Explore Pasar Gede Solo, Culinary Favorite Places and Cultural Festivals

Pasar Gede Hardjonagoro, or better known as Pasar Gede Solo, is a mandatory location when you visit Surakarta City.

The biggest market in the City of Suarakarta is very easy to find because it is opposite the Surakarta City Hall.

Apart from that, the unique shape of the building also makes Pasar Gede Solo very easy for everyone to remember.

So, if you want to know more about Pasar Gede Solo, see the article until it’s finished, Moms!

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History of Pasar Gede Solo

History of Pasar Gede Solo

Photo: History of Pasar Gede Solo (Instagram.com/pasargedeofficial)

The location of Pasar Gede Solo is located on Jalan Jenderal Urip Sumoharjo, Sudiroprajan, Jebres District, Surakarta City, Central Java.

Pasar Gede was originally just a small market that was built during the Dutch colonial period.

The building was designed by a Dutch architect named Ir. Thomas Karsten.

He was one of the urban planning experts assigned by the Dutch government to build markets in Yogyakarta and Surakarta.

Come on, get to know this market in Solo more closely through its historical journey as follows:

1. Taken from the Shape of the Roof

Even though at first it was just a small market, the term Pasar Gede has existed since the first time this place was built, you know, Moms.

The name is taken from the shape roof at the entrance which is shaped like a throne, so the locals call it Pasar Gede.

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2. Damaged by the Dutch Attack

In 1947 during the Dutch military aggression, Pasar Gede Solo was damaged.

Then, after being successfully taken over by the Indonesian Government, this market was renovated in 1949.

However, the roof of this market was only completed in 1981 and replaced wood by the Indonesian Government.

3. Became a Mass Target during the May 1998 Incident

Apart from being damaged by the Dutch attack, this market was also targeted by the masses during the May 1998 incident.

At that time, the big market was set on fire by a group of irresponsible masses who were disappointed that Megawati was not elected Sukarno Princess as president.

To maintain the original shape of the building, the government finally renovated Pasar Gede Solo which was completed in 2001 and is still in use today.

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4. Has Passed Three Reigns

Pasar Gede Solo has gone through three periods of government, namely the royal period, the period postcolonial and the period of independence.

Therefore, the market building and those around it are included cultural heritage Indonesia and its authenticity is maintained by the government.

5. Symbol of Harmony of Socio-Cultural Life

Apart from its old age, Pasar Gede Solo is also referred to as a symbol of harmony in socio-cultural life in Surakarta, you know, Moms.

The reason is, not far from the location of this market there is a settlement of Chinese residents complete with the oldest temple building in Solo, the Tien Kok Sie Temple.

Every celebration Chinese New Yearthe Pasar Gede area was transformed into an attractive place and an attraction for tourists to visit Solo.

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The Attraction of Pasar Gede Solo

The Attraction of Pasar Gede Solo

Photo: Attraction of Pasar Gede Solo (Instagram.com/pasargedeofficial)

The following attractions of Pasar Gede Solo can be a fun choice while on vacation to Solo City, namely:

1. Cultural Festival

Because it is right in the middle of Solo, this market is often used as the location for local cultural festivals.

One of the most famous festivals is Grebeg Sudiro. This event is held ahead of the celebration of Chinese New Year or Imlek every year.

When events When this event takes place, Pasar Gede will be decorated with lanterns that indicate new year coming soon.

Not only that, this place will also hold various performances with Chinese nuances, Moms.

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2. Culinary Tourism

Another attraction of Pasar Gede Solo is a very complete traditional culinary.

Moms who like culinary tourism must taste traditional snacks in this market, right!

Usually, food sellers will spread their wares beside the basic food shop.

Moms will find various snacks, such as liwet ricetimlo, pecel, gempol flower, jenang, klepon, rambak, lung chips, and various other snacks.

If you want to try everything, you have to come early in the morning so you don’t run out.

3. Study History

For history lovers, coming to Pasar Gede Solo will also be very interesting, you know.

In this market, you can learn about the European-Javanese style which is the hallmark of the building.

Not only that, you can also see the development of Pasar Gede Solo from its inception until now.

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Culinary Recommendations at Pasar Gede Solo

Culinary Recommendations at Pasar Gede Solo

Photo: Culinary Recommendations at Pasar Gede Solo (Instagram.com/pasargedeofficial)

For Moms who like culinary delights, you must taste the following culinary delights at Pasar Gede Solo:

1. Nasi Liwet Bu Sri

One of the culinary delights that you must try when visiting Pasar Gede is Nasi Liwet Bu Sri.

This place to eat in a row of fruit sellers is highly sought after by tourists, you know, Moms.

Besides the delicious taste, the price of nasi liwet in this place is also very cheap.

One serving of liwet rice with shredded free-range chicken and pumpkin vegetables costs only IDR 9,000, Moms.

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2. Timlo Sastro

The legendary culinary that is also in Pasar Gede Solo is Timlo Sastro.

This restaurant, which has been around since 1952, is known for its savory and delicious timlo dishes, Moms.

However, this stall is closed during the day, so make sure to come there early.

3. Gempol Pleret

Apart from heavy food, in this market there are also sweet dishes such as Gempol Pleret.

This drink made from sweet coconut milk with a large flour filling is very delicious to eat during the day.

Gempol Pleret in Pasar Gede Solo is very famous and viral in Indonesia social mediaso don’t miss it, OK?

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Those are the details of Pasar Gede Solo, a legendary tourist location that has existed for three generations. Don’t forget to stop by, Moms.