Exploring the Beauty of Tirang Beach, a Favorite Family Tour in Semarang

Tirang Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Semarang which is frequently visited by tourists.

Previously, this beach was an island called Pulau Tirang.

The island was once a center of study for researchers from the Netherlands and Japan who wanted to learn about cultivation milkfish and mangrove management.

However, due to the intense abrasion phenomenon, Tirang Island slowly eroded away leaving only the coastline.

Before enjoying the beauty of Tirang Beach this weekend, let’s find out the route information and entry tickets below!

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What’s on Tirang Beach?

Tiran Beach

Photo: Tirang Beach (Instagram.com/leeyellow46)

Being a famous tourist spot in Semarang, there are many things you can do while visiting Tirang Beach, including:

1. Beach with Calm Waves

Tirang Beach is known as a beach that has moderate waves, even tends to be calm.

For this reason, tourists don’t need to worry if they want to swim in the sea because the waves are fairly safe.

Take the time to snorkel because the underwater scenery is very beautiful, you know Moms!

There are many coral reefs with various types of fish that are ready to spoil the eye.

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2. There is a Sunset View

Sunset at Tirang Beach

Photo: Sunset at Tirang Beach (Instagram.com/genpikotasemarang)

If you don’t want to swim, you can also enjoy the sunset view from the beach.

In fact, this is a tourist attraction and favorite, you know!

The beautiful orange color mixed with yellow and orange blends beautifully with the color of the ocean on Tirang Beach.

3. Paradise for Anglers

Tirang Beach also gets the nickname as an angler’s paradise.

The reason is, there are many species of marine fish that can be found here.

You can fish as much as you like, but specifically for shrimp and lobster you are not allowed to take them home.

This aims to maintain balance mangrove ecosystem.

Unfortunately, the manager does not provide fishing equipment for rent.

So, don’t forget to bring your own fishing rod, Moms!

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4. Soft Sand

Enjoying the View of Tirang Beach

Photo: Enjoying the View of Tirang Beach (Instagram.com/danangpguntoro)

Tirang Beach belongs to the very broad category of beaches in Semarang.

This beach is recorded as having an area of ​​around 240.70 hectares.

The breadth of the beach allows you to do many activities here, for example playing in the sand.

Even if it’s not white sandthe sand on Tirang Beach is very soft, Moms.

So, Moms can invite your little one to form sand castles or play sand baths.

5. Mangrove Trees and Fish Ponds

In addition to the charming marine ecosystem, Tirang Beach also has fish ponds and mangrove trees on one side of the beach.

This pond actually belongs to local residents, while the mangrove forest was deliberately made by the government to reduce the impact of abrasion.

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6. Lots of Photo Spots

The atmosphere of Tirang Beach

Photo: The atmosphere of Tirang Beach (Instagram.com/anishachumaiti)

If you visit Tirang Beach in Semarang, don’t forget to bring your camera because there are lots of spots to take pictures.

The manager deliberately provides several spots so that tourists can capture the moment through portraits.

One of the most favorite spots for tourists is gazebos colorful.

Not just posing, Moms can also relax while enjoying the beach view in the available gazebo.

To rent a gazebo on this beach, you have to spend an additional around IDR 10,000 per gazebo.

Location and Travel Route to Tirang Beach

View of Tirang Beach

Photo: View of Tirang Beach (Pergiyuk.com)

Location Tirang Beach is located in Tambakrejo Village, Tambakrejo Village, Tugu District, Semarang City, Central Java.

There are several routes that you can choose if you want to come to Tirang Beach.

If you depart from Ahmad Yani Airport, you can choose Jalan Pantura Semarang which goes to Kendal.

After that, take the road towards Jalan Siliwangi and continue on to Jalan Hanoman Raya heading towards Tugurejo District.

However, if you depart from the center of Semarang City, choose the road towards the Kalibanteng Roundabout.

Then, take the straight road until you arrive at the Semarang Online Samsat Office.

Keep taking the straight road until you reach Graha Padma Housing. Then from there, you will pass through rivers and fish ponds owned by residents.

Well, the location of the beach is not far from the housing.

Another route that can be taken is from Tawang Station. Moms can take the road towards Jalan Tawang.

From there direct the vehicle towards Jalan Pemuda which leads to Jalan Mgr Sugiyiopranoto.

Later Moms can take Jalan Hanoman Raya which leads to Tugurejo.

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Entrance Tickets and Opening Hours of Tirang Beach

The sea at Tirang Beach

Photo: Sea at Tirang Beach (Instagram.com/rochim.journa)

Tirang Beach is included in nature tourism with very cheap ticket prices.

Moms only need to spend IDR 5,000 per person.

This entry ticket price applies to children to adults, both when weekdays nor weekends.

If you bring your own vehicle, prepare an additional fee of IDR 2,000 for motorbikes and IDR 5,000 for cars.

Tirang Beach is open every day for 24 hours, so you can come anytime to tour here.

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So, that’s all the beauty of Tirang Beach to information on ticket prices. Have a nice vacation to this beautiful beach in Semarang, Moms!