History of the Suramadu Bridge, Complete Information on Location and Tours

The Suramadu Bridge, which stretches along the Madura Strait and connects the islands of Java and Madura Island, has been named the longest bridge in Indonesia. Behind its architectural splendor, the journey of this bridge since it was initiated until it was opened to the public is quite long.

This special bridge has also remodeled and developed itself a lot so that it becomes one of the attractions of the pride of the Madurese people. Curious about the complete info? Come on, see the article below until it’s finished.

Typical 3 Part Construction

suramadu bridge
Suramadu Bridge (Photo by alidesta.wordpress.com)

The name Suramadu is taken from the word “Surabaya-Madura”. The length of the Suramadu Bridge is the farthest compared to other bridges in Indonesia. Become the longest bridge in Indonesiathe length of the Suramadu Bridge reaches 5,438 meters with a width of 30 meters and a height of 146 meters.

The bridge itself is divided into three parts, namely, the overpass or causeway, link or approach bridge and the main part or play bridge.

Overpass or bridge section causeway is the part that connects the bridge with the mainland. There are 36 flyover spans or 1,458 meters long on the Java Island (Surabaya) side and 45 flyover spans or 1,818 meters long on the Madura Island (Bangkalan) side.

The connecting bridge section serves to connect the flyover and the main bridge. This section has two sections with a length of 672 meters each.

The main bridge, as the name implies, is in the middle of construction. In the main part there is free space as high as 35 meters as a way for shipping ships around the Madura Strait.

As additional information, the bridge was built with funds reaching 4.5 billion rupiah and the construction time was almost 10 years. You can read more details about the history of the Suramadu Bridge below.

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Construction and History of the Suramadu Bridge

The history of this bridge began in 1960 from Prof.’s idea. Dr. Ir Sedyatmo, a prominent Indonesian civil engineer during the era of President Soekarno.

He was also the one who created the chicken claw construction that is used today. This idea was sparked because the Professor wanted to speed up the journey between Java Island and Madura Island.

However, the pre-feasibility study only started under President Soeharto’s leadership. To start rebuilding, the Nusa Bakti Team was formed. This task force is a combination of experts from two countries, namely Indonesia and Japan.

Unfortunately, in 1997 the construction of the bridge was stopped temporarily due to the monetary crisis that hit the world and Indonesia. Until 5 years later, President Megawati Soekarnoputri resumed the construction of the Suramadu Bridge. Recorded on August 20, 2003, process ground breaker started.

This bridge was finally completed on March 1 2009 and was inaugurated on June 10 2009 during the era of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s leadership.

With a long and complicated process, the construction of this bridge is still being carried out with the aim of increasing the economy of the Madura region which is quite lagging behind other regions in East Java.

In fact, this infrastructure development succeeded in increasing the economic sector of the Madura region. In order for this effort to be maximally successful, toll roads or special roads for motorbikes are also added and toll road management, which was previously paid for.

Various Suramadu Bridge Tours

Seeing the enthusiasm of local residents, this bridge has developed into an attractive tourist area that could be vacation alternative you are a family.

One of the entertainment that you can look forward to is Suramadu Festival. This celebration has been held since May 2017.

This festival contains a variety of artistic, cultural, culinary entertainment and marathon running competitions. Performances that you can watch include cow races, batik bazaars, Ghil Ghil music, cow sonok shows and various types of traditional dances.

Various dances that you can see at this festival include the Muang Sangkal Dance, the Gethak Mask Dance and the Duplang Dance. Meanwhile, there are various kinds of typical Madurese culinary delights that you can try, including Soto Madura, Rujakan, Bebek Singke and so on.

However, until now there is still no further information whether the Suramadu Festival will be held this year because Indonesia is still in a pandemic alert position.

Bridge Tour by Day

The view on the Suramadu Bridge during the day is no less beautiful. Looking at the expanse of the waters of the Madura Strait and the traditional boats passing by provide pleasure for the tourists who come.

Because of that, many people who come always want to take pictures behind the bridge and the view of the Madura Strait. So, Advontura friends, don’t want to lose.

Night Suramadu Bridge Tour

The panorama of this bridge at night is very beautiful. The main part of the bridge which is supported by two towers will be lit up at night.

The lights along the toll road are turned on, making your night even more memorable. Moreover, accompanied by loved ones or while eating food stalls at each end of the bridge.

The location of the Suramadu Bridge

This bridge is located in the Madura Strait and connects the islands of East Java, Surabaya and Madura Island, Bangkalan. Precisely located on the Suramadu Toll Road, Tang Wei, Kenjeran, Surabaya, East Java.

Thus our discussion today about the Suramadu Bridge which is full of stories. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who want to find your next vacation option. See you in another discussion!

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