Happy Farm Ciwidey, Favorite Recreational Park & ​​Educational Facilities in Bandung

Ticket price: IDR 10,000 Operational hour: 08.00-22.00 WIB Address: Jl. Raya Ciwidey No. km 33.7, Panundaan, Kec. Ciwidey, Kab. Bandung West Java.; Folder: Location Check

Visiting natural attractions combined with education seems interesting, especially for children. Happy Farm Ciwidey is one of those places. This tourist attraction is made specifically for those who want to experience the adventure of playing while learning. It turns out that it’s not only for children, but also many adults who are having fun playing here.

Its location at an altitude makes the atmosphere more beautiful. Ciwidey itself is one of the areas in Bandung which is quite high when viewed from its geographical location. Apart from being cool and beautiful, the beautiful view of the trees and gardens is one of its main attractions.

This tourist attraction in Bandung is never empty of visitors. On certain days many groups of tourists come from school institutions. That doesn’t mean it’s not for the public, even those of you who bring a family group can visit it. But before that, make sure to visit on the right day, meaning on days that are not too crowded with tourists.

The Attraction of Happy Farm Ciwidey

Attraction Owned by Happy Farm Ciwidey
Image Credit: Google Maps Catharina Rumawas

The reason why many visit Happy Farm Ciwidey every day is none other than its attractiveness. A unique tourism concept, for example, not many have implemented it. Of course not only that, there are still various attractions that make you feel at home for long.

1. Rabbit garden

For children, adorable animals like rabbits certainly have their own charm. Especially if they are allowed to interact directly with these cute animals. This attraction is not the only one, but it can be considered as the main one. This is evident from the large number of visitors who always throng the Rabbit Park area.

In fact, not only children who like rabbits, but also adults. In general, animal lovers often make this area a special place to pay attention to rabbit behavior. Apart from playing directly like chasing or carrying, you can also provide food that is specially obtained from the manager.

2. Mini Zoo

The next attraction of Happy Farm Ciwidey Bandung is the mini zoo. As the name suggests, not a large collection of animals are found here. In addition, the type of animal in question is also specific, only in the form of livestock such as goats, cows and horses. This area is called Petting Zoo, so visitors can only see it from outside the cage.

Interestingly, there is a feeding session if you arrive on time. The type of food itself is adjusted and when you enter it is free. The existence of a mini zoo makes this tourist spot even more interesting to visit. Moreover, you can teach children how to care for and love animals by feeding them.

3. Candy House

The Attraction of Happy Farm Ciwidey
Image Credit: Google Maps Rita Rahmawati

Almost all of the attractions of Happy Farm Ciwidey are specifically for children. Apart from those previously mentioned, the Candy House ride is also one of them. From the name, it is known that this place is a candy house, where there are many kinds of candy in it.

Built on an area of ​​10×5 meters, children are pampered with a combination of pink and blue concepts. Of the many types of candies that decorate, Cotton Candy is the most favorite. You and your children can make this vehicle a beautiful photo object. In addition, there is a sweet arum making course which is included in one entrance ticket package.

4. As Educational Tourism

Of all the attractions mentioned, it can be concluded that Happy Farm Ciwidey is an educational tourist attraction in Bandung that is interesting to visit. With a land area of ​​about 3 hectares, there is a lot of excitement to be had. Of course not only exciting, but also a lot of lessons to be learned.

The open nature concept makes it even more attractive, the beautiful scenery does not escape the eye’s reach. The green and beautiful trees are so refreshing, so is the air. The vast land is very possible to be used as a variety of fun activities, both for children and parents.

5. Flower Garden for Selfie Photo Spots

Not enough with the attractions mentioned above, the flower garden seems to complement the beauty and beauty of Happy Farm Ciwidey. Visitors can see the beautiful colorful flowers from a distance, whether intentional or not. Outside the entrance, this view seems to welcome you.

Various kinds of flowers are here, the colors also vary so as to reveal the perfect beauty. Usually, this park is not only enjoyed for its beauty, but also used as a photo background. You only need to choose which park you want to be the object of the photo, but make sure you don’t enter the fence.

Address and Route to Location

Address of Happy Farm Ciwidey
Image Credit: Google Maps Cha Salsabila

Happy Farm Ciwidey is located on Jalan Raya Ciwidey, Panundaan, Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java. Visiting this family tourist attraction in Bandung is not difficult, because the location is quite strategic. Even though the distance from downtown Bandung is quite far, the route is not too confusing and easy to find.

The distance from Bandung Square is about 35 kilometers with an estimated distance of 1 hour. This is if the road conditions are not jammed, of course it will take longer if you are unlucky because you are stuck in traffic jams. If you are currently in the center of Bandung, take the direction that goes to Si Jalak Harupat Stadium.

Take Alun-alun Soreang for the next route, then head to Jalan Province. The next benchmark is heading to Ciwidey Square and still taking the main road. Then head to Jalan Raya Ciwidey, then turn right when there is an intersection near Alfamart. From this point, please follow the signs, the tourist location is approximately 1 kilometer away.

Happy Farm Ciwidey Entrance Ticket Prices

Happy Farm Ciwidey Entrance Ticket Prices
Image Credit: Google Maps Slamet Riyanto

The Happy Farm entrance ticket price is relatively cheap for one visitor. You only need to spend 10,000 rupiah to enter this tourist area. But please note, the ticket does not include rides and several areas that have been prepared.

For example the Rabbit Park, you have to pay an additional 15,000 rupiah to enter the area. With the stated price, you get two large carrots. Meanwhile, if you want to enter the Candy House rides, you need 20,000 rupiah. This fee does not include costume rental of 20,000 rupiah.

If the total costs that must be spent are quite a lot, but it is guaranteed to get a different holiday sensation. Children will definitely like being invited to take a vacation here, especially since you can come at any time every day. It’s just that make sure to know the operating hours, which are open from 10.00 – 18.00 WIB.

Interesting Activities to Do at Happy Farm Ciwidey

Interesting Activities at Happy Farm Ciwidey
Image Credit: Google Maps Rita Rahmawati

Listening to the reviews about the attractions above, of course you know that there are many things that can be done at Happy Farm Ciwidey. All activities are guaranteed to be fun, both for adults and children.

1. Enjoying the Beauty of Nature

Before doing other activities, it would be nice if you took the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery while at the location. Many objects can soothe the eye, for example, green shady trees and beautiful flower gardens. In addition, the air is clean and far from pollution, so it feels refreshing.

2. Playing with Rabbit

The existence of a rabbit garden at Happy Farm Ciwidey is not only for decoration and attraction. This area includes games that are the most favorite of tourists. Playing with rabbits is an interesting activity. You can hold him while hugging him, but still pay attention to the comfort of these cute animals.

3. Feeding Livestock

Interesting Activities at Happy Farm Ciwidey
Image Credit: Google Maps Redmetic 924

As discussed earlier, you can feed livestock from the Petting Zoo entrance ticket package provided by the committee. The food here is mostly fresh vegetables. If the ration from the manager is not enough, please buy again in the space provided. For children, feeding animals is an unforgettable activity.

4. Photo spot hunting

Overall, Happy Farm Ciwidey has beautiful views when viewed from various angles. This means, you can hunt for photo spots in almost all parts of the location. However, it cannot be denied that the most interesting photo spot is the flower garden. Moreover, there are special facilities in the form of attractively designed benches as the main spot.

5. Horse Riding

The next activity to do when you visit educational attractions in Bandung this is horseback riding. Children will be invited to tour the location according to a predetermined path. There is no need to be afraid of falling or something bad befalling you, because during the trip you are always accompanied by a handler provided by the manager.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Happy Farm Ciwidey facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Adhie Viro

To meet the needs of tourists, Happy Farm Ciwidey provides adequate facilities. For example, a large parking area, toilets and prayer room are still in one location. In addition, there is also a place to eat with a canteen concept if your stomach is hungry. For those who come from out of town, it is not difficult to find lodging places around the location.

From all the explanations above, it can be concluded that this time the tourist attraction is prioritized for children. But you as a parent don’t only see the joy of your baby playing while at the Happy Farm Ciwidey location, but also participate in every activity that is carried out.