Hoya Beach, a maritime paradise in Gunungsitoli which is similar to Kuta Beach in Bali

Ticket price: IDR 10,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Tetehosi Afia, Kec. North Gunungsitoli, Gunungsitoli City, North Sumatra.

Hoya Beach is a clear proof that Indonesia is very rich in marine tourism. This beach tour is located in North Sumatra, precisely in North Gunungsitoli District. This beach, which is often referred to as its twin of Kuta Beach, actually has a coastline of approximately 1,500 meters.

The beauty of this beach is increasing, because of the hundreds of pine trees that grow beautifully lined up on the coast. Not only that, the very clear sea water is also a plus for this one beach. So you can see underwater life as deep as 8 meters directly.

The charm of Hoya Beach is second to none, making anyone want to visit it. Well, you can also enter the Beach from Gunungsitoli This is on the list of must-visit vacation spots.

The Attraction That Hoya Beach Owns

Attraction at Hoya Beach
Image Credit: Instagram Antoni Ong

Every tourist spot anywhere, definitely has its own charm and uniqueness. Likewise with Hoya Beach which has many unique things, which are able to attract the attention of the public.

✦ Similar to Kuta Beach

Who doesn’t know Kuta Beach, it seems that everyone who visits Bali always visits this destination. Apparently, Hoya Beach is also called the twin of Kuta Beach, you know. So for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to visit Kuta Beach, you can visit this beach directly.

On this beach, you can enjoy the feel of the sea directly like Kuta Beach. So you will feel you are in Bali, not in the Nias Islands anymore. Even so, you will still feel the typical views of the Nias Islands that are so enchanting.

✦ Having Clear Sea Water

One of the reasons why someone goes on vacation to the beach is to be able to enjoy the beauty under the sea. You can see marine life above the water level as deep as 8 meters. Of course this is the attraction most sought after by the public.

You don’t need to dive to enjoy the underwater beauty, you can just take a boat or sea transportation available there. Moreover, clear sea water is now very difficult to find, so it will be very pleasant to visit this beach, right?

✦ The coast is filled with pine trees

The next attraction is indeed quite unique, where usually the beach will be overgrown with palm trees or coconut trees, it is different with Hoya Beach. Along the coast, you will see pine trees that grow in a beautiful row. Of course this is a sight that is quite rare and unique, isn’t it?

Usually, pine trees will be easy for us to find in the highlands and lowlands, now you can see them in the beach area. So for those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of the sea and the cool air near the pine trees, this beach from the Nias Islands can be the best place.

✦ Clean Beach with Beautiful Air

Surely we will feel lazy and also reluctant, if we have to go to a beach that is dirty and full of trash, right? It feels like all the beautiful scenery will just disappear, replaced with piles of trash everywhere. The feel of the holiday will be very disturbed and uncomfortable.

It’s different with Hoya Beach, which is surprisingly clean and free of trash. So that you can vacation comfortably and peacefully here, without unsightly sights. Yes, although it is possible if there are tourists who litter.

Address, Route Location and Entrance Ticket

Hoya Beach Address
Image Credit: Twitter Jun Laser

After reading some of the attractions of Hoya Beach above, maybe now you are even more interested in visiting it. If you are confused about where to come from, maybe you can use the route from the city of Gunungsitoli.

This beach is located in the Grove, North Gunungsitoli District, Gunungsitoli City, Nias Islands, North Sumatra. To reach the location from downtown Gunungsitoli, you can spend about 30-40 minutes by car.

To be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Hayo Beach, you only need to spend 10,000 rupiah. The price is very cheap, for natural scenery that can’t be forgotten.

This fee is only for entrance tickets, regarding parking and to enjoy the existing facilities you need to pay again.

Interesting Activities carried out

Interesting Activities at Hoya Beach
Image Credit: Twitter MediaNet ID

It seems like it will be useless if you go to Hoya Beach but don’t do any activities. Now on this beach, you can do some interesting activities, such as:

1. Playing Sea Water

The first activity is of course playing in sea water, it will feel lacking if you are on vacation to the beach without playing in water. Moreover, the sea water on this beach is very clear, of course you won’t be able to resist immediately jumping into the water.

Even though tourists are allowed to play in the water, remember not to play in the water too far and must remain under the supervision of the coast guard.

2. Enjoy the View on the Coast

The second activity is to sit pretty on the edge of Hoya Beach, while enjoying the view it has to offer. If you are lazy to play in the water and do other activities, even sitting on the edge of the beach is enough to recharge your energy and mood.

The expanse of wide and clear sea water, clean sand beaches, beautifully lined pine trees, and cool air. Really this expensive view will always impress you, especially if you enjoy it with your loved ones.

3. Do Simple and Fun Activities

Basically, there are lots of activities that you can do while on vacation Beautiful Beach This. For example, by doing simple activities such as playing volleyball, soccer, and some other light sports activities. You can also take some moments at the best spots, to make memories or show off on social media.

You can do anything here, but make sure that the activities you do don’t disturb and harm other visitors.

Available Facilities

Facilities at Hoya Beach
Image Credit: Instagram ayra. l

When talking about facilities, Hoya Beach is not as complete as other tourist destinations. But there’s nothing wrong with making this beach a tourist destination that must be visited on vacation.

Here you can enjoy public facilities such as parking lots, toilets, prayer rooms, seats or beachside stalls, to a playground. There is also a garden which is a favorite place to capture precious moments and enjoy several game facilities.

In the park there are several interesting games, such as flying fox, and interesting photo spots. But you have to pay again, for entrance tickets and some games in the park.

How, after reading the reviews above? Are you getting interested with Hoya Beach and want to visit it? Maybe when you get there, you will be surprised and fascinated by the natural beauty that is still beautiful.