enjoying.

3. Cool Air and Beautiful Atmosphere

Attraction Owned Jalin Hill Peak
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It was said earlier that Bukit Jalin Peak is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. That is, a beautiful green atmosphere is a characteristic and also a special attraction. The air is not too cold, even though the altitude is decent. It’s just that it feels so fresh because it’s far from motorized vehicle pollution and factory air waste. For tourists who come from urban areas, the cool air and beautiful green atmosphere have added value as a tourist attraction.

4. Legacy of the Free Aceh Movement

Who would have thought that this beautiful and enchanting hill was once a GAM basecamp during the conflict with the TNI. Around the location of the hill is also used as a place for war games. Curious visitors can explore the hill to find evidence of the truth. But of course there is no need to doubt the history in question.

After the peace agreement between GAM and the TNI, Puncak Bukit Jalin was gradually abandoned by the rebels. Due to its very beautiful location, it is currently used as a natural tourist attraction. Sure enough, this natural tourist spot is always crowded with visitors of all ages, especially teenagers and students.

Address and Route to Location

Jalin Hill Peak Address
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Make sure you head to Suka Tani Village, Kec. Jantho City, Kab. Aceh Besar, aceh for the full address. But keep in mind, the address does not directly lead you to the location point. A long journey is needed so you can enjoy all the natural charms that are presented. The time that must be taken if you are currently in Banda, which is around 1.5 hours.

Point the vehicle towards Simpang Jantho and continue until you enter the city gate. Continue the journey for at least 10km to get to Jantho Peak. When you arrive at the intersection, take the left according to the signs around the Bukit Jalin Peak location. Continue the journey until you arrive at a residential area, but you should be careful because the road conditions are not very good.

From here, a beautiful view begins to be seen from the dense forest with shady trees. Continue on until you find a descent, take the right if there is an intersection. Follow the signs that are around the location, no need to get lost because the instructions are clear. The tourist location is not far away after you see the officer pulling the retribution ticket.

Until now, there is no special rate as an entrance ticket, meaning it is still free. But for those who bring private vehicles, prepare a parking fee of 5,000 rupiah for motorbikes and 10,000 rupiah for cars. This fee also includes maintenance and cleaning costs for the Puncak Bukit Jalin tourist site. Not so expensive, of course, when compared to other tourist attractions that require paying entrance tickets and parking fees separately.

Interesting Activities to Do in Bukit Jalin

Activities in Bukit Jalin
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Visitors who come to tourist sites certainly want to do exciting and interesting activities. Likewise when they visited the hills in Aceh Besar district. Some fun activities can be done, as well as relaxing activities. Here is a list of top activities worth doing at Jantho Hill!

1. Rafting

The shallow depth of the river with not so many river rock contours makes this tourist spot suitable for rafting activities. For beginners, rafting on the Puncak Bukit Jalin river can be the main alternative. Even though the current is swift, there are not so many ripples or waves because there are minimal rocks. Visitors who do this activity are usually those who come in groups.

For security issues, you don’t need to worry, because there are life jackets and helmets ready to protect your safety. In addition, each rubber boat that is boarded is also provided with a guide so that it is more secure. It’s not suitable for swimming activities, but if you use a life jacket and personal safety equipment, feel free to do this activity.

2. Traveling

Not only rafting which is an exciting and adrenaline-pumping activity, traveling is also worth doing. Climbing while heading to tourist sites should not be said to be easy. Many visitors stop in the middle of the road just for the purpose of resting. The twists of the journey are getting more difficult with the access road that has not been paved. It’s even worse if the roads around the location are exposed to water, slipping is common on the way.

However, it all pays off as soon as you arrive at the location. Even before arriving at the location or during the trip, you won’t feel tired because of the beautiful scenery that is presented. Tracking to the top of Bukit Jalin turns out to be fun for those who are experts in the world of climbing, such as nature lovers and those who are used to climbing mountains.

3. Photo spot hunting

Especially if it’s not taking pictures which is an interesting activity during the holidays. Incredible natural scenery is very dear to be immortalized. Lots of interesting photo spots while at the location and upon arrival at the location. For example, on a bridge with a beautiful river flowing underneath as a background. Or you can also take a wilderness background that looks like a stretch of green bushes from a distance.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Bukit Jalin Peak Facilities
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Regarding facilities, they are not as complete as other tourist objects that are located close to residential areas. But at least, there is a prayer room that you can make a place of worship when the time comes. There is also a toilet or bathroom if needed at any time.

No need to bring lots of supplies on site because there are stalls that provide a variety of delicious food. However, all of these facilities can only be found near the parking lot which is also a residential area.

That is a complete discussion of Jalin Hill Peak in Aceh Province, precisely in Central Aceh district. Make sure you prepare enough supplies, both consumption and energy. That’s because the location is not easy to reach and requires extra energy to get to the location.