Happy Swimming Pool, A Perfect Place to Visit on Weekends!

The Happy Pool is one tourist attraction which is located in Medan and popular for the people there.

Medan is one of the big cities in Indonesia with a large population.

The Happy Swimming Pool can be a solution to get rid of fatigue weekend after a few days busy with work.

As the name implies, this ‘happy’ accessory can be obtained after visiting this tourist attraction.

If you are curious to visit it, first see the full explanation about the Happy Swimming Pool below!

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Happy Pool Atmosphere

Happy Pool

Photo: Happy Swimming Pool (Instagram @kolamrenangbahagia)

Happy Swimming Pool is suitable for all people, from children to adults.

The manager of this tourist spot provides swimming pool with various levels of depth.

The manager provides a pool that is deep enough for adults and a shallow pool for children to play in the water.

This place is quite clean and the pool water tends to be clean.

The design is pretty good too.

So, the children must have lingered here for a long time.

At the Happy Swimming Pool, Moms and Dads can not only enjoy fresh pool water when swimming.

This place also provides a surfboard that can be used to slide from the top to the pool.

This is the arena that children like the most, because it is very exciting and fun.

However, make sure Moms and Dads accompany them so that dangerous things don’t happen.

Activities at the Happy Pool

Activities that can be done at the Happy Swimming Pool also tend to vary.

Moms and Dads don’t only get wet, but they can too hunting photo.

Pool could be background wefie with family, so it creates an exciting and fun impression.

The Happy Swimming Pool also provides good photo spots and is familiar to visitors.

The photo spot here is a Singapore-style white lion statue.

Similar to the original, the lion statue in the Happy Pool can also spit water from its mouth.

Apart from swimming and wefie, there is also a large bucket filled with water here.

When the water is full, the bucket will spill down with running water.

Moms, Dads and Little Ones can wait under it until the water in the bucket is full, and feel the excitement when the water splashes over the body.

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Happy Swimming Pool Locations and Entrance Tickets

The Happy Swimming Pool is located at Jalan Happy By Pass, Sudirejo II, Medan City, North Sumatra, 20226.

This swimming pool is very easy to reach, because it is located in the middle of Medan City.

Moms can also look for it through Google Maps.

This place operates from 07.15 WIB to 17.00 WIB.

Entrance tickets to these tourist attractions are priced quite cheap, namely Rp. 10,000 from Monday to Friday and Rp. 12.00 for Saturday and Sunday.

Meanwhile, on national holidays, the Happy Swimming Pool entrance ticket is priced at IDR 15,000.

Up here, are Moms and Dads interested in visiting it?

If not, see what are the benefits of swimming for the health of the body!

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Benefits of Swimming for Body Health


Photo: Swimming (Istockphoto)

1. Maintain Heart Health

Beam is an effective way to maintain organ health heart and lungs.

The reason, this activity can improve blood circulation in the body and increase the body’s ability to use oxygen.

That way, swimming not only has the potential to improve heart health, but also maintains healthy lung function.

The benefits are able to prevent from disease strokes and a heart that harms the body.

2. Increases Muscle Flexibility

Swimming requires cooperation between hand and foot movements to maintain body balance on the surface of the water.

Almost all muscles in the body move to fight the pressure in the water so as not to sink.

So, because of that, swimming can improve flexibility and muscle mass body.

For those who have large calves, swimming can reduce and tighten these muscles.

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3. Lose Weight

Swimming for 1 hour can burn around 500 to 650 calories stored in the body.

For that reason, swimming can be the sport of choice for those who want to lose weight.

Swimming can also reduce the size of the stomach by reducing the amount of fat in it.

4. Reducing Stress

stress is a condition that everyone has experienced.

One effective way to relieve it is by swimming.

Swimming can relax the muscles of the body and make the brain more relaxed.


Photo: Swimming (Istockphoto)

5. Relieves Arthritis

Arthritis cause pain that can affect the inhibition of daily activities.

In order to reduce the intensity of the pain, Moms and Dads can swim regularly.

Another benefit is improving joint function.

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6. Coping with Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves make it difficult for sufferers to carry out daily activities and lie down more.

If left alone, a pinched nerve can weaken the muscles and make the joints in the body tense up.

Swimming can overcome these complaints.

Movement in the water can build back muscles and the spine becomes more relaxed.

That’s a review of the Happy Swimming Pool and the benefits of swimming for body health.

If you want to get the benefits above, Moms and Dads can do it regularly every week.