Enjoying the Beautiful Natural Scenery on Sikunir Dieng Hill

Dieng is one of the highlands in Central Java Province, precisely in Wonosobo Regency. This plateau is between the hills of the Dieng Mountains, so many hills and mountains surround it. One of the hills in the Dieng Plateau area is Sikunir Hill.

Sikunir is one of the hills in Sembungan Village, Kejajar District. This hill has natural beauty that you can enjoy. Around Sikunir Hill there are also several activities that you can enjoy. The following is complete information from Advontura for Advonturers about Bukit Sikunir Dieng.

Sikunir Dieng Hill, Fun Spot to Enjoy Natural Views

Beautiful Views on Sikunir Dieng Hill (Source: Instagram)
Beautiful Views on Sikunir Dieng Hill (Source: Instagram)

Its location in the highlands makes this hill present a feast for the eyes. This hill is located between the high mountains on the island of Java, so you can see various mountains that surround Sikunir Hill, such as Mount Sindoro, Mount Kembang, Mount Sumbing, Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, and Mount Ungaran which are lined up and towering.

The Sikunir Hill area is also dominated by agricultural residents who live in Sembungan Village. Along the way, you can enjoy the expanse of agricultural slopes, the majority of which are potato and carica plants. This shows that the majority of the population in the region work as farmers. Up here, are Adventurers already curious about this beautiful hill?

Location & Route Towards Sikunir Hill

Sembungan Village, which is the highest village in Java (Source: Instagram)
Sembungan Village, which is the highest village in Java (Source: Instagram)

Sikunir Hill is located at Connection Village which is the highest village in Java Island. The height of this hill is around 2,300 to 2,436 meters above sea level. This village is located about 22 kilometers from Wonosobo City or about 1 hour if reached by motorized vehicle. Even though this hill is quite high, the road to Sikunir Dieng Hill is relatively easy to access.

To visit this hill, you can use a private vehicle or a rented vehicle. You can pass the path to Sembungan Village which is located about 4 km from the Dieng Plateau. After you find the gate marked Welcome to Sembungan Villageyou can park your vehicle near Cebong Lake.

After that, you will pass a fairly short hiking trail to get to Sikunir Hill. The distance from the parking lot to the top is about 1 km or it takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour. This hiking trail doesn’t have enough lighting, so you have to bring your own lighting to make your trip easier.

Ticket Prices and Operational Hours of Bukit Sikunir Dieng

The Atmosphere of Sikunir Dieng Hill is a Pleasure for the Eyes (Source: Instagram)
The Atmosphere of Sikunir Dieng Hill is a Pleasure for the Eyes (Source: Instagram)

Before you start the hiking trail to Sikunir Hill, you must buy an entrance ticket first. No need to worry because the entrance ticket to the Sikunir Hill area is relatively cheap and affordable. The following is a list of entrance ticket prices and other operational costs around Sikunir Dieng Hill.

Entrance ticket: IDR 15,000 per person

Motorcycle parking: IDR 5,000 per vehicle

Car parking: IDR 10,000 per vehicle

Camping tent permit: IDR 10,000

In addition, you can also buy food and drinks available there. The price is also relatively affordable. Starting from just IDR 5,000, you can enjoy the food and drinks available with the bonus of beautiful natural views. These prices may change at any time, but you can estimate the costs you need to travel to Sikunir Hill yourself.

Sikunir Hill is open from 02.00 WIB in the morning until 18.00 WIB. you can visit it at any time you want. However, if you want to enjoy the beautiful golden sunrise, you can start climbing from 02.00 WIB to 03.30 WIB. It’s best if you also pay attention to the clothes you wear because the air temperature is quite low.

Exciting Tourism Activities on Sikunir Dieng Hill

Apart from the beautiful scenery, you can also do other exciting activities around Sikunir Hill. Some of the tourist activities that you can enjoy on Mount Sikunir Dieng Wonosobo are as follows.

1. Gazing at the beauty of Cebong Lake from Sikunir Hill

View of Cebong Lake from the Top of the Hill (Source: Instagram)
View of Cebong Lake from the Top of the Hill (Source: Instagram)

Around the parking lot, you will find Cebong Lake which is not far from Sikunir Hill. If it’s not covered in fog, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake from the top of the hill. The clear water surrounded by rural houses makes this view very beautiful if you enjoy it from above.

If you leave too early or even too late, you can try camping around Cebong Lake. You can enjoy the atmosphere of camping in the mountains with beautiful lake views. Apart from that, you can also fish for various types of fish in Cebong Lake.

2. Enjoy the Golden Sunrise

Golden Sunrise Moment on Sikunir Dieng Hill (Source: Instagram)
Golden Sunrise Moment on Sikunir Dieng Hill (Source: Instagram)

One of the most famous natural beauties of Sikunir Hill is the view sunrisewhich is usually known as Sikunir Dieng Hill golden sunrise. Many tourists visit this hill just to get a scenic spot sunrise the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. If the atmosphere is clear, you will see a view of a golden orange sunrise that appears between the mountains around Sikunir Hill.

Enjoying the beauty of the sunrise from the height of Sikunir Hill is able to present the best travel experience for you. It’s no wonder that many are hunting for the best photos at the moment golden sunrise the. To get sunrise Best of all, you should also take into account the time of your visit. Apart from that, you can also visit Sikunir Hill in summer to avoid cloudy weather and fog at sunrise.

3. Typical Culinary Dieng Sikunir Hill

Carica, One of Dieng's Typical Fruits (Source: Instagram)
Carica, One of Dieng’s Typical Fruits (Source: Instagram)

Visiting tourist attractions is incomplete if you don’t taste the local specialties. Sikunir Dieng Hill also has a culinary tour that you can try when you visit. There are many stalls selling food and drinks around Sikunir Hill, so you don’t need to be afraid of starvation if you don’t bring food from home.

Typical food that you can try in this area is tempe kemul and carica. Tempe kemul is a Wonosobo specialty fried in wheat flour dough, while carica is a Wonosobo fruit that looks like papaya. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the Dieng Ongklok noodles with a natural view that makes your culinary experience more memorable.

4. Take Instagramable photos with a natural landscape background

Aesthetic Photos on Sikunir Hill with Beautiful Views (Source: Instagram)
Aesthetic Photos on Sikunir Hill with Beautiful Views (Source: Instagram)

For those of you who like to take pictures, this place is perfect for you. The beautiful scenery with a green natural background makes you unable to stop yourself from taking pictures. You can use this view as background to take that photo instagramable.

Golden sunrises which is the main icon of this place you must also capture. No wonder when the sun rises, almost everyone is competing to take their best photos. The snap sound will be heard at the same time as the moment golden sunrise come. In fact, some people also use drones to take photos and videos around Sikunir Dieng Hill.

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Those were some information from Advontura about locations, ticket prices, and activities that you can do around Sikunir Dieng Hill. How about Adventurers, interested in having a vacation to Bukit Sikunir Dieng? Hopefully the information above can be useful for you, yes. Come on, set a schedule to enjoy golden sunrise the best in Southeast Asia!