Enjoy the Spicy Rice of Mrs. Andika, Halal Culinary in Bali Serving Home Menu

For Moms who are looking for delicious, cheap and halal culinary in Bali, you must stop by Ibu Andika’s Spicy Rice.

This restaurant is quite popular among tourists who come to Bali, especially backpacker.

At first glance, this restaurant looks like an ordinary rice stall. Because there are many choices of side dishes that are displayed in a large glass window.

However, the choice of side dishes is quite a lot and like home cookingso many people like it.

As the name suggests, the menus on Ibu Andika’s Spicy Rice are foods with a delicious, spicy taste.

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About Mrs. Andika’s Spicy Rice

Mrs. Andika's Spicy Rice

Photo: Mrs. Andika’s Spicy Rice (kooliner.com)

Culinary business competition in Bali is increasingly rife. However, Ibu Andika’s Spicy Rice still consistently offers authentic home cooking.

This restaurant has been around for more than 20 years. From the time it was opened until now, its customers have never been lonely.

Both domestic and foreign tourists, like to stop by here to eat.

For those who are Muslim and moderate holiday to Balithis restaurant can be an option because it serves halal dishes.

Ibu Andika’s Spicy Rice Restaurant has a fairly large area. Therefore, this place is suitable for eating with large families.

However, because the concept is a warung, the place is quite simple. There is no air conditioning as in fancy restaurant.

So, if you can’t stand the heat, you should choose a seat on the outer side, so you can get a gentle breeze.

If you come here, Moms can immediately order food that has been arranged in a glass window.

After choosing the side dishes you want, everything will be served complete with rice and the special spicy rice and Ms. Andika’s chili sauce.

There is one thing that makes restaurant This is unique and may be difficult to find elsewhere.

Here, Moms are allowed to take as much sambal as they like without increasing costs.

So, if you really like spicy food, you might be spoiled for choice if you come here.

Various Menus at Ibu Andika’s Spicy Rice

Assorted Side Dishes Spicy Rice Mrs. Andika

Photo: Mrs. Andika’s Spicy Rice Side Dishes (tripadvisor.co.id)

As mentioned earlier, Mrs. Andika’s Spicy Rice serves special home-cooked meals.

This means that you will only find authentic Indonesian food here.

Some of the menus in this restaurant are: fried chickenshredded chicken, crispy fried fish, cassava vegetables, and others.

There is also a lawar menu, which is a typical vegetable from Bali,

Of the many menus that are presented, chicken skin which has been fried until crisp becomes one of the favorite menu of the visitors.

Because, this menu is often the menu that runs out the fastest.

If you like it spicy, don’t hesitate to add lots of chili sauce, because here you can add as much chili sauce as you like.

Although there are foreign tourists who like to eat here, usually not too many.

Because, most of them are not used to super spicy food.

It’s no wonder that more visitors are domestic tourists at Mrs. Andika’s Spicy Rice.

Even so, that doesn’t mean people who don’t like spicy can’t eat at this restaurant.

Because, Moms can ask the officers not to add chili sauce to the food.

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Food and Beverage Prices at Mrs. Andika’s Spicy Rice

Food Prices

Photo: Food Prices (gotravelly.com)

In restaurants or restaurants in general, you will usually find a menu that displays food prices.

However, you won’t find this in Mrs. Andika’s Spicy Rice.

Because, there is no menu book, or a board containing menu price lists here. Vegetable and side dish containers do not include price information.

So how do you know the price of the food you eat?

Apparently, this restaurant implements a unique system, where the price of the selected food will be determined by the employee.

So, after Moms choose vegetables and side dishes desired, the employee will place a card with a price according to the food taken.

However, don’t worry, because the price of food at Ibu Andika’s Spicy Rice is relatively cheap. Although not as cheap as the usual rice stalls.

A portion of food can cost tens to tens of thousands of rupiah.

This price will depend on the type of side dish you choose. The more numerous and expensive the type, the higher the price.

However, for prices ranging from tens to tens of thousands, the taste of the food here is guaranteed to be comparable.

The proof, this restaurant is almost never empty of visitors.

Many come back here because they are addicted to it spicy taste and delicious home cooking.

Location and Opening Hours of Mrs. Andika’s Spicy Rice

Mrs. Andika’s Spicy Rice is located on Jl. Blambangan no 55, Badung, Kuta.

The location is quite strategic, and only 5 minutes from Kuta beach.

If Moms visit this beach, don’t forget to stop by here.

Apart from that, there are also other branches, namely on Jl. Patih Jelantik, Legian, which is also not far from Kuta Beach.

If you are interested in eating here, you can come anytime.

This is because Ibu Andika’s Spicy Rice is open 24 hours a day.

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Moms also don’t need to be afraid of running out, because menus and side dishes that run out will continue to be replenished.

However, for crispy fried skin it is quite difficult to get, because this menu runs out the fastest.

If you come here with your personal vehicle, please note that this restaurant does not provide parking for cars.

So, it’s best to find a parking space in the surrounding area, or don’t bring your own vehicle when you come here.

That’s the discussion about Mrs. Andika’s Spicy Rice restaurant. Write down the address if you want to come here, Moms!