Everything in Nara Park Bandung, One Stop Leisure for Families

Finding places to hang out and do activities in Bandung is not difficult. There are a myriad of lists, from the cheapest to the most expensive. One of them is Nara Park Bandung, which is in the North Bandung area.

Nara Park is tourist park with concept one stop leisure destination.

This means that in this place, Moms and Dads can do many activities, from snacking, hanging out, to picnic.

There’s even a sports agenda at Nara Park.

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Nara Park, Fun Hangout Place in Bandung

Located in the North Bandung area, Nara Park is also close to other popular tourist sites in Bandung.

Just say it, Rabbit TownDago Dream Park, Djuanda or Tahura Forest Park, and Dago Tea House.

Of course, with its geographical location which is in one of the high areas in Bandung, Nara Park offers fresh air and views far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If looking for a place to niis ceuli aka a place that is not noisy, invite the family hangouts to Nara Park Bandung.

Even though the location seems far from the noise, don’t worry.

Because actually, Nara Park is not too far from the heart of Bandung.

If conditions are not jammed, Moms can travel less than an hour from Dagoby vehicle.

No need to worry, because there are various food options to choose from at Nara Park.

There are several cafes and popular restaurant in Bandungat Nara Park.

So it is certain, the menu offered is guaranteed to satisfy.

Intrigued by Nara Park Bandung, take a peek at various activities, food menu and entry ticket prices!

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Activities at Nara Park Bandung

Nara Park Bandung does offer a place nature tours.

Certainly fresh air and scenery can be found here.

In addition, Moms can bring their little ones to take part in various activities at Nara Park.

What are the activities that can be done in Nara Park?

1. Outbound

Nara Park

Photo: Nara Park (Instagram.com/ @naraparkbandung)

With lots of trees and hilly contours, Nara Park Bandung is suitable as a place outboundespecially for children.

That’s one of the facilities that can be found there.

You can be sure, your little one who is active can feel the pleasure of playing, and feel the benefits of the play area outdoors this.

2. Imaginative Play

Nara Park

Photo: Nara Park (Instagram.com/ @naraparkbandung)

Nara Park Bandung also offers a large enough area for your little one to run around freely.

In addition, in the Peek a Boo Playground area, there are several imaginative buildings that your little one will surely like.

3. Interact with Animals

Turtle, One of the Animals in Nara Park Bandung

Photo: Turtle, One of the Animals in Nara Park Bandung (Instagram.com/ @naraparkbandung)

Some tame animals also exist in Nara Park.

Animals such as Japanese deer, ponies, rabbit and others can make your little one even happier.

Especially for the Little Ones who like animals, there they can interact with these adorable animals.

4. Picnic on The Park

Nara Park

Photo: Nara Park (Instagram.com/ @naraparkbandung)

Of course, with the many menus offered, hilly and wide grassy land, visitors can do anything picnic on the park at Nara Park Bandung.

Make sure to bring other families to share interesting experiences like this!

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5. Join Class

Yoga at Nara Park Bandung

Photo: Yoga at Nara Park Bandung (Instagram.com/ @naraparkbandung)

There are various classes that can also be followed at Nara Park Bandung.

Like face painting yogaand other wushu to choose from.

Interestingly, these classes aren’t just for adults, even little ones can join in!

6.Live Music

Live Music at Nara Park Bandung

Photo: Live Music at Nara Park Bandung (Instagram.com/ @naraparkbandung)

As one of the loungeof course it feels incomplete without your presence live musicyes.

To be able to enjoy these complementary facilities, visitors can come to Nara Park Bandung on Friday nights.

Live music can be enjoyed from 19.30 to 22:00 WIB.

Make sure to bring warm clothes, ok!

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Various Food Menus at Nara Park Bandung

One of the Foods That Can Be Found in Nara Park Bandung

Photo: One of the Foods You Can Find in Nara Park Bandung (Instagram.com/ @naraparkbandung)

There are quite a lot of food choices in Nara Park Bandung.

From food westerns until traditional food.

For those who really like it Japanese food you can really eat here too!

All of these foods can be found in various popular cafe and restaurant tenants in Bandung. Anything? Here he is!

1. Prestige

Moms and Dads who like archipelago culinarycan choose food from Pamor Restaurant.

Apart from offering a variety of Indonesian menus, this restaurant makes visitors feel at home through the classic concept it carries.

2. Torigen Teppanyaki Bar and Torigen Izakaya

For those who want Japanese specialties, you can choose Torigen Teppanyaki Bar and Torigen Izakaya.

It must be exciting, yes, eating Japanese food with natural nuances in Nara Park.

3. Nanny’s Pavillon

Culinary lovers must be familiar with this one place to eat.

Here, Moms and Dads can enjoy pancakes and various other popular menus at Nanny’s Pavillon.

4. Foresta Café

For coffee lovers, don’t forget to get a cup of coffee at Foresta Café.

Visitors can enjoy coffee while breathing fresh air.

5. Oval Bar and Lounge

For those who want to get fresh drinks, you can visit the Oval Bar and Lounge at Nara Park Bandung.

Facilities and Location of Nara Park Bandung

Wedding at Nara Park

Photo: Wedding at Nara Park (Instagram.com/ @naraparkbandung)

Nara Park Bandung also provides several facilities.

Some of the facilities in Nara Park can also be used for various events, you know!

Who knows, Moms and Dads need an attractive place for family meetings or events.

Here are some of the facilities in Nara Park.

1. Meeting Room

meeting room with natural nuances and fresh air? Why not?

Moreover, Nara Park Bandung also provides meetings place.

2. Corporate Gathering

Nara Park Bandung also provides a place for gathering family and company.

Maybe, this one place can be one of the favorite gathering places.

3. Weddings and Private Parties

In addition, this place can also be used indoor wedding venue nor outdoors.

venues This can also be used as a fun birthday place, you know!

Interested in playing at Nara Park Bandung?

So, you can come directly to Jalan Rancabentang No. 28, Ciumbuleuit, Cidadap District, Bandung City, West Java.

This place is open from 08.00 to 22.00 WIB.

No need to pay for an entrance ticket to Nara Park Bandung.

Instead, visitors must order food and drinks on site, with drink prices ranging from IDR 25,000 to IDR 35,000.

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That is information that can be known about Nara Park Bandung.

Make sure to go there when the weather is sunny, OK?

Happy holidays!