Efrata Waterfall, a Natural Tourism Object Rich in Enchantment on Samosir

Ticket price: IDR 8,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Sosor Dolok, Kec. Daily, Kab. Samosir, North Sumatra.

While on Samosir Island, interested in visiting its beautiful and stunning natural tourist destinations, try Efrata Waterfall. This beautiful waterfall destination is a reference for tourists who like to play in nature. Even though the name is not as popular as other areas, who would have thought that the scenery is no less interesting.

When you hear the name of the island Samosir Of course, what comes to mind is Lake Toba. The Lake Toba area is indeed very famous in Medan and is the largest lake in Asia. Around Lake Toba, it turns out that there are many other interesting vacation spots such as this Euphrates Waterfall.

For tourists who like to play in nature, visiting this beautiful waterfall is the right choice. So that you are even more curious about its beauty, see the following reviews about tourist attractions, addresses, routes to get there and what interesting activities can be done.

The Attraction Owned by the Euphrates Falls

The Attraction of Efrata Samosir Waterfall
Image Credit: Twitter Fachry Muhammad

1. Location Near the Market

Efrata Waterfall is located close to the market, it only takes about 10 minutes to go down the stairs, tourists can immediately hear the swift sound of this beautiful waterfall. The cliff walls are also not to be outdone as beautiful as a sculptural cliff.

2. Unique Name

This charming waterfall was formerly called Sosor Dolok Waterfall, even now local people are more familiar with that name, so for tourists who want to inquire about the location of this beautiful waterfall, it is best to use the name Sosor Dolok Waterfall and not Efrata.

While the name Efrata is a name given to foreign tourists from Europe, the name Efrata is better known among social media. In fact, because the location of the waterfall is close to the Tele View Tower, there are also those who call it the Tele Waterfall.

3. Located in the Middle of the Forest

Efrata Waterfall is hidden behind thick trees in a forest area. When you are there, it is not surprising that visitors will find various animals such as birds, insects and other animals. The atmosphere at night is no less beautiful because there will be fireflies that light up in the dark of the night.

4. The Enchantment of the Cliffs and the Flowing Water

Waterfall will look stunning combined with the swift discharge of water that falls. The existing water discharge is water from the river that is above the waterfall. The river never dries up even when the dry season arrives. During the rainy season, the water discharge becomes several times as fast, causing a louder sound.

The water from this cliff descends through a steep and steep cliff. The water discharge is heavy enough so that it can fill the river below. The cliffs around it have a height of about 26 meters with terraced cliff contours dominated by black rock.

5. Flanked by two hills

Attraction Has Efrata Samosir Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps symbolic bounty

The location of Efrata Waterfall which is in the middle of a forest is more beautiful because it is flanked by enchanting hills. The impression of beautiful, cool and peaceful will be felt while in this area. Apart from the hills on the way from the parking lot, you can also find views of the residents’ rice fields.

6. Could be for camping

Places around the waterfall can also be used for camping and exploring activities. Its location in the middle of the forest is a waterfall area isolated from the frenetic world. However, if you want to go camping, tourists must save all the necessities that will be needed because in the tourist area it is still far from the stall facilities.

7. Another way to witness the beauty of Lake Toba

Located close to the Tele View Tower and also the Lake Toba area, tourists visiting this beautiful Efrata Waterfall can also peek at the beauty of Lake Toba from another angle.

8. The condition of the waterfall that has been arranged is so beautiful

The cliffs, seats and pool areas have been arranged in such a way that they look beautiful and neat. The next attraction of this exotic waterfall is the depth of its trough which is relatively shallow but there is a deep part for bathing.

Address and Route to Location

Address of Efrata Samosir Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps John Fran A Sidauruk

The address for Efrata Waterfall is in Sosor Dolok Village, entering the Harian District area, part of Samosir Regency, North Sumatra. The travel time to get to the location from Samosir City Center is about half an hour with a distance of approximately 20 Km.

The route to the location of the waterfall is quite easy because tourists only need to go to Harian District, then to Sosor Dolok Village. From the tourist village it only takes about 10 minutes on foot to get to the location.

During the trip tourists can witness the natural beauty that is presented. In addition, tourists will also see local sand mining carried out by the village community. Efrata Waterfall is also known as Sampuran Efrata which means the most beautiful and sacred garden.

The location is quite close to Lake Toba and also the Tele View Tower, 2 famous tourist attractions in Medan. some even call it Pandang Tele Waterfall. So if you feel confused about the route, you can look for the whereabouts of the two places, then take the path to the waterfall.

Nature Tourism Entrance Ticket Prices

Euphrates Falls Ticket
Image Credit: Google Maps Edward Har

The price of admission to the Efrata Waterfall area is Rp. 8,000, while for vehicle parking, a levy fee of Rp. 2,000 for two wheels and Rp. 5,000 for four wheels will be charged. The price of the entry ticket is very affordable for all people to have a vacation there.

The operational hours of the waterfall area are open from 06.00-17.00 in the morning. Open every day and including holidays and holidays. On weekends the waterfall will be crowded with local and foreign tourists who want to spend time here.

During a pandemic like now the waterfall remains open but tourists must strictly implement health protocols. The distance which is quite far from the City of Samosir makes many tourists from outside the area decide to stay overnight. Available lodging locations are about 9 KM away from the waterfall.

Interesting Activities to Do at Efrata Waterfall

Samosir Efrata Waterfall Activity
Image Credit: Google Maps Fanny Sitio

1. Play with water

An activity that is definitely a favorite of visitors when in the waterfall area is of course playing with water. Here tourists can soak, dip their feet in the water, swim and also bathe. Fresh water will make you tired while on the road paid off.

2. Relax Enjoy the Beauty

For tourists who don’t want to play in the water but still want to feel the fresh sensation, they can try relaxing activities on the edge of a creek while soaking in the water here. The cold water that is felt by the feet, coupled with the peaceful atmosphere becomes a blend healing which perfect.

3. Camping

Camping activities with family or groups can be the next exciting activity. Bringing food and then eating it together can be the best quality time. Camping setting up tents can also be done in this beautiful waterfall area, you know.


Exciting Activities at Efrata Samosir Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps Tiara Stg

An interesting activity for nature sports lovers that can be done in the next Euphrates Waterfall area is tracking, being in a forest area allows tourists to continue their journey by tracking into the forest. Satisfied with playing in the water then tracking will be a complete package for nature trips.

5. Take photos

The next interesting activity is hunting for beautiful photos while at the waterfall. This location is widely used by photographers in looking for shots beautiful nature. The green scenery coupled with the swift flow of the waterfall is ready to become the background for the beautiful photos that are produced.

Facilities Available in the Waterfall Area

Euphrates Falls Facility
Image Credit: Google Maps Adrianus Albert Jonathan Nadeak

Facilities are an important point in a tourist area because facilities are an added value for the convenience of visitors who come. Efrata Waterfall also provides several facilities for visitors including a parking area for vehicles. Parked vehicles will be guarded safely by officers.

Facilities such as toilets are also available but the location is quite far from the location of the waterfall. This is understandable because the condition of the forest area is maintained as it is. However, the number of existing toilets must be increased. Because visitors will use the toilet to relieve themselves and also rinse/change clothes after playing in the water.

Furthermore, restaurant or stall facilities are available near the entry counter. The counter distance from the waterfall is about 100 meters. The tracking path that must be passed by tourists is not too heavy. Facilities in the form of lodging are not yet available near the location of the waterfall, tourists can rent accommodation close to Lake Toba.

That is the charm of Efrata Waterfall which is difficult to resist when visiting Samosir. The swift discharge of water flowing down, combined with the beauty of the cliffs, can be heard immediately from a distance. For tourists who like nature activities, this place is highly recommended to visit while in Medan.