Guungan Candidasa Hill, Natural Tourism Hits which are Rich in Enchantment in Karangasem

Ticket price: IDR 5,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Nyuh Tebel, Kec. Karangasem, Kab. Karangasem, Bali; Folder: Location Check

Guungan Candidasa Hill is a natural tourist attraction that is suitable for tourists to visit with the aim of hunting selfie photos. Maybe you yourself are still not familiar with the name, because it is not widely known. But do not rule out in a short time will be increasingly hits and crowded with visitors.

One of the reasons is the exposure of online media which is currently unstoppable. Tourists who had previously come hunting for photos exhibited them on social media, this made other travelers also curious. Indeed, in terms of attractiveness, it cannot be underestimated, its natural beauty is truly enchanting and almost close to perfection.

The tourist attractions that we discussed this time are located in Bali, to be precise at Karangasem. The existence of this tourist attraction at the same time dismisses that Bali is only attractive from its beaches. One thing that is interesting if you visit this place is that you can also see the beauty of the beach. Because the location is on a hill, meaning you watch it from a height.

The Attraction of Guungan Candidasa Hill

Attraction of Guungan Candidasa Hill, Karangasem
Image Credit: Google Maps Boys Trio

We will first discuss the attractiveness of Guungan Candidasa Hill, so that it is predicted that it will get more hits. The natural contours in Bali are indeed many hills as a tourist attraction. Each has a charm that makes it visited by tourists.

1. Green and Beautiful Atmosphere

Because the location is on a hill, the first attraction is of course the beautiful and comfortable atmosphere. Almost all points are filled with shrubs, a small part thrives on grass and weeds as well as plants that are not too big in size. While at the location, a stretch of green grass always accompanies every step of the way.

While at some points it is inhabited by rocks that are quite large. These stones are also not spared from green vegetation that soothes the eye. Not quite up there, the hills that look far in the eye are green. This is because a row of trees that thrives so that it almost covers all the rocks on the hill.

2. Beautiful Views from Altitude

Its location in the highlands automatically makes Guungan Candidasa Hill have a beautiful view. The beauty that is owned is not necessarily found elsewhere. How could I not, in front of the eyes clearly visible beach with the color of the water that is bluish. In the middle of the beach there is a large rock that looks like a small island.

Looking slightly to the side, you are treated to an exotic view of the contours of the land like steps. This terraced land is not terraced as it is only found in rice fields. The steps are indeed original created from natural processes which are characteristic of the hills in Bali.

3. Close to other tourist objects

The view of the beach that is clearly visible from above is not the open sea, but Candidasa Beach. The attraction of Guungan Candidasa Hill is still related to the beach, but this time not from the beautiful scenery. Because of its close location, you can stop by this beautiful beach.

The distance from the beach is about 15 minutes by foot. It will be faster for sure if you ride a motorized vehicle. It’s just that the access road is still not supportive, some of it is in the form of soil filled with gravel. Another tourist attraction that is quite close is the Lotus Lagoon.

Address and Route to Location

Address Bukit Guungan Candidasa Karangasem
Image Credit: Twitter Mas Brooo

The address for Guungan Candidasa Hill is in Nyuh Tebel Village, Karangasem District, Karangasem Regency, Bali. If you are currently in the city center, the distance to be traveled is around 25 kilometers. You can use an alternative route via Jalan Raya Bugbug, then to Jalan Dharmawangsa and Jalan Saren Kauh.

Continue on to Jalan Bungayah Tengah, then turn right onto Jalan Candidasa. Along this road, you will pass the Sang Hyang Ambu Temple, please use it as the main benchmark. Continue along the main road towards the beach, then turn right towards lotus Lagoon. About 800 meters away, turn right at the crossroad.

From this point, please ask local residents, because currently there are not many directions. If you bring your cell phone, take advantage of GPS applications such as Google Maps. This tourist attraction is already on the digital map, all you have to do is type the name of the place or the address mentioned above.

Guungan Candidasa Hill Entrance Ticket Prices

Bukit Guungan Candidasa Karangasem Tickets
Image Credit: Google Maps Son Charisma

After finding a parking location, prepare some money for an entrance ticket. Guungan Candidasa Hill is open to the public and is officially a tourist attraction, so it’s not free. The ticket price itself is still very affordable, which is IDR 5,000 per person. Additional fees for vehicle parking, you can park at Candidasa Beach or near the hill location.

A little additional information, the access road to the hill is not very good. Until now it is still dominated by soil and gravel. For motorbikes it is still possible until you approach the hill. It’s different with cars that can be difficult. In addition, the road is not too wide, so you should be careful.

Interesting Activities to Do on Guungan Hill

Guungan Candidasa Hill Activities Karangasem
Image Credit: Google Maps Well done Megatoro

Guungan Candidasa Hill is a giant mound with all its beauty. Visiting here is guaranteed not to be boring, because there are many activities that can be done. From a variety of activities, here are the most common ones that tourists do while at the location!

1. Climbing the Top of the Hill

Interesting activity recommendations when you visit, namely climbing. No need to imagine a difficult climb with dangerous terrain, because there is a footpath as the main access. The altitude is not too high when compared to the mountains, it only takes at least 15 minutes.

This activity on Guungan Candidasa Hill is very popular for those who like challenges. Because it is quite easy, tourists who come from all walks of life. Not only from men, many women are also able to climb it. The spirit of beauty when arriving at the top is also a motivation.

2. Enjoy the Enchantment of Beautiful Nature

Upon arrival at the top, the activity that can be done is to enjoy its beautiful natural charm. Too bad if this perfect beauty is only underestimated. The beach with clear blue water is the main sight here. The green hills further enhance its charm.

Moreover, the air around the location is very cool, the quality of oxygen is very good. Very few vehicles pass around the site. Enjoying the beautiful atmosphere around the location is generally done under a shady tree. Indeed, not all shady locations are covered with rows of shrubs, but most are quite cool.

3. Camping

The next activity that can be done on Guungan Candidasa Hill is camping. It’s not in the main location of this tourist attraction, but it’s very close. There is a campground specifically for those who want to spend the night. The location is still above the plateau, the atmosphere is cool and cool.

4. Hunting Spot Photos

For those who like photography, this tourist spot is also suitable to visit. This is because of the many beauties that have been mentioned before. Every corner of the location is guaranteed to beautify the appearance of the photo. For example the beach background and green hills which is even prettier when the weather is sunny.

Facilities Available in the Hill Area

Bukit Guungan Candidasa Karangasem facility
Image Credit: Google Maps Decky Novian Saputra

Next, we will discuss the facilities available at Guungan Candidasa Hill, maybe a little less supportive if you are at the top. Facilities are only found in the ticket location area. The facilities in question include parking areas, toilets, and small stalls selling some food and soft drinks.

Visiting natural attractions with beauty as the main attraction is never boring. The benefits obtained are varied, one of which is for healing to refresh the mind. From the review of Guungan Candidasa Hill above, this place is worth a visit as an alternative even though there are minimal facilities.