Get to know the British American Tobacco Building, a Colonial Era Tobacco Factory in Cirebon

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Jl. Pasuketan, Lemahwungkuk, Kec. Lemahwungkuk, Cirebon City, West Java; Folder: Location Check

Cirebon is one of the oldest cities in Indonesia. This can be proven from the many historic buildings in the city, one of which is the British American Tobacco Building or the BAT Building for short. Not just an old building, but the building has a lot of historical value contained in it. For local residents, BAT is often used as a place for historical tourism while enjoying the uniqueness of the building.

From its long history, the building located in the Lemahwungkuk sub-district has become a historic asset for the city government Cirebon. Every day it is visited by many visitors, both in the morning, at dusk, and even at night. The large number of visitors did not only want to enjoy the uniqueness of the building, but also for various other reasons. Unfortunately, visitors cannot go inside to see the contents of the building, only the sensation from the outside is obtained.

However, they are still satisfied with what is presented from outside the building. Not without reason, because some of the alluring attractions around the location are a pity to miss. For those who have never visited or are curious about what charms are provided, please see our full review in the next chapter.

British American Tobacco Building Attraction

British American Tobacco Building Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Muhammad Iqfha Nurhidayat

Each starch object has an attraction so that visitors are willing to come to it. Even though it’s just a building, where you can’t see the inside, the British American Tobacco Building still captivates the hearts of many tourists. Starting from the historical value to the uniqueness of the building, everything is interesting to watch.

1. Historical Value

The building on the edge of the highway was first built during the colonial era, in 1917 to be precise by the Indo Egyptian Cigarettes Company. It’s just that, in 1924 money was renovated by two architects named Eduard Cuypers and Hulswit. One year later, in 1925 to be precise, this building was purchased by a well-known tobacco company, PT British American Tobacco. There are separate reasons why the company is eyeing the BAT Building, one of which is the building area.

In 1930, the cigarette company from the USA set a record which is still being held today. The record is in the production of cigarettes, a day can produce 17.5 million cigarettes during its heyday. Then in 1943, production activities had stopped, to be precise during the 2nd world war. This is because the British American Tobacco Building was taken over by the Japanese government.

It didn’t last long, in 1949, the cigarette company began to be active again with a new name, namely BAT Manufacture Indonesia Limited. After a long period of operation and due to various factors, this cigarette factory from America finally stopped operating in 2010. All production equipment was moved so that the inside room was empty. Because of this long history, the Cirebon city government has made it a historical site.

2. Uniqueness of the Building

The next attraction of the building is quite unique with an Art Deco design. Visitors can clearly see the style from outside the building. There is an inscription ‘Anno 1924’ in one part which indicates the first time the building was renovated. The building area is about 1 hectare with two levels. The classic style is clear from the roof which is still tiled to this day.

All the walls were painted white, only the words ‘Anno 1924’ were given a black background with white writing. With these colors, who would have thought that at dusk it has an amazing light effect from the sun’s rays. It is not surprising that many tourists spend more time visiting the British American Tobacco Building in the afternoon.

3. Peace of Atmosphere

Even though it is located on the edge of the highway, it can be said that there are no passing vehicles. This silence turns out to be the main attraction for tourists. Especially in the morning or evening, you can relax while waiting for the sunset to reflect its rays on the walls.

The sidewalk beside the building is quite wide, visitors are free and safe to sit and relax on site. Next to the sidewalk there are pots with green trees adorning them. The benefits are of course not only as decoration, but also to make the air cooler and fresher. Overall, the atmosphere at the British American Tobacco Building is quite peaceful and calm, suitable as an alternative to relaxation tourism.

Not only in the morning and evening, at night there are also quite a lot of visitors. The decorative lights around the building have their own charm. Susana cool and cold so felt as soon as you arrive at the location. On the roadside there are many food vendors with various full menus, so there is no need to bring supplies when heading to the building.

Address and Route to Location

British American Tobacco Building Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Nadia

Administratively, the BAT building is located on Jl. Pasuketan, Lemahwungkuk, Lemahwungkuk District, Cirebon City, West Java. The location is next to Bank Mandiri and Cirebon Mall, so it’s not difficult to find. You can use public or private transportation to get to the location. Both are easily accessible by road very well, as they are on major highways.

If you are traveling from the Palimanan toll gate, please take the direction to Jalan Dr. Setiabudi to the Cileunyi-Palimanan route. Direct the vehicle to Jalan Tuparev which passes through Jalan Kartini until you arrive at Jalan Sisingamangaraja. Next, please turn the vehicle when you are at the Simpang Harbor roundabout. Not far from that point, you will cross Jalan Pasuketan, which is the location of the British American Tobacco Building.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

British American Tobacco Building Ticket Prices
Image Credit: Twitter 黄慧琳

Even though it has various attractions and advantages, there is no access to enter the building, visitors only enjoy the outside. That is, there is no retribution fee that must be incurred, or free. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any costs incurred.

You are still required to pay a parking fee of 2,000 rupiah for motorbikes, and 5,000 rupiah for cars. Apart from that, there are also other costs if you want to enjoy culinary or games around the location.

Interesting Activities to Do in Historical Buildings

Activities in Historical Buildings
Image Credit: Google Maps Typhoon Typhoon

The British American Tobacco Building offers a variety of interesting activities to do. Of course, every tourist attraction is the same which is also the main attraction. The activities carried out by most visitors are almost the same. For those of you who are still confused and don’t have that picture, the following activity ideas might be an option!

1. Enjoy the uniqueness of the building

Every tourist visiting the BAT Building is almost certain to have the main goal of enjoying the uniqueness of the building. Some of the unique things that have been mentioned above are able to attract some visitors. Especially if the area is about 1 hectare, you can be satisfied to enjoy its beauty while walking around the building.

2. Jogging

When you come in the morning or evening, many visitors come just for a leisurely run or jog. The location of the sidewalk which is wide enough allows you to do this activity. Especially if the roads around the British American Tobacco Building are rarely traversed by motorized vehicles, so they are still classified as pollution-free. In the afternoon, there are other interesting things that can also be seen while running leisurely, namely enjoying the sunset that illuminates the walls of the building.

3. Cycling

This activity cannot be done for tourists who come far from the location. However, for local tourists, cycling is a mandatory activity when the weekend arrives. Quiet roads are the main reason for them to keep pedaling their bicycles safely. A comfortable and serene atmosphere also doesn’t forget to always accompany every swing of the bicycle that is pedaled.

4. Take photos

Interesting Activities in Historical Buildings
Image Credit: Google Maps Gilang Primada

What activities must be done when traveling? Of course take pictures. This is what you can also do while in the British American Tobacco Building. In fact, most visitors have the main goal of making the background of the building a photo. Too bad if this unique building is not visible when you are visiting it. At night, the background of the decorative lights around the building is also beautiful and not to be missed.

5. Culinary Tourism

Apart from the activities mentioned above, you can hunt for culinary delights in the BAT Building. Not only typical Cirebon food, but also various snacks with delicious flavors. There are also modern types of food in several neatly lined stalls. In order to get a more complete menu, please come from evening to night. Because at that time, almost all stalls began to open and carry out selling activities.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

British American Tobacco Building Facilities
Image Credit: Facebook Anang Abudin

Technically, visitors do not get facilities from the management of the BAT Building. It’s just that around the location, you can take advantage of various existing facilities. The facilities in question are toilets, a mosque as a place of worship, and also a parking lot.

Almost along the road of the tourist location there are also food stalls and drink sellers. For those who bring their families, please enjoy the facilities in the form of a children’s playground. Most of these facilities do have to incur additional costs, but they are not too expensive and still affordable.

Its easily accessible location makes the British American Tobacco Building always crowded with visitors. This building is open every day for 24 hours, but for those of you who like crowds, please come on weekends. Always maintain cleanliness and regulations made for safety and comfort together.