Experience the Magic of Sunset & Sunrise at Kesirat Beach: Admission Fees & Best Photo Spots Uncovered!

Jogja is indeed known for its city charm which is rich in culture, arts and culinary delights. However, who would have thought that in the middle of this bustling city there is a hidden paradise that is rarely known by local and foreign tourists. Jogja’s Kesirat Beach, as this beach is known, has a beauty that is not inferior to the famous beaches outside the city of Jogja.

Beautiful Sunset & Sunrise on Kesirat Beach

(source: @roh_kyt on Instagram)
Kesirat Beach is located in Karang Hamlet, Girikart Village, Gunung Kidul. Even though it is located in an inland area, access to this beach is relatively easy and not difficult to reach. From the city of Jogja, it only takes about 1.5 hours by car or motorbike.

Until now, Kesirat Beach is still considered a hidden beach and is less popular among tourists. However, the beauty of this beach is actually not inferior to other popular beaches in Jogja. Kesirat Beach has beautiful and stunning natural scenery, with sloping white sand and clear sea water. Not only that, this beach is also surrounded by rock cliffs that add to the beauty of this beach.

The sunset and sunrise views from this beach are truly beautiful. For Adventurers who want healing or just want to enjoy the natural beauty of Jogja, then this beach is very suitable as the main destination.

Activities at Kesirat Beach

1. Fishing

This beach, which is located in the southern region of Java, is very suitable for fishing because of its highly recommended geographical conditions. One type of fishing that is popular on this beach is rock fishing, where piles of cliffs as high as 15-30 meters are often used as fishing grounds. Therefore, if you visit this beach, one travel tip that must be done is to bring a fishing rod and catch fish as beach souvenirs that you can bring home.

2. Camping and Enjoying the Beauty of the Cliffs

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Kesirat Cliff is a place camping the most interesting on this beach. Visitors can enjoy the starry night in the Kesirat sky. To carry out camping activities, it is advisable to bring provisions and warm clothes because the beach wind is quite strong, especially at night.

While doing camping Together with friends, visitors can also enjoy the warmth of grilled fish which is a typical beach food that is sold in culinary stalls around the beach. Kesirat Beach deserves to be the next beach destination in the Gunung Kidul area. Prepare yourself with strong stamina to enjoy this interesting and fun Jogja natural tour.

Kesirat Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

For those seeking the allure of Kesirat Beach, it’s a delightful surprise that this experience doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. The entrance and parking fees for 2023 are quite affordable. Firstly, the general tourist entry ticket is priced at only IDR 5,000. This nominal fee provides access to the beach’s stunning landscapes and peaceful ambiance.

Furthermore, if you’re planning on bringing a vehicle, the parking costs are also quite reasonable. For two-wheeler vehicles such as motorcycles, the parking fee is IDR 3,000. For those who prefer to drive a car or any four-wheeler vehicle to the beach, the parking fee is slightly higher, but still very affordable at IDR 5,000. With these low costs, the trip to Kesirat Beach can fit into almost any budget, making this beautiful spot accessible to all.

Kesirat Beach must be the next natural tourist destination that you must visit while on vacation in Jogja. Prepare yourself with strong stamina to enjoy this pleasant natural beauty. Don’t forget to bring your camera so that the beautiful moments while on vacation at Kesirat Beach can be captured and become unforgettable memories.