Explore the Enchanting Beauty of Kenjeran Beach in Surabaya

Are you in the mood for some sun, sand, and adventure? Well, look no further than Kenjeran Beach in Surabaya, Indonesia. It’s a bustling hotspot for tourists, and for good reason. This beautiful beach boasts gentle waves that beckon swimmers and inviting boat rides along the shoreline. The tranquil ambiance makes it the perfect spot for a day of relaxation with your loved ones.

But what truly sets Kenjeran Beach apart? In this article, we’ll dive into the captivating natural beauty, the charming Chinese architecture, and the fun-filled activities that await you at this delightful destination.

The Breathtaking Natural Beauty

Let’s start with the beach’s natural beauty. It’s a sight to behold, with its crystal-blue waters, gentle rolling waves, and pristine sandy shores. The wooden bridges and huts scattered around the beach add to its aesthetic appeal, creating a picturesque landscape that’s sure to leave you spellbound.

For the best experience, visit during the early morning or late afternoon to witness the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset. These moments are pure magic, offering a front-row seat to nature’s dazzling display.

Captivating Boat Rides

One of the highlights of Surabaya’s Kenjeran Beach is the opportunity to take a boat ride to the sandbar in the middle of the sea. Picture yourself on a boat, gently swaying with the waves, while you soak in the breathtaking views. And don’t forget the Suramadu Bridge, whose beauty truly shines at night when it’s illuminated with twinkling lights.

Immersed in Chinese Architecture

Unlike many other beaches, Kenjeran Beach is adorned with unique Chinese architectural elements. You’ll find pagodas and a towering dragon statue that proudly display the rich Chinese culture. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in this fascinating heritage. Make sure to visit the Tian Ti Pagoda and Sanggar Agung Temple; they’re a cultural treasure trove.

A Playground for Kids

If you’re planning a family outing, Kenjeran Beach is the perfect choice. It comes equipped with a dedicated children’s play area complete with swings and a water park. While some areas may require an additional fee, these amenities will keep your little ones happily occupied, allowing you to enjoy your time at the beach.

The Ultimate Sunrise Spot

For those in Surabaya looking to witness the most breathtaking sunrise, Kenjeran Baru is your answer. It’s hailed as the best sunrise spot in Surabaya. So, if you’re an early riser, you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of the sun painting the sky with vibrant colors.

Getting There: Address, Location, and Tickets

There are two Kenjeran Beaches to be aware of: Kenjeran Lama, located at Kl. Raya Pantai Lama, No. 12, Kenjeran, Bulak Surabaya, and Kenjeran Baru, situated at Jl. Sukolilo, No. 100, Bulak, Surabaya. Thankfully, they’re close to each other, so you can explore both without breaking the bank.

If you’re coming from Java or Jakarta, take the Pantura Road. Once you arrive in Surabaya, follow the signs to the beach – no need to worry about getting lost. Just keep an eye on the road signs or use Google Maps for a hassle-free journey.

If you’re starting from Surabaya’s city center in East Java, the trip will only take you 20-30 minutes due to its proximity. However, travel time can vary depending on traffic conditions. The beach opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 4:00 PM, so try to arrive early to make the most of your visit.

As for ticket prices, enjoying the beauty of Kenjeran won’t break the bank. On weekdays (Monday to Friday), tickets are a reasonable Rp 15,000 per person. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), the price goes up to Rp 25,000 per person. Be sure to check for any updates from the management regarding ticket prices.

Exciting Activities to Enjoy

  1. Explore by Boat: One of the most exciting activities at Kenjeran Lama is renting a boat. For just Rp 30,000 per boat, you can set sail and immerse yourself in the vastness of the sea. You’ll also get an up-close view of the Suramadu Bridge at night and have the chance to land on the sandbar to build sandcastles. It’s a truly unforgettable experience.
  2. Discover Chinese-Inspired Buildings: Don’t miss the chance to explore the unique Chinese-inspired buildings at Kenjeran. Expand your knowledge of Chinese culture by visiting Sanggar Agung Temple and Tian Ti Pagoda. These sites are not only popular with tourists but also with couples looking for picturesque pre-wedding photos.
  3. Savor Delicious Cuisine: When hunger strikes, you can satisfy your taste buds with the delicious local cuisine available near the beach. You’ll find a variety of seafood dishes made from the freshest catches of the day. And, of course, you must try Surabaya’s famous dish, lontong balap.
  4. Shop for Souvenirs: Don’t pass up the opportunity for some souvenir shopping while at this beautiful beach. Vendors offer a wide array of souvenirs, from keychains to delectable local snacks. These make great gifts for your loved ones or unique keepsakes to cherish your vacation memories.

Facilities at Kenjeran Beach

Kenjeran Beach is one of Surabaya’s premier tourist destinations, and as such, it boasts comprehensive and well-maintained facilities. Visitors can make use of safety equipment like life vests, fishing spots, swimming areas, and dining options.

For entertainment, there’s a range of activities from flying fox rides to playgrounds. Additionally, there are photo booths where you can capture lasting memories with friends and family.

Parking is available for visitors’ private vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free experience from the moment you arrive. The management has also provided a health or lactation room, gazebos for relaxation, an amphitheater, toilets, a prayer room, a fish cracker market, a volleyball court, and a souvenir market. Your every need is catered to during your visit to this stunning beach.


In summary, Kenjeran Beach offers a diverse range of attractions and activities, from its stunning natural beauty and enchanting boat rides to its captivating Chinese architecture and family-friendly amenities. It’s a place where you can relax, learn, and create lasting memories. So, why wait? Pack your bags, head to Kenjeran Beach, and let the adventure begin!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kenjeran Beach suitable for families with children?

Absolutely! Kenjeran Beach has a dedicated children’s play area with swings and a water park, making it a great destination for families with kids.

What is the best time to visit Kenjeran Beach for sunrise?

The best time to witness the breathtaking sunrise at Kenjeran Baru is in the early morning. Arriving before dawn ensures you catch the most spectacular view.

Are there any additional fees for activities at Kenjeran Beach?

Some activities may require an additional fee, so it’s a good idea to check with the management for the latest pricing and availability.

Can I buy souvenirs at Kenjeran Beach?

Yes, there are plenty of souvenir stalls near the beach where you can purchase unique mementos of your visit.

What are the ticket prices for Kenjeran Beach?

On weekdays (Monday to Friday), tickets cost Rp 15,000 per person. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), the price increases to Rp 25,000 per person. However, ticket prices may be subject to change, so be sure to verify the current rates with the management.