Its charm is like a country above the clouds

Hello Adventurers! If you visit West Kalimantan, don’t forget to explore its natural attractions. Because, this one province actually has a lot of tourist lines that must be visited, you know. The beauty and natural beauty of the island of Borneo is guaranteed to spoil the eyes of adventurers when they visit there.

Well, one of the tourist attractions that you should not miss is Bengkayang Mushroom Hill. It has a very enchanting panorama, so it is often referred to as the land above the clouds. Are you guys curious? Come on, take a peek at the portraits and sundries below!

Overview of Bengkayang Mushroom Hill, West Kalimantan

Beautiful Views on Bengkayang Mushroom Hill, West Kalimantan (Source: @rifmez on Instagram)
Beautiful Views on Bengkayang Mushroom Hill, West Kalimantan (Source: @rifmez on Instagram)

Mushroom Hill or in English is often called mushroom hills It is located in Bhakti Mulya, Bengkayang District, Bengkayang Regency, West Kalimantan. This hill is the highest hill in West Kalimantan. The height of Bengkayang Mushroom Hill is ± 500 meters above sea level.

Apart from having the status of the highest hill in West Kalimantan, Mushroom Hill also has another nickname. The first nickname is the West Kalimantan version of Mahameru and the second nickname is Mount Batu given by the local community. At the top of the hill there is a large boulder that has formed spot best to see the atmosphere like the land above the clouds.

The shape of the rock at the top of Mushroom Hill is unique, at first glance it looks like the letter M, unlike its name. So according to local residents, at the top of this mushroom hill, it used to be a place for drying rice. Because of this, the hill is called a mushroom, because it refers to the word “dry/mushroom”.

Enjoying the Natural Panorama from the Top of Bengkayang Mushroom Hill

Enjoying the Natural Panorama from the Top of Bengkayang Mushroom Hill (Source: @chindy_cp on Instagram)
Enjoying the Natural Panorama from the Top of Bengkayang Mushroom Hill (Source: @chindy_cp on Instagram)

The location of Mushroom Hill is located in Belangko Village, Bumi Emas Jaku Malunu Village, West Kalimantan Province. Often referred to as the Mahameru of West Kalimantan, because the natural scenery is very similar to the beauty of Mount Semeru in East Java, which is equally beautiful.

The beautiful expanse of rocks is often the background for visitors to take pictures. The natural panorama that is displayed when you are at the top of the hill is indeed very beautiful. It’s no wonder that this tourist area is always filled with tourists, especially young people who want to relax with their partners or friends while enjoying exotic views.

Especially when dusk arrives, the orange color that slips between the hills is so pleasing to the eye. In essence, Adventurers will certainly not be disappointed if they visit and camp on this enchanting hill.

Bengkayang Mushroom Hill Attraction

Sunset, Sunrise & Cloudscapes Become Main Attractions (Source: @aleister_drew on Instagram)
Sunset, Sunrise & Cloudscapes Become Main Attractions (Source: @aleister_drew on Instagram)

No less than other hills, Mushroom Hill also has its own uniqueness. Well, the attraction that is owned is as follows.

1. Beautiful Sunset & Sunrise

If Adventurers come here, sunset and sunrise you can’t miss it, yes, guaranteed to be very beautiful! When sunrise, the sun will appear between the thick clouds and make the morning sky so beautiful. So is time sunsetthe orange color of the sky will fascinate you.

2. Cloud Overlay

The uniqueness as well as the main feature is the view from above the clouds of Bengkayang Mushroom Hill. The enchanting beauty of this vast expanse of clouds can be seen by Adventurers in the morning. How’s it going, isn’t it beautiful, Adventurers?

3. Sparkle and Sea of ​​Light

The attraction in the form of a sea of ​​light can only be enjoyed by Adventurers at dusk. The lights on the hillside will turn into a sea of ​​light, like a lantern in the forest.

4. Bridge of Love

Not only does it offer natural views, there is also a special place for couples. Especially for Adventurers who are looking for a mate, because later on in the middle of your journey you will cross the bridge of love. The myth of this love bridge is a bridge to find a life partner. So it’s no wonder that the bridge of love is a unique attraction.

Paths & Routes Towards Bengkayang Mushroom Hill

Paths and Routes to Bengkayang Mushroom Hill (Source: @wonderfulborneo_ on Instagram)
Paths and Routes to Bengkayang Mushroom Hill (Source: @wonderfulborneo_ on Instagram)

If Adventurers want to visit this place, the initial departure route is in Blangko Village. From Pontianak City, the distance is about 5 hours by road. When you arrive at the village, you can park your vehicle at a resident’s house and only need to pay a parking fee of IDR 10,000.

So how is the path to this Mushroom Hill? So, the Adventurers’ journey will be dominated by inclines, which can be reached in about 2 hours. Don’t worry, because during the journey the Adventurers won’t get bored while enjoying the surroundings. If you are tired, you can rest in some of the huts that have been provided.

The condition of the hiking trail is only a footpath, it might seem steep because the road becomes slippery, especially during the rainy season. However, the slope level of the hill is not that extreme, so it is highly recommended for novice adventurers who want to practice hiking. But even so it still takes an extra struggle to get to the top of the hill. But don’t worry, the effort will definitely pay off when you get to the top.

Apart from following the trails, rubber forests, and grasslands, Adventurers will also cross a bridge which is located over the Sebalo River. The local community calls this bridge the bridge of love that has been described above.

Camping Experience on Bengkayang Mushroom Hill

Camping at Bengkayang Mushroom Hill (Source: @arifpuji_a on Instagram)
Camping at Bengkayang Mushroom Hill (Source: @arifpuji_a on Instagram)

The best time to come to the hill is in the afternoon. After Adventurers arrive, they can immediately set up lodging tents while enjoying sunset. At night, the management allows climbers to light a bonfire as a body warmer as well as a light. And in the morning, Adventurers can enjoy the beauty sunrise while sitting relaxed with friends climb.

Tips for Traveling to Bengkayang Mushroom Hill

Tips for Traveling to Mushroom Hill for Fun (Source: @pratyogafanjaya on Instagram)
Tips for Traveling to Mushroom Hill for Fun (Source: @pratyogafanjaya on Instagram)

Every tourist spot certainly has rules that adventurers must pay attention to. Both in the form of written or unwritten rules that have been trusted by the local community. This time Advontura will share some tips that you need to follow before traveling to Bengkayang Mushroom Hill.

  • If you want to visit this place, it’s best to come in the afternoon, because it’s perfect for enjoying the sunset and setting up tents for those who want camping.
  • Always maintain a good attitude and speak good words so that if there are problems or difficulties when going up or down the hill you can get help from local residents.
  • Always maintain cleanliness when around the area, on hills, especially when lighting a bonfire. After starting the fire, don’t forget to completely extinguish the fire so that it doesn’t start a forest fire.
  • Don’t forget when you come down from the hill, also bring the trash you brought with you when you come and don’t litter.
  • For Adventurers who can’t really stand cold temperatures, don’t forget to bring a jacket or clothes that are thick enough.

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So that’s the article about Bengkayang Mushroom Hill. For adventurers who have never stopped here, especially climber friends in West Kalimantan, try to arrange a schedule once in a while hiking here, yes! Hopefully this information was useful for you. Don’t forget to make this one hill so wishlist holiday. Happy holidays and sustainable greetings!