How to Buy Ragunan 2022 Entrance Tickets, Ticket Prices, & Entry Requirements

Ragunan Zoo can be used as a tourist option in the DKI Jakarta area if you want to travel with various types of animals. Before visiting, let’s find out the price of Ragunan entrance tickets and how to buy Ragunan entrance tickets!

The Excitement of Traveling with Animals at Ragunan Zoo

The presence of Ragunan as a Zoo in the middle of Jakarta City has made it a very popular tourist destination for metropolitan residents. Apart from walking around to see unique animals, visitors will also be treated to cooler and cleaner air. It’s not strange that many visitors feel at home at the Jakarta Ragunan Zoo.

Ragunan Zoo Location

Ragunan Zoo from above (Source: @ragunanzoo on Instagram)
Ragunan Zoo from above (Source: @ragunanzoo on Instagram)

The location of Ragunan Jakarta Zoo is administratively located at Jalan Harsono No.1, Ragunan, Pasar Minggu, City of South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta. Even though it is in the middle of the city, the Ragunan Zoo area can be said to be quite cool. Due to its location in the middle of the city, Ragunan can be easily accessed by all modes of land transportation such as motorcycles, cars, and tourist buses.

From the center of Jakarta City, Ragunan Zoo which is located in South Jakarta can be accessed in approximately 40-50 minutes depending on the density of the streets in the city. Visitors from downtown Jakarta will travel approximately 14-17 km depending on which route is taken. Because it’s in the middle of the city, the access road to Ragunan is good and smooth.

Ragunan Jakarta Entrance Ticket Prices

Elephants in Ragunan Wildlife Park (Source: @nuruldwiyd_ on Instagram)
Elephants in Ragunan Wildlife Park (Source: @nuruldwiyd_ on Instagram)

In terms of price, Ragunan Zoo Jakarta offers affordable ticket prices. Starting from Rp. 4,000, Adventurers can enter Ragunan! However, the payment method used at Ragunan Zoo only uses the digital payment system via Jakcard. The following is a complete breakdown of the 2022 entrance ticket price.

Starting from the Ragunan entrance ticket price, for children it is set at IDR 3,000 per child. As for adults IDR 4,000 per adult. For Ragunan group entry ticket prices, usually the price will be lower than buying a single ticket price. Adventurers who come in large groups can contact the management to order Ragunan group entrance tickets.

Then the parking ticket price is also set differently according to the type of vehicle. The parking ticket price is IDR 1,000 for bicycles, IDR 3,000 for motorcycles and trishaws, IDR 6,000 for cars, IDR 12,000 for small buses and small trucks, and IDR 15,000 for large buses and large trucks. This price is of course set for doubtful parking per vehicle per day.

Then there are various rides that can be played by visitors. Of course, these rides also have different ticket prices. The following are the ticket prices for rides at Ragunan Zoo:

Ticket prices for rides at Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta

Horse Riding IDR 5,000 per round
Ride Camel Rp. 7,500 per round
Animal Sightseeing Train IDR 10,000 per round
Children’s Animal Park IDR 2,500 per person
Single Bicycle IDR 10,000 per person
Double Bike IDR 15,000 per double bike
Swan Boat IDR 18,000 per spin
Sightseeing Raft Tour IDR 6,000 per spin

Furthermore, there is the Schmutzer Primate Center to see various types of primates in Indonesia. Tickets are set to enter the primate center is IDR 6,000 per person for Monday to Friday, and IDR 7,500 for weekends and national holidays.

It should also be noted that the various ticket prices above can change at any time according to the policies of the manager and the local regional government. Advontura strongly advises visitors to bring extra cash in case of a possible change in ticket prices.

How to Buy Ragunan Entrance Tickets

Bank DKI Jakcard card that must be prepared to buy entrance tickets (Source: ragunanzoo)
Bank DKI Jakcard card that must be prepared to buy entrance tickets (Source: ragunanzoo)

Bank DKI Jakcard card that must be prepared to buy entrance tickets (Source: ragunanzoo)

The management of the Ragunan Zoo has allowed purchasing tickets offline directly on the available tickets. So you can buy tickets in two ways, namely buying directly offline at the ticket booth that is already available or buying tickets the day before arrival online. Both offline and online purchases, visitors are still required to use digital payments via Jakcard.

Visitors who wish to buy Ragunan entrance tickets must have a Jakcard Bank DKI card. If visitors do not have a Jakcard, visitors can buy it in advance through the available ticket counters. The doubtful party provides two types of Jakcard with different balance contents.

Visitors can choose to buy the Jakcard variant at a price of Rp. 35,000 (card fee of Rp. 15,000, fill in the balance of Rp. 20,000) or Jakcard for Rp. 65,000 (card fee of Rp. 15,000, fill in the balance of Rp. 50,000). The Jakcard balance can be used to buy Ragunan entrance tickets and the rides inside. The Jakcard balance can also be used for other tourist destinations such as Monas, Kota Tua, and can also be used to take Transjakarta buses.

Before buying Ragunan entrance tickets, it’s a good idea for visitors to meet the following requirements:

  • To purchase H-1 entrance tickets offline, visitors can buy them by visiting the link:
  • Visitors from outside Jakarta can already visit
  • Adult visitors are required to receive 2 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine
  • Children aged 6 to 12 years should get their first dose
  • Before entering, visitors must check in using the PeduliLindungi application
  • Continue to comply with health protocols while in the Ragunan area

Ragunan Zoo Operational Hours

Lions at Ragunan Zoo (Source: @ragunanzoo on Instagram)
Lions at Ragunan Zoo (Source: @ragunanzoo on Instagram)

Ragunan Zoo Jakarta is open 6 days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday. On Monday, Ragunan Zoo is closed because there is an animal holiday at the Ragunan Zoo. For its own operating hours, Ragunan is open from 07.00 WIB in the morning to 17.00 WIB in the afternoon.

Tour rides at Ragunan Zoo

Cycling around Ragunan (Source: @ragunanzoo on Instagram)
Cycling around Ragunan (Source: @ragunanzoo on Instagram)

1. Wildlife Park

A trip to Ragunan Zoo is certainly incomplete if you don’t go around the park to see the sights of the animals there. Ragunan Zoo itself has a lot of animals. These animals are grouped into zones that visitors can visit. In Ragunan, there are mammal zones, reptile zones, and poultry and birds zones.

2. Schmutzer Primate Center

This zone is a special zone that accommodates various types of primates from all over Indonesia. Different from its zone with a wildlife park, the concept offered is the outdoors as if the primates were living in their natural habitat. Tourists can observe primate herds through the bridges and tunnels available in the Schmutzer Primate Center zone.

3. Children’s Animal Park

Ragunan Zoo is also friendly to children. This zone is specifically for children so they can enjoy the excitement in Ragunan. In this zone there are children’s favorite animals. In this zone there is also a very large aquarium where the giant Arapaima fish from the Amazon River with a weight of 100 Kg lives.

In the children’s animal park zone there are also slides, spider webs, swings and other games that children can play.

4. Rides around Ragunan

The Ragunan manager also provides various facilities that can be rented out to get around the zoo. Ragunan rents out single bikes and double bikes to get around. There is also a traveling train that can be ridden with relatives and family. Then there are also Bendi Horses and Riding Horses which can be used to go around in the Ragunan area.

5. Water rides

There are also water rides for those who want to find freshness playing on the lake. Ragunan provides a Goose Boat that can be climbed. The manager also provides a tour around the lake using a raft.

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That was information about the Ragunan entrance ticket along with all the rides in it. Ragunan Zoo can be an option for a tour if you are in the Jakarta area. Regards traveling!