Heha Ocean View, Hits Tourist Destinations on the Edge of Gunung Kidul Beach

Ticket price: IDR 15,000 Operational hour: 09.00-21.00 WIB, Address: Bolang, Girikarto, Panggang, Kab. Gunung Kidul, DI Yogyakarta; Folder: Location Check

Ever heard of a tourist attraction called Heha Ocean View? If not, then you must listen to our review on this occasion. Actually it is not natural if you have not heard the name of the tourist destination because now many people are talking about it. However, it became natural when this tourist spot with a beautiful panorama of the South Coast was only inaugurated in February 2021 yesterday.

Yogyakarta always gives surprises in terms of tourism, as evidenced by the many new tourist objects that are instant hits. This time the location is in Gunung Kidul and it is still the same concept as Heha Sky View. It’s just that it’s not the view of the city lights and the beauty of the city setting that is presented, but a combination of the beach and the high cliffs next to it.

Its wide location allows visitors to take advantage of all the existing facilities. Apart from cliffs and beaches, this tourist attraction also offers various photo spots with natural panoramas, especially the South Beach. For those of you who are still confused with choice of attractions to be visited on vacation, there’s no harm in placing Heha Ocean View on the top order list.

The attraction that Heha Ocean View has

The attraction of Heha Ocean View Gunung Kidul
Image Credit: Google Maps Novia Moliana Saragih

There is a reason why this tourist attraction is always crowded. The reason in question is none other than its attractiveness. As with other tourist attractions, there is always something interesting and also attracts tourists. For this time, what are the attractions? Let’s look at the following reviews together!

1. Beautiful View of the Beach and Cliffs

As said earlier, the Heha Ocean View location is built on a large area of ​​land that is by the beach. At the same location there is also a cliff which is also another beautiful sight. Not infrequently tourists who take advantage of these cliffs to see the sights of the South Beach.

How not, the view from above is very beautiful and amazes anyone. The waves that wash over the cliffs are clearly beautiful, even though they are a little scary. The rolling waves from a distance that never stop also looks amazing. Moreover, there is a sea breeze which sometimes makes the atmosphere more serene.

Still haven’t stopped seeing the beauty along the coastline, the shady trees that surround the location make the feel beautiful and cool. The green color of the trees above the cliff looks more like bushes or moss. The contours of the cliffs that are similar to the hills are also another sight worth witnessing.

2. Attractive Photo Spot Heha Ocean View

The next attraction of Heha Ocean View is the many photo spots that are sure to be interesting. Some spots also look unique by using concepts that exist abroad. An example is Santorini which is one of the beautiful islands in Greece. Typical white and blue colors really give the feel of the original.

There is also a hot air balloon called Heha Air Baloon. This spot is one of the most favorite for tourists. Not just a replica, but indeed a real hot air balloon that can be climbed. But of course it cannot fly like a hot air balloon as a means of transportation.

If you want a photo background with a romantic feel, there’s the Pink Horizon which is a simple building. Nevertheless, the concept taken remains an attraction. Especially if you take the background of the South Beach, where you can see the horizon or the sea line that is directly connected to the sky.

3. As a place to see the sunset

Heha Ocean View also has another attraction, namely as a place to see the sunset. It is very clear to see because of its location directly facing the direction the sun is retreating, namely to the west. The orange color of the setting sun combined with the bluish sea water is a sight not to be missed.

More clearly if you witness this beauty from the top of the cliff. The beam of light doesn’t want to be blocked by the high cliffs in the location. Visitors who want to see this natural panorama mostly come in the afternoon. They usually relax while enjoying food while waiting for the beauty that is sure to come when the weather is clear.

Address and Route to Location

Address Heha Ocean View Gunung Kidul
Image Credit: Google Maps Aristiono

Make sure you head to the address Bolang, Girikarto, Panggang, Gunung Kidul, In Yogyakarta, if you want to visit. The location is about 45 kilometers from downtown Jogja. This distance can normally be covered in about 90 minutes, depending on road conditions and vehicle speed.

Heha Ocean View is not far from other tourist locations, such as Gesin Beach and Nguluran. You can take the route to Jalan Nasional III which ends in Wonosari. After arriving at the Gading T-junction, take a right until you pass Paliyan and end at Panggang area. To make it easier, make sure to follow the signs at the last location in question.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Operating Hours

The beauty that is presented does not mean that the ticket price is expensive. For a class of tourist destinations with various attractions and advantages, the price offered is quite cheap. There is a distribution of ticket prices according to the day of visit. For Monday to Friday, you only need to pay a fee of 15,000 rupiah.

For visitors who come to Heha Ocean View on Sundays or weekends, the ticket price is 20,000 rupiah. Please note, these prices still do not include several available photo spots. Each spot has its own entrance ticket, depending on the beauty and panorama presented. In general, the price is still in the range of 10,000 – 30,000 rupiah.

Interesting Activities to Do

Activities Heha Ocean View Gunung Kidul
Image Credit: Google Maps Ade Setiawan

Almost every activity in this tourist location is always interesting to do. It cannot be denied that most of the visitors who come certainly want to hunt for photo spots with natural panoramas. For more details, we have summarized some interesting activities to do when visiting Heha Ocean View.

1. Photo spot hunting

Photo activities are mandatory when visiting tourist destinations, especially with beautiful panoramas. Managers cleverly add photo spots so that visitors feel at home for long. Apart from the spots mentioned in the attraction above, there is much more that you need to know.

Terra Cruve is a building that takes the backdrop of the high seas. In another corner, there is a cliff that forms a barrier between the sea and the land. This spot is even prettier with the dominant white building design, resulting in brighter photo colors.

Spot Rainbow is no less interesting even though the building is simple. The concept taken is the rainbow, where there are layered gates with color variants. You can take photos by entering into the gate. The ocean background is one of the natural factors that makes photos more beautiful.

Among the existing photo spots, Heha Air is a dream for every tourist. There is a plane placed on top of the building facing directly to the sea. You can take pictures while boarding the plane with views of the beach and cliffs. You don’t need the best pose because the wind sometimes makes the photo more aesthetic.

2. Watching the Beauty of the Sunset

As said earlier, Heha Ocean View also offers a beautiful panorama of the sunset. The glow of the sun that slowly turns orange becomes a unique sight in itself. You can relax while enjoying food at a café or restaurant near the location.

If you don’t have much time and just want to witness this natural charm, it’s better to come in the afternoon. However, it would be better if you came to hunt for the photo spots mentioned above.

3. Reflexology

Tired after walking around the relatively wide Heha Ocean View location? Please come to Heha Reflexology. These facilities provide reflexology services that are comfortable and can relieve soreness. Professional workers are ready to serve you as well as possible and massage the point where the cause of fatigue is felt.

The building of this facility is large and many experts are available. So you don’t need to stand in line when you want to feel a relaxing massage from them. However, this does not include entrance tickets, so you need to pay an additional fee in accordance with applicable regulations.

4. Delicious Culinary Tour

It’s not complete if you haven’t enjoyed the typical dishes at tourist sites, including Heha Ocean View. Especially if beautiful tourist attraction It offers a variety of delicious menus, from heavy meals to snacks. Not only that, there are also various drinks available at quite cheap prices.

The concept used is the Beach Club, so you are free to choose the available seats. Most of them are in the form of reclining chairs with tables equipped with large white umbrellas typical of the beach. While enjoying your meal, you can feel the cool beach breeze and also enjoy the beautiful waves chasing.

5. Hunt for Jogja Typical Souvenirs

Don’t forget the family members who are at home, you can bring them typical Jogja souvenirs. Apart from souvenirs in the form of snacks, there are also types of goods in the form of souvenirs. Most of them are handicrafts with high artistic value. However, the price is relatively cheap because the materials used are made of wood or rattan.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Facilities Heha Ocean View Gunung Kidul
Image Credit: Twitter Wego Indonesia

The management properly planned the construction of Heha Ocean View and paid attention to every detail, including the facilities. Some of the facilities that are the right of tourists, namely a large parking area with safe conditions. In addition, there are toilets as a place for self-cleaning and also a prayer room as a place of worship.

Not only that, there is also an area specifically used to relax while hanging out enjoying the scenery. In terms of facilities to fill the stomach, there are cafes, restaurants, angkringan, and drink corners scattered at several points. A park that is not too big is also a facility that you can enjoy with your group.

At certain times, there is an entertainment stage which is usually filled with local bands. Although not a mandatory facility, at least their presence can entertain visitors a little. Never forget the photo spot facilities discussed above. This time, you need to provide more budget because most of the spots are not free.

Is the explanation above enough to make a reason to visit? Best time to visit Haha Ocean View in Gunung Kidul, namely when the weather is sunny. Try to come in the morning or evening because the air at the location is not too hot. Evening is also the best time, but for photo spots it is definitely less memorable because there is no natural panorama of the ocean.