Gembleng Waterfall, a Beautiful Natural Tourism Object in Karangasem

Ticket price: IDR 15,000 Operational hour: 07.00–17.00 WITA, Address: Tri Eka Buana, Kec. Sidemen, Kab. Karangasem, Bali; Folder: Location Check

Bali is known as an island that can always spoil tourists when visiting. Not only from the beach, but also natural attractions in the form of waterfalls. This time we will discuss the Gembleng Waterfall which is located at Karangasem. The main attraction of this tour is the infinity pool which gives the sensation of soaking as if it were your own.

When discussing Bali, of course it cannot be separated from the beaches and culture. There are many beautiful beaches with panoramic views of each. Even if you have visited all of them, it is possible that you will want to visit again. Let’s just say that her charm makes you miss and miss to be seen again.

From a cultural point of view, the people of Bali are still upholding the principles of life that were passed down from their ancestors. Call it Melukat or the tradition of self-cleaning which is carried out in a pond or waterfall. Until now this tradition is still inherited and one of them is carried out at the Gembleng Waterfall which we discussed.

The Attraction of Gumbleng Waterfall

Attraction of Gumbleng Waterfall Karangasem
Image Credit: Google Maps Carlos

All tourist objects certainly have an attraction that captivates travelers from various regions. This attraction can be of various kinds, some in the form of natural beauty, unique location, to a comfortable atmosphere for holidays.

1. Three Steps Waterfall

Indeed there are many waterfalls that are found in various regions, including in Bali. But not all of them have beautiful steps as their charm. Most only offer the charm of falling water from a height through a high, dashing cliff. You will not find this when you visit Gumbleng Waterfall.

This waterfall is not as high as waterfalls in general, the water discharge is not too big. Slowly the water flows from the solid rock downward through three levels. These levels or steps are one of the attractions, they look so exotic and amazing to look at.

The condition of the rocks that make up the steps is uneven so that it seems natural. The total height is not more than ten meters, while the height of each step is only a few meters. Because the water discharge is not too heavy, visitors usually use it to relax next to the waterfall while enjoying the beauty of nature.

2. Natural Pool with Infinity Concept

The next attraction of Gumbleng Waterfall is the existence of a natural pool which has an infinity concept. For those who don’t know, infinity pools are mostly used in luxury hotels with designs that blend around them. So when you soak in this pool, the beautiful scenery around the location looks like it’s boundless.

This pool is located on one of the steps and the size is not too big. Calm water discharge makes it without currents, so it is safe for any activity. Even so, you still have to be careful because most of the conditions are slippery. This pool is one of the main attractions and is the target of visiting tourists.

3. The Beauty of the Surrounding Nature

Another Attraction of Gembleng Waterfall Karangasem
Image Credit: Google Maps Natalia Tara

Gembleng Waterfall is located deep in the forest which requires a long journey to reach it. It’s a little tiring, moreover the terrain that must be taken is not entirely good. In contrast to waterfalls in other places that must be reached on foot by climbing.

To visit this waterfall in Bali, the road that must be passed is more descending. Fatigue is definitely experienced for every visitor who comes. But everything is guaranteed not to be felt when the natural scenery looks so beautiful during the trip. The natural beauty around the location consists of expanses of rice fields, gardens and forests filled with green vegetation.

4. Beautiful Photo Spots are available

For those who like photography, visiting Gembleng Waterfall seems mandatory to try out new experiences. Here there are beautiful photo spots with beautiful natural panorama backgrounds. The spot in question is a large, heart-shaped seat. The material is made of wooden boards covered with coconut fiber.

In addition, there is a suspension bridge which is also suitable as a photo spot. This bridge is actually an access road to the waterfall. But because of its position facing a stretch of rice fields, not a few tourists stop for a moment to just take pictures. Another spot that cannot be missed is the exotic waterfall itself.

Address and Route to Location

The address is Gembleng Waterfall, Karangasem
Image Credit: Google Maps Kadek Supartini

Gembleng Waterfall is located in Tri Eka Buana, Sidemen District, Karangasem Regency, Bali. From downtown Karangasem, it is approximately 35 kilometers, it takes at least 1 hour to arrive at the location. This long trip is guaranteed not to be boring because of good access, at least before approaching the location.

From the city center, direct the vehicle to Jalan Bhuana Giri first. Then take the direction that goes to Jalan Raya Pakel and Jalan Kuncagiri. You will definitely pass the winding road, just continue across the main road to Jalan Baledan. The next goal is to go to Jalan Semarapura – Karangasem and Jalan Raya Selat.

To make it easier, direct your vehicle to the Sidemen Polsek which is located on the main route. After that, continue the journey that leads to SMA Negeri 1 Sidemen. The journey that you are going through is still about 5 kilometers away, please head to Tri Eka Buana Village. Once you are in the village, use SDN 1 as the main benchmark.

The distance between Gembleng Waterfall and SDN 1 is not too far, only about 1.5 kilometers. It’s quite confusing because of the many winding roads. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use the help of Google Maps or other digital maps. When approaching the location, don’t hesitate to ask local residents.

This tourist object actually still functions as a Melukat place at certain times. It’s just that because of its beauty, many tourists are interested and curious to visit it. You can come any time every day from morning to evening, as long as that time is not used for the Melukat event.

Visiting Gembleng Waterfall does not require much money other than transportation. The reason is, this natural tourist attraction in Bali does not charge anything or is free. However, there are donation boxes provided at several points. For those who have excess fortune, there is nothing wrong with filling in the charity box according to your ability.

Interesting Activities to Do at Gembleng Waterfall

Gembleng Waterfall Karangasem activity
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Visiting a tourist spot must also be considered a matter of activities that can be done. It’s useless if there are lots of attractions, but it turns out there aren’t any exciting activities that can be carried out while at the location. For those who visit Gumbleng Waterfall, don’t forget to do the following activities!

1. Tracking to the Location

The first activity is tracking or traveling to the location. Even though it is quite tiring and takes a long time, it is guaranteed to never disappoint. With steep and slippery terrain, this activity is considered very interesting for those who like challenges. There is no need to worry about security, because local residents have built access that is quite feasible.

2. Enjoying Natural Scenery

While walking to the location, another exciting activity is enjoying its beautiful natural charm. The expanse of paddy fields is quite soothing to the eye, as well as the plantations with their green color. Arriving at Gembleng Waterfall is no less interesting, the exotic waterfall with rock cliffs never fails to please the eye.

3. Soak in Natural Pools

Of all the activities mentioned and you might do while at the location, bathing is one of your favorites. You may feel soaking in the Jacuzzi with stunning natural views. This activity makes the mind clear, feeling tired during the trip disappears instantly.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Gembleng Waterfall Karangasem facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Mokus Green

Gembleng Waterfall is equipped with qualified facilities, although it is relatively simple. You can find a fairly large parking lot, the location is indeed far from the waterfall. There is also a small shop that sells various supplies. Other facilities found are toilets, seats, and photo spots.

There are many ways to fill your vacation time, visiting natural attractions is just one of them. Of the many tourist categories, nature is always the first choice for some people. As we discussed this time, Gembleng Waterfall always has visitors, even though it’s not too crowded.