Gesing Beach, a beautiful beach flanked by two exotic cliffs in Gunung Kidul

Ticket price: IDR 5,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Bolang, Girikarto, Kec. Bake, Kab. Gunung Kidul, DI Yogyakarta; Folder: Location Check

Yogyakarta, or what is also known as Jogja, is not only a city with a million campuses. Also not only as a Gudeg city in terms of culinary tourism. This special area is also known for its natural attractions in the form of beaches that offer enchanting natural views, one of which is Gesing Beach in Gunung Kidul. The location is in Girikarto Village, which is also not far from other tourist attractions in the form of beaches.

This beautiful beach is still empty of visitors and is perfect for relaxation. The lack of visitors is not due to a lack of attractions, but because the place is far from downtown Jogja. In terms of attractiveness, this beach actually provides a number of things that other beach tourism does not have. Of course what is meant is from charming exoticism.

Still in a coastal area which is also used as a place for fishermen to dock, the area of ​​Gesing Beach is relatively small. Even much smaller than the tourist sites that are next to it. However, the natural panorama that is presented is truly amazing, flanked by two karan cliffs on the west and east sides. If you stand in the middle of the beach, a beautiful view like an octopus’s head captivates anyone who visits.

The Attraction of Gesing Beach

Gesing Beach Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Iwan J Prasetyo

There are other factors, of course, why this tourist attraction is still empty of visitors. Apart from being quite far away, this place is still lacking in promotion. Only relying on word of mouth promotion so that it is certain that it will take a long time to reach tourists outside the area. However, by discussing the following attractions, hopefully it will indirectly promote Gesing Beach so that many will visit in the future!

1. Amazing Beach Exoticism

Every tourist who visits must have heard or seen the overall beauty of Gesing Beach. It was said earlier that the location is flanked by two giant cliffs. Above the cliff grows lush bushes that look like green moss from a distance.

On one of the cliffs, there is a small cavity at the bottom with small rock ornaments. Visitors can explore the place if they want something challenging. But it is hoped that you will be careful because the rocks that have been submerged in sea water for a long time are definitely slippery. Not to mention the sharp rocks that are ready to make your feet hurt, at least the skin peels off.

Not only that, the beauty that tourists get, the clear sea water is also a special attraction. It is clear that the water which is on the edge of the beautiful beach in Gunung Kidul is turquoise green, while protruding slightly towards the sea turns blue. This color gradation not only looks exotic, but also as a marker of differences in the depth of sea water.

2. The uniqueness of the two flanking cliffs

The distinctive feature of Gesing Beach is that there are two flanking cliffs, as said before. The cliff seems to be a lifeguard who is always ready to carry out his duties. From the top of the cliff, you can see a variety of beautiful views, such as the high seas and views of the coast from above.

Even more interesting because the management has built facilities to support the needs of visitors in terms of photography. There are several photo spots with a beach charm background. You can use these free facilities for selfies or capturing holiday moments. Meanwhile, there is a point on the cliff which also presents a panoramic view of the cliff next to it.

3. Close to Other Beach Tourism Locations

It cannot be denied that another attraction of Gesing Beach is its location which is close to other beach tourism. Along the way when you get to the location, there are also many other beaches with their own natural beauty. Tourists who feel satisfied visiting beach one can move to the beach which is our main topic this time.

Conversely, there are also those who intend to visit this beach, then continue their holiday activities to other beaches next to it. Among the beaches in question are Ngluen Beach and Need Beach. Please visit the location if you have never visited it at all.

Address and Route to Location

Address Gesing Gunung Kidul
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As said before, the location of Gesing Beach is quite far from the center of Jogja. The distance you have to travel is about 45 kilometers and takes 1 hour to 1.5 hours. As an initial guide, please direct the vehicle to Girikarto, Bolang, Panggang, Gunung Kidul, In Yogyakarta.

A little additional information, it is recommended to use a private vehicle to go to the location. This is due to the lack of access to public transportation that goes directly to tourist sites. If it is not possible to bring a private vehicle, please rent a travel service that can be found in the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

The fastest route is via Jalan Imogiri once you are in downtown Jogja. Direct the vehicle to the Selopamioro area until you arrive at Sawah Warak Elementary School. Continue the journey to the Bolang area, then follow the signs that direct you to Gesing Beach.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Gesing Beach Ticket Prices
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Even though it is still quiet, this tourist location has been managed properly by the government assisted by local residents. So don’t be surprised if you are charged an entrance fee that is used for the development of tourist sites. The price is quite cheap for the sensation of an unforgettable beautiful experience, only 5,000 rupiah for one visitor.

If you bring a private vehicle, there are other costs that must be incurred for parking or for vehicle storage. Motorcycles or two wheels are subject to a tariff of 2,000 rupiah, while cars are only 5,000 rupiah. Some photo spots are also priced at a certain rate, but the average is still around 5,000 rupiah.

Interesting Activities to Do at Gesing Beach

Activities at Gesing Beach
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Do you already have an idea of ​​what to do when you arrive at the exotic beach in Gunung Kidul? Don’t just be stunned by its natural charm, there are lots of exciting activities that you can do. Here are some of them!

1. Playing with Gesing Beach Sand

Playing is one of the mandatory activities when you visit a tourist attraction in the form of a beach. Of course, this activity is not only for children, but also adults. A simple but fun game is building. Of course, the location should not be too close to the shoreline because the building could be destroyed by the waves.

2. The Excitement of Swimming and Playing Water

Because the tour this time is in the form of water, sea water to be precise, the interesting activity is, of course, swimming. This activity is quite safe to do because the waves at Gesing Beach are not too high. This is because there are two cliffs that squeeze it so that the waves cannot reach the beach location.

Apart from swimming, it is also interesting to do just getting wet or playing in the water. While joking with your family and children, you can be satisfied playing in the clear and beautiful water. However, please be careful when doing this activity. You can see the depth of the water from the color gradations that are clearly visible around the shoreline.

3. Fishing at Fishermen’s Favorite Spot

It is reported that Gesing Beach was once used as a shooting location for a television program in the sport fishing category. It can be said that it is natural because there are indeed many exciting spots for fishing. Accompanied by a boat captain who is also a local resident and boat owner, you will be taken to a spot where there are lots of big fish of various types.

In general, the fish caught from fishing are barramundi and grouper. To catch both types of fish, it is advisable to bring live shrimp bait which can be purchased at several places not far from tourist sites. Unfortunately, there are no places to rent fishing equipment charming beach this, so you can bring your own from home. Local residents only provide boat rides that can be rented at an agreed price.

4. Hunt for Culinary Sea Food

Interesting Activities at Gesing Beach
Image Credit: Google Maps Achmad Soleh Amirudin

Fishermen who go to sea and bring their catch will be sold to middlemen or stalls around Gesing Beach. Thus, you can have a delicious culinary tour of this type of seafood. Starting from shrimp, crabs, catfish, white snapper, and even grouper with maximum delicacy you can enjoy on this enchanting beach.

The price tag is still relatively cheap, no more than 50,000 for a portion of fish with a fairly large size. Especially if you can choose the processed food that is provided, including grilled fish, chili fried fish, or types of dishes with typical Jogja sauce. Besides being able to enjoy it directly, you can also bring home fresh fish at the auction which is not far from the beach.

5. Take Pictures with Stunning Panoramas

Every tourist who comes to Gesing Beach cannot be separated from photography activities. Especially if an antique spot is available that supports more perfect photo results. Among the many spots provided, the bridge of love is the most favorite. The bridge that was built on the rocks of the cliff is quite long with two panoramas at once.

First, of course, the stunning beauty of the beach, then the cliffs soaring high and dashingly. All bridge construction is made of wood with a red color on the fence. For photo spots this time, visitors are not charged additional fees because they are free to use for free.

Of course, a beautiful spot that should not be forgotten is when you are on the beach. The view of the high cliffs from below looks very beautiful and seems more manly. Especially when the clear color of the water also adorns the background of your photo.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Gesing Beach Facilities
Image Credit: Instagram Zana’s Archive

Gesing Beach provides various supporting facilities for the convenience of visitors. Important facilities that you can use are toilets, changing rooms, and a prayer room. Those who bring private vehicles can also enjoy parking facilities at an adjusted rate. In addition, there are also food stalls that complement the existing facilities. For sea transportation, there are fishing boats that can be rented, both when fishing or just going around the sea.

After you know the various attractions and exciting activities that can be done, maybe the long distance is no longer an excuse. The beauty of Gesing Beach in Gunung Kidul deserves to be included in the list of visiting natural tourist destinations. Especially if the price of admission is quite affordable, even below the standard price of a tourist attraction.