Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque, Get to Know Historical Mosques in Jogja

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Dear, Butcher, Kec. Banguntapan, Kab. Bantul, DI Yogyakarta; Folder: Location Check

The Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque is a religious tourism object that needs to be considered for a visit. Unlike mosques in general which are only used as places of worship, this mosque in Jogja is also frequently visited by tourists who are curious about the building and what’s inside.

For Muslims, seeing a mosque is not an ordinary thing, because they can certainly see it at any time. Generally, mosques are used as a means of worship, such as praying, reciting the Koran, and giving lectures. A bit different if you are into BantulYogyakarta, there is a mosque that is hundreds of years old, very old of course.

Including the oldest mosque, the purpose of its development is as a center for the spread of Islam. At that time, Jogja was still very much an adherent of the Islamic religion, many still adhered to Hinduism and Buddhism. On the orders of Sunan Kalijaga, Panembahan Senopati then built a mosque which is still well preserved today.

The Attraction of the Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque

The Attraction of the Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque
Image Credit: Twitter Kraton Jogjaa

The attractiveness of the Kotagede Mataram Gedhe Mosque lies not only in its old building, but there are many others that need to be discussed. Even though there are not so many tourists from out of town who intend to visit it, that doesn’t erase all the charm it has.

1. Including the Oldest Mosque in Jogja

The first attraction that can never change at any time is because this mosque is one of the oldest in Jogja. At that time there were no mosques at all, the spread of Islam was uneven. In 1587, precisely during the Islamic Mataram Kingdom, Panembahan Senopati built a mosque on the orders of Sunan Kalijaga.

The purpose of building the Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque is none other than to spread Islam. According to the history of the spread of Islam in Java, at that time Jogja was still untouched by Islamic teachings. Only some areas in Java are well received by its citizens, especially on the South Coast.

Please note, at that time the size was not as big as it is now. The size of the oldest mosque in Jogja is so small, it is even called a langgar. The renovations were carried out during the reign of Sultan Agung. This development expanded its territory to what it looks like now. There is no original building that has been changed or replaced, it has always been the same until now.

Another proof that this mosque is the oldest in Jogja is the existence of a banyan tree in front of the Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque. The local people call it Wringin Sepuh, the age is not much different from the mosque. It is said that for those who meditate and get two leaves falling in opposite positions, their wish will be granted.

2. As a Symbol of Harmony

The next attraction is as a symbol of inter-religious harmony. As said earlier, at that time there were still very few Jogja residents who embraced Islam. Therefore, the construction of the mosque was assisted by many Hindus and Muslims. Evidence of the existence of this harmony is the gate of the mosque which is shaped like a Candi Bentar.

Until now there is still this gate, it is still maintained because it is an important symbol. The interior of the Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque was built by Muslim workers themselves, some of which are also Hindu-Buddhist. For those who value inter-religious harmony, this attraction is of course very valuable.

3. Full of Philosophical Meaning

Not all mosques are built on the basis of the philosophical meaning contained therein. Most of them were built only for the purpose of being a place of worship. Not so when you visit this mosque, because its parts imply a deep philosophical meaning. Call it the gate discussed earlier, as a symbol of harmony.

Around the Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque there is a small pond to wash your feet. The symbol as a congregation that enters the mosque must be in a state of purity, both physically and mentally. This mosque carries the concept of Catur Gatra Tunggal which means four parts into one.

The first part, of course, is the mosque as a religious symbol. The second part, namely the market, is a symbol of prosperity because that is where the economy is centered. While the third and fourth parts are the square and the kingdom, each of which has the meaning of democracy and leadership.

Address and Route to Location

Address of the Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque
Image Credit: Twitter Peviapear

The location of the Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque is quite strategic because it is close to the market and the terminal. Visitors who are curious can go directly to Jagalan, Banguntapan District, Bantul Regency, In Yogyakarta. The distance from Bantul itself is only about 13 kilometers, it takes less than 30 minutes to reach it.

For residents outside Yogyakarta who do not have access to this road, please head to Jalan Imogiri Timur starting from the center of Bantul. Continue along this main road until you arrive at Yogyakarta Giwangan Terminal. about 1 kilometer from the terminal, turn right towards Jalan Tegal Gendu.

The next destination is to Jalan Mondorakan which leads to Kotagede Market. There will be an intersection that you find, please turn right. The location of the Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque is approximately 200 meters from the intersection. Reduce the speed of the vehicle while looking at the signs posted on the side of the road.

If you are unsure, there’s nothing wrong with using a digital map application. This mosque is read on Google Maps, just enter the address or name of the mosque in the search field. Visiting this mosque is free of charge, parking fees are also free. But there are charity boxes at the entrance and several corners, please donate if necessary.

Interesting Activities to Do at the Gedhe Mataram Mosque

Activities of the Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque
Image Credit: Twitter Diy Philosophy Axis

The Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque was indeed built not for a tourist attraction. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do there. There are several activities that are guaranteed to be interesting, from worshiping, walking around the mosque, to studying history.

1. Worship and Pray

If you go to the mosque, the first activity that must be done is worship. The worship in question can be anything, for example praying or reciting the Koran. Do not forget to pray to ask God for desires. Praying at the mosque is easier to answer, especially after performing the prayer service.

There are times when this mosque holds lectures at certain times. You can also listen and get new knowledge about the religion of Islam. At least, there are many rewards that can be obtained when doing positive activities at the mosque. For Muslims, reward is the most important provision in the afterlife.

2. Seeing Antique Objects in the Mosque

Even though it is not a museum, the Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque has several antique objects that are quite old. Call it the drum that is in the yard of the mosque, almost the same age as the mosque. This drum was a gift from Nyai Pringgit and is still functioning properly. Another object that is no less unique is the pulpit with beautiful carvings, a gift from the Duke of Palembang.

3. Pilgrimage

The next activity that is commonly carried out by visitors is pilgrimage. Not far from the mosque, to be precise behind it, there is a cemetery complex. Local residents usually come with the main purpose of pilgrimage. But if you come from out of town, there’s nothing wrong with going to the mosque while on a pilgrimage.

Facilities Available in the Mosque Area

Facilities at the Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque
Image Credit: Twitter Yogyakarta Palace

Anyone can visit the Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque, there is no entry ticket like other tourist attractions. But in terms of facilities there is nothing to worry about, quite adequate of course. There is a parking location in the courtyard of the mosque, there are also toilets. In addition, there are also stalls selling various foods around the mosque.

Spending free time on vacation doesn’t have to visit natural attractions or games. Occasionally it is also important to visit places that remind us of the history of the spread of Islam. The Gedhe Mataram Kotagede Mosque is only one of the religious tourism objects in Jogja, but in terms of attractiveness it still deserves to be the main one.